Adam Cox
Adam Cox 2 timmar sedan
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 2 timmar sedan
Nothing is ever going to change until the Glazer cancer tumour is removed from this club
Tom Howlett
Tom Howlett 2 timmar sedan
'Out of summer this summer'
Danny hero
Danny hero 2 timmar sedan
Why would varane downgrade???
isaac07y21 2 timmar sedan
mark is sad :(
Margaret Hii
Margaret Hii 2 timmar sedan
Don’t complain! At least ManU is still getting British/European players on the cheap. The owners n Woodward might even be worse if they buy the cheapest from China?
ps6 !
ps6 ! 2 timmar sedan
Top priority = a good coach
k8ng Mcr
k8ng Mcr 2 timmar sedan
Glazers have ruined this club
Kain VS Predator
Kain VS Predator 2 timmar sedan
12:20. Robert Tepper wrote No Easy Way Out
S-Roman B
S-Roman B 2 timmar sedan
Martin Burke
Martin Burke 2 timmar sedan
Mark varane is not coming to united how many times we heard that before transfers is coming and they sign new contract mark
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes 2 timmar sedan
He’s so nervous
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari 2 timmar sedan
Sancho transfer boost....Varane transfer update....Haaland transfer clue..... In Reality : United signs an unknown player from South America......Lingard comes back from loan !!!!
adam smith
adam smith 2 timmar sedan
We should compete for title, we are The english atleticho
David Smith
David Smith 2 timmar sedan
Between City and Liverpool, I'd much rather have to watch City do the business.
Cruz Florero
Cruz Florero 2 timmar sedan
Can't stop laughing at 1:43:30
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 2 timmar sedan
Why when mark compared us to city and say everything we need to compete with them he doesn't mention the manager.
Russ Bhagwansingh
Russ Bhagwansingh 2 timmar sedan
Boost today setback tomorrow
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 2 timmar sedan
So right Mark. Souless city light years ahead of us. The so called biggest club. Whichever way you turn ,these owner's are ruining our club, bleeding us dry,that no other owners do. Expect Mediocre for years,and years to come. Face facts fans,it doesn't matter who we buy ,or how many ,we will always be behind city,and maybe L,pool will go again so forget it with the Glazers, Woodwood.
Jose C. Slater
Jose C. Slater 2 timmar sedan
Utd is a sinking ship. Its not about football anymore. Its about the Glazers protecting their nest egg. Football isn't their priority. We're all being duped.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 2 timmar sedan
Were not that far away. Honestly if we get Sancho, Varane and Calvert-Lewin we will probably win the league.
NBA MK 2 timmar sedan
Our midfield ain’t good enough we won’t break teams that sit deep. Especially if pogba leaves
edwinye 2 timmar sedan
Cdm u goof
jack kyriacou
jack kyriacou 2 timmar sedan
Youre hammered sirrrrrr
Smileythekid #
Smileythekid # 2 timmar sedan
Dembele made kounde look like a school boy cb today
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez 2 timmar sedan
Mark always spitting fax, could only wish someone from the board would listen to this.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 2 timmar sedan
Zlatan Ibrahimovic he is a Swedish hero...
Dre Mac
Dre Mac 2 timmar sedan
There’s no excuses because we played Thursday.. Bruno didn’t need to play but he played him so I don’t wana hear about being tired because he plays players he doesn’t need to play
chrsalg 2 timmar sedan
They bought axe for 50 million to set on bench
chrsalg 2 timmar sedan
Absolutely nobody has a depth of squad only Man City mark their back line cost of birds of 264 million
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 2 timmar sedan
Glazers out!!!!!
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 2 timmar sedan
I mean come on mark. Yes city have a good squad of world class players but how rare is that. Not even Liverpool have that. Only City and probably Chelsea have it in the epl. No manager should need a squad of 25 world class players. Liverpool don't. And city didn't buy all those players world class. Pep coaches them into world class. Same thing klopp has done with a few aswell.
Isa Khan
Isa Khan 2 timmar sedan
This was actually sad. Makes us upset that we were once the best club in the world, now look at us 😢
Tommy Clark
Tommy Clark 2 timmar sedan
Mark last week you were saying man united will compete with a bought cdm, defender and right winger
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser 3 timmar sedan
Have people actually watched Kounde like in a match and not on highlights? Away from the premier league I watch abit of Bundesliga and La liga and trust me when I say he ain’t all that, he’s very clumsy
Jose C. Slater
Jose C. Slater 2 timmar sedan
Yeah I watch every sevilla match. I don't get the hype. He won't do that great in this team. We're just desperate
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 3 timmar sedan
I don't know why mark sleeps on Pau torres. Hes one of the quickest CB in la Liga. He better than lindelof and has tons of potential. I'll take him Sancho and a CDM. But that's of we don't get kounde
Mr Mcgregor
Mr Mcgregor 3 timmar sedan
Why should Utd be in first position for Varane?? I dont get that🤔🤔
Aksel Olsen
Aksel Olsen 3 timmar sedan
Any one else getting " the live event has ended" message every minute when viewing streamed videos after they have stopped going live?🤔
Zanerane 3 timmar sedan
What is up with you guys and Real Madrid signing Pogba? They don’t want him. They Valverde and Odegaard for the future and want to sign Camavinga
BENEDICT Samson 3 timmar sedan
Did Philip Jones have shares in the Manchester United club
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 3 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who has not been impressed with Varane for a year. Without Ramos he has looked like a liability and even when ramos has played he has look suspect. I don't really fancy him tbh. Kounde is more consistent and has potential to be better.
Red Timez
Red Timez 3 timmar sedan
I was watching the West ham Vs City game and wanted City to lose so that we can catch up then something crossed my mind, the fact that we have Ole that will play consistently MCfred and Lindelof literally every game and the fact that we are inconsistent in every game. I just turned off and went to do other business. We will never catch City so I gav3 up hope as early as now
Dwayne Anderson
Dwayne Anderson 3 timmar sedan
Sadly we got Phil jones instead of Varane... And well the rest is history ...😓
yankee wz
yankee wz 3 timmar sedan
I like d introspective shows when u comeback to reality about the club. Not d "magic beans" shows when u scream "we're top of d league" like a prat
Shyaka Andrew
Shyaka Andrew 3 timmar sedan
Me too watching ManCity's line up and bench today was a wake up call on how we are very far from them and shouldn't be allowed to sit on the same table with them.😳
Ben NR
Ben NR 2 timmar sedan
Their bench today was worth more than our entire squad against Newcastle....
Glazers Out
Glazers Out 3 timmar sedan
Yeah there so far ahead
Glazers Out
Glazers Out 3 timmar sedan
We won’t win another title with these owners there evil
LetsBeReal 3 timmar sedan
Don’t compare us to City until you’re prepared to come out and say we need a better manager. Till then Back Ole and the team.
John Fulco
John Fulco 2 timmar sedan
@Darren Gorin What makes Ole a decent manager? He's never had success in the top leagues. He was managing in norway which is worse than the championship... he took cardiff from 17th in the Pl to 17th in championship before he was sacked.
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 2 timmar sedan
@Darren Gorin This is facts but a club with a good structure and competent people running it will ensure a good manager is employed. If we were ran like city ole wouldn't be a consideration for manager
Darren Gorin
Darren Gorin 2 timmar sedan
No if your run right you win titles with a decent manager most cases,, city are a example,, won title with numerous managers, Chelsea have, won CL with di matteo also.. barca psg, madrid, barca. Juventus, bayern.
John Fulco
John Fulco 3 timmar sedan
So true, Always the boards fault and never Ole. Ole is a club great, but he was never qualified to take over the job full time and we've seen the results.
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 3 timmar sedan
We need a world class manager tbf but we need the squad aswell
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 3 timmar sedan
Every year our transfer budget shrinks. We are very quickly being caught up and out spent by mid table clubs. Meanwhile Man City and Chelsea continue to have unlimited spending power. I can’t see how we can ever get back to the top.
Rudra Govenkar
Rudra Govenkar 3 timmar sedan
We need a CDM to fill the hole In that position first . Let alone challenging for the title .
eamonn patterson
eamonn patterson 2 timmar sedan
@Rudra Govenkar ya Bissouma would be good too , don’t know much about the other two players never watched them play 😀
Rudra Govenkar
Rudra Govenkar 3 timmar sedan
@eamonn pattersonyes , even Bissouma from Brighton Or Locatalli from Sasoulo Or Grillitch from Hoffenheim Could be nice .
eamonn patterson
eamonn patterson 3 timmar sedan
Ndidi from Leicester or Rice from West Ham would be nice
Vlog Fam
Vlog Fam 3 timmar sedan
I’m so happy for lingard he looks like he’s enjoying football again
Glazers Out
Glazers Out 3 timmar sedan
Yeah tbh
Rudra Govenkar
Rudra Govenkar 3 timmar sedan
Mark u have a voice U need to become more vocal like this .
Nicholas Junior
Nicholas Junior 3 timmar sedan
Guardian Alpha
Guardian Alpha 2 timmar sedan
What have you been drinking?? 😂
eno too
eno too 2 timmar sedan
Rudra Govenkar
Rudra Govenkar 3 timmar sedan
Man city Owners the ' Sheikh's ' Know that oil won't last forever Hence are trying Their best to capture and rule the footballing world .
E P 2 timmar sedan
@Rudra Govenkar buddy, can't see that happening. Where did you get your information from?
Rudra Govenkar
Rudra Govenkar 3 timmar sedan
@E P OIl will end in about 30-40 years mate .
E P 3 timmar sedan
Oil will last forever.
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 3 timmar sedan
City have had strength in depth for years now. Didn’t take city long to replace Kompany, now look at how many top CB’s they have. 8years on, 150mil spent on CB’s & we still haven’t replaced Rio or Vidic.
Glazers Out
Glazers Out 2 timmar sedan
@Drybones3535 3535 you will be some day this club will have new owners it’s just there’s not action being taken on trying to get the glazers out of the club
Glazers Out
Glazers Out 2 timmar sedan
For some reason my comments are getting deleted probably because there too long
Glazers Out
Glazers Out 2 timmar sedan
@Nikky Blammon apparently man united were meant to get pep as manager Ages ago after Alex Ferguson retired maybe I’ve gotten that wrong I can’t remember
Nikky Blammon
Nikky Blammon 2 timmar sedan
If those players played for United they would just become average pep has improved them all with his style and system, Man City were gonna sell sterling before pep came and now look how much better he is,imagine what he would do with rashford, greenwood and martial
Drybones3535 3535
Drybones3535 3535 2 timmar sedan
@Glazers Out one day I really do hope I’m still alive when the glazers leave this club.
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain 3 timmar sedan
Letting Lingard go on loan to West Ham is one of the best pieces of business we’ve done in years purely from a financial perspective. If we sold him at the end of last season we wouldn’t have got much, these performances from him will massively drive up his interest & price.
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 3 timmar sedan
Priority should be a CB. Amad and Pilestri are our right Wingers with Mason Greenwood. DCM next
Whos Talin
Whos Talin 3 timmar sedan
Mark is it just me or does it look like Rashford doesn't run as much as he used to? Since he had that back injury he doesn't run as much anymore
derek lee
derek lee 3 timmar sedan
All these BIG daily transfer news updates, even the sun newspaper don't have these daily fake updates and that is saying something 🤣📰
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 4 timmar sedan
Mark if Pep wanted Koulibaly, he'd have him.
jake winfield
jake winfield 4 timmar sedan
Raphinha looking like a right good option!!!! Dangerous, direct, powerful and effective left and right 🔥
Bentzi Lanning
Bentzi Lanning 4 timmar sedan
As many mistakes as maguire makes, we have conceded less since he came. A cdm takes some pressure off, so we may manage without a cd. Also, i think maguire gets the nod ahead of bailly because he's a leader.
Sketchy one
Sketchy one 4 timmar sedan
If we gonna get anyone from Dortmund make it haaland.
Bentzi Lanning
Bentzi Lanning 4 timmar sedan
How do we not rate solskjaer, given how we are second, behind a team who are on a record 20 straight wins, with a worse squad than liverpool or chelsea.
henry cellers
henry cellers 4 timmar sedan
Oles backed by his pundit friends never say a bad word against him why do they do the man utd games to protect him any other manager would have been sacked by now
henry cellers
henry cellers 5 timmar sedan
We need a new manager not players mark
Ken Brickley
Ken Brickley 5 timmar sedan
likely yet another poor performance and possibly defeat, it is all leading to the door for Ole in my view. He has little in the way of tactics and has an appalling record against top six teams.
Art Blab May tejura
Art Blab May tejura 5 timmar sedan
I’ve been told sancho is going to Real Madrid
S-Roman B
S-Roman B 5 timmar sedan
Pontus 5 timmar sedan
thats what she said
619 Trading
619 Trading 5 timmar sedan
Yeah Dortmund looks like a bunch of fools. But if United go back in for him they will too
Dr kenrick Ferguson
Dr kenrick Ferguson 6 timmar sedan
Pagba injury record needs a looked at
kevin macca
kevin macca 6 timmar sedan
I see lingard is now scoring goals for fun with the hammers 🤔
adam84657 6 timmar sedan
Ole outta
Rishad MR
Rishad MR 6 timmar sedan
- HADI -
- HADI - 6 timmar sedan
Oren Kalmek
Oren Kalmek 6 timmar sedan
2-0 to united , my predictions. Think they weak at the back and a bit toothless upfront
Megan Jones
Megan Jones 6 timmar sedan
Twitch: Notapro11
TheFeijaopico 6 timmar sedan
Mark and this Sancho story is like the pandemic. Its gone far too long and its still here in 2021. Recycled conversations...zZzZzZzZzZ
Larry Lal
Larry Lal 6 timmar sedan
Why is Mark continuously stuck with Sancho and Dortmund. We don’t want him, even if he is $80mil, buy Grelish instead. Sancho is 💩. It’s hard to let go for Mr 90%
Steve Livingstone
Steve Livingstone 5 timmar sedan
Mark is not stuck with Sancho, he clearly states, time and time again that Sancho is not the player we should be buying.
Cronus T
Cronus T 6 timmar sedan
Sancho is not 💩 lmao. Maybe over hyped a bit but definitely a better rw than we have right now. Oh wait, we only have one and it’s Daniel James ffs
Jon Waddell
Jon Waddell 6 timmar sedan
I think ole dosnt want to play Maguire and Bailey cos he still having nightmares from the spurs 6-1
KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully
KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully 6 timmar sedan
Yeah but we where looking to buy him a year ago lol they will get half the price this summer should have took or offer sancho couldn’t have had a worse season
Juan Ignacio Jimenez
Juan Ignacio Jimenez 7 timmar sedan
Just a quick FYI, Cavani was asked if the competition was thougher in France than in England. He basically said that all ligues around the world have different characteristics and many aspects that make them unique. I have noticed that he is a very neutral person when it comes to opinions in the media.