Cavani New Deal? Pogba Transfer Wanted! Man Utd News

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Man Utd forward Edinson Cavani wants a new deal according to reports as Mino Raiola looks to get Paul Pogba out of United this summer. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 Everton vs Man City Watchalong
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sadek rahman
sadek rahman 4 dagar sedan
We do need a CDM. so I will welcome seeing Declan Rice instead of seeing Mc Fred playing as a CDM.
priscila 7 dagar sedan
Corrie De Beer
Corrie De Beer 8 dagar sedan
Do remind yourself of the fact that Cavani was a free transfer when talking about his injuries.
Corrie De Beer
Corrie De Beer 8 dagar sedan
To be fair all this talk about Cavani's age, ffs he is the same age as Vardy.
Bickslow 8 dagar sedan
how come Neymar isn't being linked to a United move?? or Ronaldo? It's been missing this season..
Nedal Haddad
Nedal Haddad 9 dagar sedan
I would keep Pogba if we can and sell Martial. Too inconsistent. He had one good season but we cannot keep up the roller coaster. I would even sell both if we could get Rice and Grealish somehow.
jimmy andreou
jimmy andreou 9 dagar sedan
If butts and maybe idiot
Raza Ali
Raza Ali 9 dagar sedan
I bought some stuff from Boohoo Man and can't believe how crap the quality of their clothes is... Fraction of the cost because its absolute crap, worse than Primark! Get some decent partners like Adidas Mark!!!
Gilgamesh †
Gilgamesh † 9 dagar sedan
Sorry but Martial is not good enough
General Anal
General Anal 9 dagar sedan
Cooldre 9 dagar sedan
Mark I think you overhyping Kounde, Ole should give Tuanzebe a run of games!
Vinde Zarksville
Vinde Zarksville 9 dagar sedan
Andre Silva is a player to go get...we cant jst rely on cavani and Greenwood shud Anthony leave...cavani is injury prone, Greenwood is not yet and established #9. We wud need three pipo fighting for one position...
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 9 dagar sedan
cavani will be good for greenward but people thinking his been prolific come on now he swung at fresh air again against west brom and his done that more times this season than any of our strikers have ever done
nosworc 9 dagar sedan
Cavani is a no brainier, he's putting Martial and Rashford to shame. Those two need to get the finger out. Has Rashford got some sort of disease that he has to dribble past every defender in the fucking box? Selfish.
Ehiz Ebhohimen
Ehiz Ebhohimen 9 dagar sedan
There's NO way we can attract quality players when we don't win titles. And we don't look like club that want to win titles. We keep giving stupid excuses...
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
Yeah, who want to go to a club that had said clearely that they are not contenders for the Prems
sjw genius
sjw genius 9 dagar sedan
why would Sevilla want Martial....overrated, expensive player that doesnt perform unless he is given 100000 chances a game
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
1000000 chances a game ? and who gives him this lot of chances like you said ? Mcfred or bruno who is loosing the ball all the time or maybe trashford .
Aly Pea
Aly Pea 9 dagar sedan
Noone wanted Cavani, so why would he leave....but I love him! He must stay
R F 9 dagar sedan
what if the board are actually wanting to usher De Gea out the door this season, so Henderson gets the spot next season and they have to pay a lesser salary to him, compared to De Geas salary.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day 9 dagar sedan
Poch contract runs out 2022 with an option for an extra year. Ole contract expiring 2022, if Poch can win the champion league with psg his reputation will be sky high. Anybody would want ole to see out his contract and then get poch in.
just me
just me 9 dagar sedan
I've been following this channel and Mark for over a year and if I got a pound for every time Mark mentions " united are leading the race for"............
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
Some times i think he work for woodward lol.
K H 9 dagar sedan
We should be talking about selling Martial instead.
Ashley Tanaka Chifeya
Ashley Tanaka Chifeya 9 dagar sedan
Rabiot plus cash for Pogba will be a good deal for Man U.
Demaro Powell
Demaro Powell 9 dagar sedan
David Barber
David Barber 9 dagar sedan
Players who put the effort in as Cavani does are going to have injuries no brainer keep him players around him could learn a lot top quality and at 34 puts some to shame with the running he does a winner
M G 9 dagar sedan
When we were linked to Maguire I said he would end up being another smalling, jones, evans,kean etc and everyone laughed. Just another overhyped english cb. How do people keep falling for the same thing with these english players.
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
arrogance and stupidity.
Henri Vargas
Henri Vargas 9 dagar sedan
cristiano dö ronalda
Look Not
Look Not 9 dagar sedan
Cavani get's muscle injuries because he works his ass off,the hardest working player in the side💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Patrick O’connor
Patrick O’connor 9 dagar sedan
I just wish we would swap lingard for rice and 30/40 mil a left sided cb and sell pogba get grealish, sell Jones matic mata
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
People saying Ole has a better squad then past managersust be down to Ole. Either Ole is buying good players, or he is improving players the other managers had. Really don't think some have been watching united long, maybe never. Or we don't actually have a better squad and Ole is overachievubg. Can't have it both ways.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
The majority of these players past managers had as well. They just didn't know how to use them.
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 9 dagar sedan
Cavani all day
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
No more than 25M for a backup RB. We can use the youth as backup if we can't get one for that price.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
A cool poll would be what percentage of listeners know that the prem didn't exist in 1989.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
The only group not open to mew evidence appears to be Ole outters. Ole has clearly progressed us, and if you aren't willing to admit that you are debating in bad faith. Ole in people have not closed their eyes, which is how they can see the progress. No one knows whether any manager will work. Just don't understand why supposed united fans deny the progress.
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
Did you see manchester city against everton ? and if its a yes show me the progress when you take more than 30 goals in less than 30 match.wake up man
N E 9 dagar sedan
Please for the love of God get POGBA out of the club bcos his agent is jst so annoying.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
Same with Ole and Lingard. Lingard was given plenty of opportunities. We went from season to season saying maybe off field stuff is impacitn him. Still Lingard played a lot and in the end, Ole was yelling at him from the pitch and bringing him off.
kauluma Paulus
kauluma Paulus 9 dagar sedan
Mark, so you were saying geenwood is better then haaland, boy you should know your football
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
Martial is on 250k a week. Can anyone in la liga currently afford to pay martial that? Again, the board keep putting players on big wages which actually lowers the players valuem
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
@Cooldre Yeah but that would lower their value. buying club says yes we will take him, but since we have to pay him 250K, we are only giving you 20M instead of 30M.
Cooldre 9 dagar sedan
It doesn't lower their value, just makes it hard to sell the players because other teams can't afford their wages!
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
Players like Pogba have been around the club long enough to know the board are not buying for prem or CL. We are buying for top 4. If players leave that is why.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
Again does our manager actually pick their assistants? If so why did jose have the same as Ole?
Zee One
Zee One 9 dagar sedan
Oles choice
Jake Norman
Jake Norman 9 dagar sedan
On the point of being bought by billionaires, Chelsea and man city's owners are billionaires so seems slightly confusing why we were stopped.
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal 9 dagar sedan
10 points behind city what a bottle jobs united have become they should be ashamed from the coaches to the players I we don't trust anyone at that club bottle jobs.
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 9 dagar sedan
I know Martial is very popular, and was our top scorer last year, but I'd move him on if he was open to it. I think there are some players who are made to be at a club for 8+ years, and others who are more cyclical, and who do better when they get a fresh start, and a fresh experience, every 3-4yrs. I think Martial is the latter. He needs a club where he is going to be the unquestioned 9, and where he is one of the better players and where they fans will never complain because he will be their best player. He is a guy who needs to be above the level of his club, imo. A humble, reserved star, but a star that is the face of the club. I think he shrinks when bigger personalities and better competition comes in. United are a club that needs to have serious competition in every spot. He clearly struggles when it is a real battle for the 9. That's never going to change. I don't fault him for it, it is simply his psychological makeup, but he needs to go somewhere where he won't have to deal with that. Mason is our 9. Pave the way, part the seas, and let Cavani be the one who can help him along.
Jake Norman
Jake Norman 9 dagar sedan
Ole seriously needs to win a trophy, so he can do a klopp and call out his board for not getting the players he needs.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
Cavani who has played under some of the top.managers in the world wants to stick with Ole. Is this more evidence Ole is doing something right?
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 dagar sedan
@Dimebag Darrell Could be true, but he is a legend in South America. He probably makes more at united but they have plenty of ways of compensating him. Again if Ole was ahit he would stay.
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
Come on Cavani is 34 age of course he want to stay in united, no one will give him the same wages like united .
Stephen Hope
Stephen Hope 9 dagar sedan
Love your channel, love your work but really wish you would drop boohooman, especially considering how they run sweat shops...not that far from you Mark !
Anthony 9 dagar sedan
Cavani Bruno and maybe Pogba are our only ambitious players. It's quite sad to see.
Anthony 9 dagar sedan
@The Truth I don't see any ambition in Rashford, especially when he plays like a child in playground when we need to get points on the board
The Truth
The Truth 9 dagar sedan
Pogba’s passion is definitely rare, I’d add rashford to that list though
Doug A
Doug A 9 dagar sedan
Let's get some service to the strikers and start tearing it up🤘
Jordan Day
Jordan Day 9 dagar sedan
Pogba wants a transfer daily, sell him back to his tribe and let's move on.
Black Adam
Black Adam 9 dagar sedan
Pogba, the captain of a world cup winning team. snm
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
jealousy thats why they hate him
Lewis Storer
Lewis Storer 9 dagar sedan
Well said about Van Gaal/Januzaj! Guys an idiot coming out rewriting history and slagging off the Manager that actually gave him a chance. He should count himself lucky. Had he come through when jose was Manager he wouldnt even have seen the Bench
Jon Waddell
Jon Waddell 9 dagar sedan
Who will replace OLE?
extremeBrah 9 dagar sedan
You guys should buy the striker André Silva from Frankfurt
tautau101 9 dagar sedan
*when a player is on the fringes* Goldbridge: how about a swap deal with...🤔
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 9 dagar sedan
I will not keep cavani, he is great but he is stopping greenwood from playing at CF. Will get Sancho on the wing.
simon phlim
simon phlim 9 dagar sedan
Cavani is a valuable asset to the squad and our young players. His contract should be extended. If Progba still wants to leave, then we should get the best price for him and invest the funds in a CB & CDM and if funds still permit, a RW(Sancho).
HardstylezSuperstaar 9 dagar sedan
FFS!! 5 times Mark Pratbridge says " If he knocks on Oles door" and bla bla bla same words again. And again. AND AGAIN!!!!? Who cares about Martial let him leave!
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 9 dagar sedan
Why can't Maguire knock on ole door looking for a transfer ha
Jim Craik
Jim Craik 9 dagar sedan
the young guys will learn from Cavani , Greenwood , rashford
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
One question , Rashford is 23 do you think he can improve his decision making at this age ?
Togbuiwo Nyigba
Togbuiwo Nyigba 9 dagar sedan
How many times has Maguire started and played awfully? Let's see how Adnan Januzaj will play tomorrow.
Patrice Benjamin
Patrice Benjamin 9 dagar sedan
What we need is Harry is to go
Togbuiwo Nyigba
Togbuiwo Nyigba 9 dagar sedan
Martial is wasting his time at Man Utd. If he stays at Man Utd, he will not be selected in French national team.
Robbie James
Robbie James 9 dagar sedan
Having the likes of cavani in the dreesing room and on the traning Pitch can help us with greenwood Becoming the complete number 9 we all know he can be
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 9 dagar sedan
Everyday this Pratt talks about transfer which not happening so why listen to this crap it's boring this United stand
The Truth
The Truth 9 dagar sedan
You obviously are hard of hearing, do you need to turn the subtitles mate?
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 9 dagar sedan
He always says it's the rumors
Piran Penrose
Piran Penrose 9 dagar sedan
It’s so funny how us football fans casually throw £40 MILLION as hardly nothing😂😂
Piran Penrose
Piran Penrose 8 dagar sedan
@arne scheie Read it again haha.
arne scheie
arne scheie 8 dagar sedan
They were offered £3,5bn for the club but paying £40m for an important asset is too much to ask 😂😂
arne scheie
arne scheie 8 dagar sedan
Well it is literally piss in the ocean for a club of this magnitude
Martin Bayliss
Martin Bayliss 9 dagar sedan
If the board does not support Ole there will be no further progress.
S Peled
S Peled 9 dagar sedan
Donny played champions league semi final which almost none of our players did in their career- ole doesn't care about it he has his favorites. He doesn't care about dialo atalanta experience he would play championship james ahead of him
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
Ole hate this sort of player because they are more smart than him simple.
Archaeology 273
Archaeology 273 9 dagar sedan
Smalling and Blind? better? No way dude. Bailly is good.
Damiwright O.
Damiwright O. 9 dagar sedan
Martial has had his time. I'll swap him out with kounde if possible and I'd give Greenwood a chance upfront.
Zee One
Zee One 9 dagar sedan
Only if martial agrees to it
Damiwright O.
Damiwright O. 9 dagar sedan
I remember Saheed telling Mark about Declan Rice a year ago. Good to see Mark now recognizing Rice as a good option for us.
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 9 dagar sedan
Overrated english player
awareness 9 dagar sedan
Haaland and sancho
John O Neill
John O Neill 9 dagar sedan
Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba 9 dagar sedan
Honestly where is Pogba even going to go? The only big European clubs in a good place at the moment are PSG or Bayern and those league are both one horse races
tedson kabiru
tedson kabiru 9 dagar sedan
WobO 10 dagar sedan
Bruno is Mark’s favorite player?!? Oh wow, I never knew that!!! 🤣😂🤣😉.
WobO 9 dagar sedan
@Dimebag Darrell - true!!! If ur named after the Pantera guitar god then I can only agree!!!!
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 9 dagar sedan
even if he loses the ball all the time lol .
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford 10 dagar sedan
Cavani is injury prone
John Landin
John Landin 10 dagar sedan
Does the code work for boohoo (woman?)
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford 10 dagar sedan
Would it be a bad idea to sell Fred to he’s almost 28 no disrespect to Fred tho
The Truth
The Truth 9 dagar sedan
@Marcus Rashford Maguire is the bigger problem
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford 9 dagar sedan
@Jesper Ogabe Fred is the problem
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 9 dagar sedan
@Jesper Ogabe won't win anything with harry Maguire either
Jesper Ogabe
Jesper Ogabe 9 dagar sedan
We won't win trophies with Fred way of playing.
Yanick t man
Yanick t man 10 dagar sedan
Should of got grealish big mistake
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 10 dagar sedan
RW, LW- Ousmane Dembélé, RW, LW- Adnan Janzuaj would be very good additions & are Highly Recommended at a reasonable price in the next window. Our general play will improve once we add more depth of quality players to the squad that can play the Man Utd way.
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 10 dagar sedan
Cavani loves the role of mentoring young players like Greenwood and Rashford
Zee One
Zee One 9 dagar sedan
You don't play such wages to a injury prone player to have him mentor others
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 10 dagar sedan
Declan Rice is too expensive at present due to the times and Ole & the board have to buy smart in the recruitment department, so being sensible would go along way when it concern the Club's development. There's other qualities out there at a reasonable price, so it best to search and invest well for the future. The ideal replacement for Matic is DM- Boubarkary Soumare only 21 with a lot of potential and ready to play now (Highly Recommended)!
Mario G
Mario G 10 dagar sedan
An ideal transfer window would be Kounde, Rice, Aarons/Lamptey. I’m happy for Cavani to stay another year. Yes he’s 34 but is a true professional and has a superb work rate. He can definitely nurture Greenwood into a clinical finisher. Martial still needs to go though.
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ 9 dagar sedan
Martial part I defo agree
Garfield Becarie
Garfield Becarie 10 dagar sedan
Mark its a good look cav is a good role model for this young united side that needs as much as we can get
Benja Stu
Benja Stu 10 dagar sedan
Rice is not the player to go for.
Arturo Bandini
Arturo Bandini 10 dagar sedan
Martial will hit form again. He’s in a rough patch right now.
Top Top
Top Top 10 dagar sedan
I would prefer United to get Naggelsman immediately. Ole won't take us further than he has taken us. Ole has tried his best but this board is cruel. This board is this club's greatest enemy.
Craig Warby
Craig Warby 10 dagar sedan
Sorry couldn’t have that man at OT just for his fashion sense. Horrific.
K WB 10 dagar sedan
Has this presenter got any intelligence? Pogba is not injury prone, he just doesn’t want to play for United. He’s just going through the motions. Goldbridge wake up and smell the coffee.
The Truth
The Truth 9 dagar sedan
Who does he want to play for? He signed a contract and has to see it through
Top Top
Top Top 10 dagar sedan
Man United need a huge investment or else Man Oil City, Liverpool, and Chelsea would prevent Us from wining the league for 20years.
Joe Bates
Joe Bates 10 dagar sedan
Telles in front of Shaw tomorrow with James on the right, to get them game time?
Ninja Boy2k&stuff
Ninja Boy2k&stuff 10 dagar sedan
How much can we get for Lindelof if we put him on gumtree?
Ninja Boy2k&stuff
Ninja Boy2k&stuff 9 dagar sedan
@Sean Tackett he’s worse
Sean Tackett
Sean Tackett 10 dagar sedan
He’s as good as maguire! How much can we get for him? Certainly not 80 large
Andrew 10 dagar sedan
Watching United's transfer strategy is killing my brain cells. We are simply all over the place.
brian kenome
brian kenome 10 dagar sedan
Our transfer strategy is just like our center back partnership
Collins Direct
Collins Direct 10 dagar sedan
Can this guy stop using a bad Cavani game to defend Martial. Its beginning to look irritating.
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey 9 dagar sedan
@Christopher White haters will hate no matter what
Christopher White
Christopher White 9 dagar sedan
Do you have ears? He used a bad martial game to defend cavani. He said they both get bad service that's why cabana disappeared in a couple games.
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey 9 dagar sedan
Owen Mighty
Owen Mighty 10 dagar sedan
Mark Cavani love the club and I love him and ole love him too and the player dem too
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 10 dagar sedan
Pogba will go in the summer, so we need a CDM to replace him, or give VDB a chance !!!
Zee One
Zee One 9 dagar sedan
CDM is not pogba's best position
Chris Burton
Chris Burton 10 dagar sedan
Did anybody watch that Kounde tonight? Haaland and Sancho run him ragged. He look average on the big stage
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 10 dagar sedan
He had a bad game doesn't mean he is suddenly shite
Chris Burton
Chris Burton 10 dagar sedan
Yeah very true I think we need a CB that is prem standard tbh
Niall Wagner
Niall Wagner 10 dagar sedan
Just like Upamecano last night. Consistent world class centre backs are absolute gold dust
New Happiness
New Happiness 10 dagar sedan
“Man United leading the race” only when no one else is racing
Zee One
Zee One 9 dagar sedan
@Minikkh Shaaan what evidence do you have to support your comment
Minikkh Shaaan
Minikkh Shaaan 9 dagar sedan
@Morey Conly Man U going after him
Morey C
Morey C 9 dagar sedan
Chelsea, spurs, man utd and city have all enquired about declan rice
GE 10 dagar sedan
We need proper wingers if we're going to get the best of Cavani. Stop all this Ronaldo foolishness. He's our past. Move on. Koundé was a donkey today against Dortmund and he's short. Overrated. Don't want or need Pogba to stay. Unstable and fancies himself as bigger than the club. He has never come close to leading us to glory because he's not a leader. Do not offer a new contract to this player.
Wayne Anthony
Wayne Anthony 10 dagar sedan
I was gonna say I agreed with you,until your shortsightedness about pogba,he help lead us to a couple of trophies, and get us runners up to a great City team ,plus it was pogba's form that helped get Ole he's job,when he was interim. How soon we forget,.
Kslater23 10 dagar sedan
I want Ronaldo coming out now and saying he's coming to United
Cronus T
Cronus T 10 dagar sedan
Telles is not world class. If he was he wouldn’t have been 27 playing for Porto and wouldn’t have come to united 🤣
Jack Ginuhang
Jack Ginuhang 10 dagar sedan
Another pluck from Antartica.Seems that United Stand got all the fairytale news from around the world.Nobody coming,nobody leaving.
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