BRUNO AT THE DOUBLE! Real Sociedad 0-4 Man United | LIVE Fan Forum

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Thomas McDonagh
Thomas McDonagh 6 dagar sedan
Dan James underrated and unappreciated check his skill videos he's not just about speed
C1Loose 6 dagar sedan
Be realistic Bruno would more likely go for 90-100 million
Zack Ahmed
Zack Ahmed 8 dagar sedan
Alex would u like me to buy u a curtain mate
ZNEO6 8 dagar sedan
Criminal Bailly gets dropped ahead of Lindelöf. Diallo should start next week, gives us a breather ahead of Chelsea. 6 Points needed to secure top 4.
steviehoang 8 dagar sedan
Jay is the guvnor🔥🔥🔥
BeeCeeHQ 8 dagar sedan
No, that’s Ricky.
ELES ELES 8 dagar sedan
Jay is onpoint i love listening to his opinions
Karla Boi
Karla Boi 8 dagar sedan
Jay looks like me when im sat in a work team meeting thinking why havent i left yet 😂
Sheldon Adams
Sheldon Adams 8 dagar sedan
Jack said Henderson “should” have a run a games now, why?? What did he do in that game to earn that?
Luke 82
Luke 82 8 dagar sedan
Bruno is an attacking version of Roy Keane minus the being hard as nails!
91 vanced
91 vanced 8 dagar sedan
Bruno & Ole ❤️
leveyManUK 8 dagar sedan
I beg someone to buy alex some blinds
Blessings Nyekanyeka
Blessings Nyekanyeka 8 dagar sedan
Alex's curtain was probably given to him by his ancestors, thats some voodoo shh
davewhtn 8 dagar sedan
Cantona comparisons have to stop. Not taking away from Bruno’s impact but Cantona had everything, especially the 2nd double winning season. Unforgettable memories from my childhood. Intelligence, touch, goals, leadership, class, culture. The 🤴
George Mazuran
George Mazuran 8 dagar sedan
Stop trying to make you funny from other peoples comments kg
George Mazuran
George Mazuran 8 dagar sedan
Wait wait wait ,you wait kg stop fucking talking give others ago
Seb B
Seb B 8 dagar sedan
Play Harry and Eric on the weekend... Give Eric a rest vs Real.S next week. Then he's ready for Chelsea. Boom.
Runganathan Naidu
Runganathan Naidu 8 dagar sedan
Ole for goodness sake never play Maguire and Lindelof again. Play Maguire with Bailly or Tuanzbee. DVB, Tuanzbee, Matic, Diallo and Shoretire need more game time. Martial who has been one of the better players last season and not his self now, needs to get his mojo back.
Cj Ichida
Cj Ichida 8 dagar sedan
I can attest that all Nigerians call it Ballon Dior😂😂😂
Ash Cru
Ash Cru 8 dagar sedan
Dan James is useless, we have abetter players in the academy. Here we go again getting carried away. against a dead Sociedad defence.
Benny Mccabe
Benny Mccabe 8 dagar sedan
Dan james is never man of the match. Fred or bruno. Bruno for me
3000KJH 8 dagar sedan
Dan James is a good player. Bad coaching is letting him and others down
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 8 dagar sedan
@Jamie Froud Come on man i dont hate Dan James, it just he doesn’t have the level to play in UTD .
Jamie Froud
Jamie Froud 8 dagar sedan
@Dimebag Darrell Yeah he’s so ‘trash’ he plays for United and you don’t. He is, and will be a decent squad player at the very least and that’s not a bad thing.
Gagan J Singh
Gagan J Singh 8 dagar sedan
He's terrible
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 8 dagar sedan
No Dan James is trash, stop judging players just because they are scoring goals. Football is not just scoring goals.
EB WAN KANOBI The Chosen Wan
EB WAN KANOBI The Chosen Wan 8 dagar sedan
Bruno is ok . id still take foden over him. 90 mil
Utd 4
Utd 4 8 dagar sedan
Joshua Daniel
Joshua Daniel 8 dagar sedan
The point where Thanos snapped 31:28
Angelo Swarts
Angelo Swarts 8 dagar sedan
@Jay is the man! Thank you for your comment on DDG💪🇮🇪🇿🇦
Angelo Swarts
Angelo Swarts 8 dagar sedan
Hendo can play Europa and fa cup. That is more than enough game time.
Angelo Swarts
Angelo Swarts 8 dagar sedan
Nothing against Hendo, defenders are key we all know what happens when vacuum and double decker plays together. Just ruins my day watching them together. I will take one and partner them with a pacey defender simple
Angelo Swarts
Angelo Swarts 8 dagar sedan
Its a tough situation however not a top tournament though the convo would of been different if it's UCL. Then David starts every day. I just want United to win trophies. Positive is Hendo, is pushing David to get back to his best. We all know what happens next, David is the best, every keeper then sits down. My opinion though 💪
3000KJH 8 dagar sedan
@Angelo Swarts Ahh ok. But would you feel like winner if you didn't play in the tournament, but have a medal?
Angelo Swarts
Angelo Swarts 8 dagar sedan
Format is different in cup competition, every player gets a medal given that they are part of the list submitted by the club not mistaken 25 man list
3000KJH 8 dagar sedan
But if we win a trophy De gea won't get a medal. Does it go on appearances in the cup? Can't remember
Angelo Swarts
Angelo Swarts 8 dagar sedan
@Jack are you and Carragher bros sit down man
Dhruv Dave
Dhruv Dave 8 dagar sedan
United are worth 4billion$ Bruno should be worth atleast 250M$
iBL4KOUT 8 dagar sedan
My man Alex🤙
Arthur LS
Arthur LS 8 dagar sedan
Light work are you kidding me? Did you see how hard rough and physical both teams played the entire match?? Light work my fucking ass it looked like hard work even after we were winning.
Eugenius 8 dagar sedan
De Gea and Lindelöf need A REST, go Henderson & Bailey. And get Ricky off the videos, it´s ridiculous, guys
Eugenius 7 dagar sedan
@Tamzz 94 sure it´s about opinion, so my opinion is, a guy who likes Dan James and dislikes Bruno should keep this kind of opinion to him and his wife ;)
Tamzz 94
Tamzz 94 8 dagar sedan
Why get him off the videos tho? Thought it's about opinions.
John Healy
John Healy 8 dagar sedan
guys wicked show but for the love of god please get better mics and stop talking over eachother plsplsplspls
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 8 dagar sedan
It seems people all of a sudden have forgotten how we are against low blocks. That Newcastle game will be different
Jigmee Dadul
Jigmee Dadul 8 dagar sedan
Left bottom thanos is not happy 😂
Sylvia Nikolette
Sylvia Nikolette 8 dagar sedan
The thick chef recently succeed because climb comprehensively colour from a rural pheasant. ahead, crooked doll
Faakir Kalam
Faakir Kalam 8 dagar sedan
Omw donny join the meeting on tonight show thats why he didnt travel
James Modiba
James Modiba 8 dagar sedan
De Gea is also vocal
James Modiba
James Modiba 8 dagar sedan
Good question flex
Danish Patel
Danish Patel 8 dagar sedan
To be honest..I'm worried about Bruno..he always says in his interviews that he wants to win trophies..but we are no where near a title or a trophy ..he could leave us for trophies if we do not win anything
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
Sporting are winning the league without him.
Sean-Michael Dorrian
Sean-Michael Dorrian 8 dagar sedan
I was just confused when Amad came on, that he was on the left and James stayed on the right? Could have just swapped and let them both play their main position
3000KJH 8 dagar sedan
That's Ole. Square pegs in round holes
Ukiyo Presents:
Ukiyo Presents: 8 dagar sedan
James needs to come off the bench more when teams are tired
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal 8 dagar sedan
Fred always does well in Europe ...
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal 8 dagar sedan
If Dan James can improve his defending ... can you imagine ... what an amazing wing back he could be in a 3 5 2 formation ... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal 8 dagar sedan
We should not sell Dan James ... he has certain qualities ... that others do not have ...
Jake Norman
Jake Norman 8 dagar sedan
My man jay talks a lot of sense
Jake Norman
Jake Norman 8 dagar sedan
Keep Henderson on bench, no point comparing him to de gea like he's playing better than him. Big up alex
omar idriss
omar idriss 8 dagar sedan
I am 100% all in de gea. But this is stupid people saying henderson should be given a chance is not about him being english its about what he did last season at shefeild.
Martin Liu
Martin Liu 8 dagar sedan
The DDG chat shows TUS has become an echo chamber, with the newest guy on the panel being the only one who believes DDG should be dropped. Goalkeeping is a lot more than just shotstopping, just look back at Ben Foster's reign..
3000KJH 8 dagar sedan
Otherwise we will never know if he's good enough. Unless De Gea gets an injury. Many players don't a chance and a run of games to show what they can do. Fosu Mensah is one that annoyed me. He showed in a few games that he can play
omar idriss
omar idriss 8 dagar sedan
What were u expecting from dan james in the first half hes barley played a game this whole season
Recardo Douglas
Recardo Douglas 8 dagar sedan
dan james tonight was on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
omar idriss
omar idriss 8 dagar sedan
This panel has turned dry
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
It's all about Vibes here. No football analysis. I'd rather listen to Ricky although sometimes I don't agree with some of his points but at least he comes up with facts and analysis.
D J 8 dagar sedan
Shout out to Alex for representing my hometown of Detroit. DEEE-TROIT BASKETBAAAAALLLL * disclaimer: team is not good at all this year. GGMU
mlal89 8 dagar sedan
De Gea has lost us games this season.
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey 8 dagar sedan
Abraham Ross
Abraham Ross 8 dagar sedan
Bailly with his ability to read the game defensively and then execute with extreme prejudice... and Henderson reminding all of the lazy sods who he calls out throughout the game. It makes the coaching staff giggle on the inside.
Abraham Ross
Abraham Ross 8 dagar sedan
To: KG + Flex Save all super chats till the end, when they’re all collected. Cutting off Jay in the middle of a discussion for a super chat seems so rude and disruptive. It’s a TV broadcasters nightmare and it exposes lack of professionalism.
Jamal Mohammed
Jamal Mohammed 8 dagar sedan
Jay saying we won cause we had a line, Maguire was playing as a left winger against West Brom. You can’t say we won because of that when we did the exact same thing last game and didn’t win. Ricky would body him if they were on a show together
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
This whole Panel doesn't analyse game. They copy whatever Mark says. How can you have 5 people talking about football but it's all about vibe, no one comes up with a proper analysis. No different from Sky sport
Abhishek Dhar
Abhishek Dhar 8 dagar sedan
Jack is the Dan James of United Stand
Global soccer fan
Global soccer fan 8 dagar sedan
De gea has made tons of clangers Jay, that is why Henderson should get his chance
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey 8 dagar sedan
This season he hasn't. DDG shouldn't be dropped. Henderson will play in the Europa
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla 8 dagar sedan
Eric Bailey must play more games.
LeeMundo 87
LeeMundo 87 8 dagar sedan
United stand pro De Gea propeganda makes me sick. The lad is right, Henderson deserves a run of games. And Flex doing my head in with his flowers....we get it you’ve heard a new phrase you like
sam p
sam p 8 dagar sedan
I’m starting to get really worried that with tactics from the coaching staff. They only really seem to get the counter attacking system right. We can’t press high or keep possession for more than 20 minutes a game until things fall apart and we need individual quality but when we play away and hit them on the break it always looks a good team performance
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
Counter Attack is an easy tactic. Our coaches aren't good enough. When we in people don't see the deficiencies but when we lose then people see the flaws.
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 8 dagar sedan
Bailly and Brunomy Men of the Match
Julio César Garza
Julio César Garza 8 dagar sedan
Henderson had nothing to do mate
David Keita
David Keita 9 dagar sedan
Remember,l predicted wesbrom draw! If lindelof and martial play sunday,we Will draw!
David Keita
David Keita 9 dagar sedan
Olé is stubborn ! Obsessed with maguire.lindelof and martial ! But dan James is a fighter ! With a spirit ! Losing balls, martial never did defensive Jobs ! (Remember CR7 when hé Lost balls) and dan James is a fighter to recover the balls and faster than martial ! Olé is obsessed with a losing formular! And against Newcastle,you Will see lindelof again and we will loose !
David Keita
David Keita 8 dagar sedan
@Tres Kaz game plan! Rashford score More in counter than martial !
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
Come on. Martial defends more. Rashford doesn't. he stays up for count attack. James has a low football IQ. There are so many out there like james, passion merchant. You need intelligent players on the pitch. One of the reasons why Pep does great, he buys intelligent players.
Wreckin 45
Wreckin 45 9 dagar sedan
Bruno's value! When we were chasing him it was us and Spurs showing interest, no one else. Now! I can say with 100% confidence that he would be a starter in any top team in the world at the moment. He's priceless! ✊
King Lace
King Lace 8 dagar sedan
@Tres Kaz them winning without Bruno has alot more to do with the league and overall performance of the teams though I get what you're saying but your argument is massively flawed would have been better if you said he was overrated
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
@King Lace currently we rely a lot on Bruno and as people say he's priceless, we would have been struggling without Bruno. The point is: Sporting used to rely on Bruno but they're winning the title without Bruno, something they never did with him. Being a one man team doesn't take a team far sometimes
King Lace
King Lace 8 dagar sedan
@Tres Kaz United won titles without Ronaldo so what's your point
Danish Smith
Danish Smith 8 dagar sedan
@Boss Panda we signed our greatest ever winger from the farmer's league 👍🏻
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
@Boss Panda the point is they are winning the league without Bruno. They're used to rely on him and now they're playing as a team.
DARKSIDE RUM PUNCH 9 dagar sedan
Man said "Busted sofas" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 31:28
Ben France
Ben France 9 dagar sedan
Is it just me who think English players get more hate than praise from both media and fans
Christopher White
Christopher White 8 dagar sedan
Yes that's just you
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 9 dagar sedan
Guaranteed Magulof will start against Newcastle, Ole will never learn. Such shame
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 8 dagar sedan
He sign a fridge for 80m he will never bench him its sad but true .
Nohman Ahmed
Nohman Ahmed 9 dagar sedan
KG is madness bruno gots2win suttin with us 1st to be considered on King Eric's level
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
Sporting are winning the league without Bruno. He had better stats playing for them but They are doing better as a team without him.
Emmanuel Chibeze
Emmanuel Chibeze 9 dagar sedan
Jay is obviously a passion merchant 🤣🤣
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 9 dagar sedan
De Gea signed in 2011 not the summer of 08 or 09. Come on lads get it right.
Josh Allen
Josh Allen 9 dagar sedan
Alex looks like he stinks
Brent Morris
Brent Morris 9 dagar sedan
Jay is absolutely right as always!
Cronus T
Cronus T 9 dagar sedan
Is Jack actually Fred the Red? 🤣
steven bradley
steven bradley 9 dagar sedan
When utd play bailly at cb and rashford left wing wheres hes at his best we always play well.
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew 9 dagar sedan
JAY...WHY SO SERIOUS??? Have a laugh mate!!! Smile mate!!!😁😁😁
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew 8 dagar sedan
@Abraham Ross Cool man... thankx for letting me know
Abraham Ross
Abraham Ross 8 dagar sedan
Ummm excuse me, I like Jay for his opinions not another silly KG... one is enough... this ain’t a comedy sketch holmes
SYMBOL SEEKER 9 dagar sedan
Mate the new guy bottom left i just aint vibing with him man ... nothing personal 🤷‍♂️
SYMBOL SEEKER 8 dagar sedan
@Ed Gonzalez I dunno just seems all about him.. like I dunno cant put my finger on it
Carma Dee
Carma Dee 8 dagar sedan
Same, can’t take to him at all
Ed Gonzalez
Ed Gonzalez 8 dagar sedan
XO XO 9 dagar sedan
Rashford the striker of goalkeepers ! 😂
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
This would be the worst time to give Henderson a run. There is literally no rush dude just wants to be controversial. That would be such poor squad management.
J H 8 dagar sedan
@Robert Anderson agreed
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 8 dagar sedan
@Inquisitor Pingu de gea has proven himself at the highest level for a long time. I love Henderson, but he is the future. If de gea had a disastrous season. Henderson might have gotten his opportunity but that hasn't happened yet. If you throw Henderson in now, if he works what do you do with de gea? If it doesn't how do you convince de gea you still trust him? That is my point a out the squad management angle.
Inquisitor Pingu
Inquisitor Pingu 8 dagar sedan
because de gea has been imperious all season and Henderson doesn't deserve a crumb, sure
Paper To Pexels
Paper To Pexels 9 dagar sedan
Man u sell james to leceseiter and get harvey barnes....
John O Neill
John O Neill 9 dagar sedan
Look at the state of the background of the long haired lads place...come on moneygoldbridge get the man a set of curtains🤣🤣🤣🤣
leveyManUK 8 dagar sedan
Thats mad 😂 get this geezer some curtains or blinds!
Cocopops 8 dagar sedan
Nah bro 😂😂
Ndumiso Ndlovu
Ndumiso Ndlovu 8 dagar sedan
Gent just needs a solid girlfriend
Kay Lesley
Kay Lesley 9 dagar sedan
Number 9s are starved at United
pppscooby 9 dagar sedan
Henderson definitely commands the box better, don’t like the way opponents bully de gea at corners, they all spot some weakness, dont think henderson distribution is any better though. Difficult one, but if we stay in the europa and fa cup then Henderson will get plenty of games.
Christopher White
Christopher White 8 dagar sedan
It helps when bailly is playing with maguire.
stephen dowling
stephen dowling 9 dagar sedan
Haha Alex looks like he's got Milk carts full of Piss next to his swingy chair? excuse the pun but He also wearing a Pistones T-shirt 😂
D J 8 dagar sedan
I had to shout that shirt out too. My man representing the D in the UK.
Gooby69 9 dagar sedan
I have ZERO confidence in the board to bring in the players for the areas of need. We need and CB and CDM, but what the board will probably do is blow most of the budget on Sancho and sign a RB. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ forever one step forward two steps back
Omar_ Elattar.
Omar_ Elattar. 9 dagar sedan
Everything that KG says in my mind is useless when he’s out here saying Bruno over Cantona lol. Cantona led United to titles, what had Bruno done in terms of trophies?
Omar_ Elattar.
Omar_ Elattar. 8 dagar sedan
@Hiren Kayman Did I discredit what Bruno has done? I said he’s not close to being as good as Cantona in terms of influence.
3000KJH 8 dagar sedan
Different eras and different teams. Put Bruno in the 90s team and put Cantona in this one. it would probably be the same as it now. Eric in this team ain't bringing home league title. Better team in the 90s and had to the best coach there will ever be
Hiren Kayman
Hiren Kayman 8 dagar sedan
His kept us out of being embarrassed in the bottom half of the table. Wake up
Frank N
Frank N 9 dagar sedan
Kevin didn’t know what Fred brings to the team but believe Mctominay is ready to play for man united wtf? Something is not adding up
LetsBeReal 8 dagar sedan
@Miatalif3 Did you realise this when Ricky said it or did you wait until Mark said it?
Christopher White
Christopher White 8 dagar sedan
@Miatalif3 that's only when mctominay plays as a box to box. As a cdm he is shocking.
Jordan Sobkowiak
Jordan Sobkowiak 9 dagar sedan
As an all round midfielder I’d say mctominay over Fred
Miatalif3 9 dagar sedan
If you cant see that mctominay is a top player you might want to change the sport you follow something not adding up
A J 9 dagar sedan
13:25 🤣
The Conman
The Conman 9 dagar sedan
Always great to hear your opinion vancam kev.
ManUtd VanCam
ManUtd VanCam 7 dagar sedan
Thanks mate ✌🏻
Laurence Trengove
Laurence Trengove 9 dagar sedan
Busted sofas:) point blank . De gea & Bailey and Mctomminay/guire.
A J 9 dagar sedan
Pistons and Cowboys! Whaaaaat?! Flex and KG always a funny pair too. I love this channel
Kinq Israel
Kinq Israel 9 dagar sedan
We are the best team in this competition sadly, we have one of the best away record of any team over a year, so i am not surprised we won in such manners, we have been unfortunate this season in EPL, A good season for us, closing the gap between we and City finish second, win the Europa League.
Tito Jackson
Tito Jackson 9 dagar sedan
Emmerdale farm league.
Jack_2023 9 dagar sedan
I think people forget Henderson has played a full season in the premier league. Sheffield United are bottom since he’s left, can’t be a coincidence?
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 8 dagar sedan
@Cronus T hahahaha
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie 8 dagar sedan
Shef Utd have been garabge since after lockdown in March last year. They still had Henderson then but injuries and getting found out are gping to relegate them.
Cronus T
Cronus T 8 dagar sedan
@Connor Thompson what can I say, I’m a polite individual 🖕🏻
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 8 dagar sedan
@Cronus T thats really edgy of you to say. you are truly an edgelord supreme.
Cronus T
Cronus T 8 dagar sedan
@Hussaiin07 you think Liverpool would be losing at home to bottom feeders? Even you can’t be that dumb 🤔
Sandro Rodrigues Do Rosario
Sandro Rodrigues Do Rosario 9 dagar sedan
We need a show of jay kg and Ricky. Jay will body Ricky 😂
Ayan Chatterjee
Ayan Chatterjee 8 dagar sedan
oh plx whatever he analyses is pure agendas 😂😂 I'd rather prefer no analysis ffs man says he'd rather start anyone over bruno rashford and what not 😭
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
@Ayan Chatterjee This whole panel doesn't analyse football as well as Ricky. They base their argument mostly on stats and Ricky talks about proper football. He might wrong about certain players but He's good at analysing games
Ayan Chatterjee
Ayan Chatterjee 8 dagar sedan
oh please, the only thing Ricky is clear is delusion.
LetsBeReal 8 dagar sedan
If you think anyone on this channel is bodying Ricky then you are in for a laugh. Ricky knows his football. Jay isn’t too bad compared to the others but even then in a footballing argument Ricky is clear 😂
Cronus T
Cronus T 9 dagar sedan
He’s the Irish Dolph Lungren 💪🏻
sportsman22 philly
sportsman22 philly 9 dagar sedan
jay, you can't supprt the dalllas cowboys, they are the arrogant sods in american football. the philadelphia eagles are the real irish team
k Se7en
k Se7en 9 dagar sedan
Great convos about DJ guys .
Forge Front Desk
Forge Front Desk 9 dagar sedan
It’s a great victory for us but for goodness sakes 3-0 up and we don’t make subs till almost the 80th, Bruno and Rashford could have come off way earlier and we could have given Mata and Amad at least 20 minutes, we play good,we play bad but the subs are always at the 70th minute mark and beyond. What’s the point at times
Tres Kaz
Tres Kaz 8 dagar sedan
We could make subs early and rest players, We need fresh players for PL games. Ole is just too slow.
moses kamara
moses kamara 9 dagar sedan
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