DE GEA Up For Sale? Man Utd News

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Man Utd could sell David De Gea this summer transfer window as they look to solve a crisis of their own making. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 3 dagar sedan
Kounde buy out price is too high a transfer fee for Man U .... what a surprise!!!
Dean Blockley
Dean Blockley 3 dagar sedan
Every decision the board makes are proof that they don't have any forward thinking. There shouldn't be any expectations for the summer when you consider the players coming back from loan we will spend all summer again looking for buyers (Jones, romero, lingard, pereira to name a few). So it's pointless to think of the de gea/Henderson saga it will come down to demand. More clubs will go for Henderson so whether its right or wrong de gea won't go anywhere
General Anal
General Anal 3 dagar sedan
Rocky Tom
Rocky Tom 4 dagar sedan
What do you guys think about angel Correa
Daniel Larose
Daniel Larose 4 dagar sedan
We’re Manchester United and we need the best, Dean Henderson is the future and De Gea is the Now
D One
D One 4 dagar sedan
brilliant work. its the perfect combination of football and allan partridge. great viewing
Pystol pete 77
Pystol pete 77 4 dagar sedan
Akinloye Ayorinde
Akinloye Ayorinde 4 dagar sedan
All we need to do is sell Dean for 25-30mill and insert a buyback clause worth 40-50mill in the deal... Come back for him when De Gea's contract is up... Simple!!!
lol 4 dagar sedan
thats the problem of our bloated wage structure... when we want to sell, we just cant because of their high wages.. ohh our incompetent board🤦
tomtomufc 4 dagar sedan
The keeper situation is a headache we dont need right now,the board fucked up,and no matter who is in the net for us doesn't matter,we've got a bigger problem with the CBS in front of them and a cdm in front of the CBS.
Akinloye Ayorinde
Akinloye Ayorinde 4 dagar sedan
So Dean Henderson (140k) earns more than Bruno Fernandes (120k)... LMAO😂😂😂😂😂
NorwayMC 4 dagar sedan
Degea dont do anything wrong? Mistakes mistakes mistakes... last one on the Newcastle game boxing it out in a dangerus area..
Ninja Boy2k&stuff
Ninja Boy2k&stuff 4 dagar sedan
This video is all about we have to keep DDG& get rid of Henderson because Mark’s all about the saving £‘s yet last summer said we should should spend 120 million on Sancho & pay him whatever he wants then later on the day this vid comes out makes a video about the Manchester United owners might not spend much in the summer? I mean!!! FFS like? He just uses the De gea’s contract as an excuse because he prefers DDG over Henderson. Then there’s all the little mindless drones repeating what he says in the comments section.
D-BOY 4 dagar sedan
united stuffed up, we had Romera who was the best no2, they lost out on selling henderson
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 4 dagar sedan
You don’t have to sell DDG or Henderson... playing DDG in EPL while keeping Henderson as Cup keeper doesn’t cost you extra cost.. vice versa. DDG is NOT suitable to play in EPL. Let him swap the role with Henderson... DDG plays in cup games... Henderson will play in EPL... looked at things objectively
MS H 4 dagar sedan
3:05 Simple as
ZiGGy 4 dagar sedan
So Mark will rather play DDG for monetary reasons despite poor form instead of what is done or not done on the pitch??!! The financial aspect is true but that is a back room issue...on field issues should be dealt with accordingly irrespective of wages or contract...if a player is under performing then bench him so the next player can showcase his worth!!
Casluck Shazy
Casluck Shazy 4 dagar sedan
Its just Boloni news now on this
Banton85 4 dagar sedan
If dean Henderson was irish this wouldn't be a thing. Believe certain media are pushing for Henderson to get in because the euros are happening in june
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris 4 dagar sedan
Alternate them every week regardless of performance s...
Rtm Wavey
Rtm Wavey 4 dagar sedan
De gea has fell off since 2018. He constantly makes mistakes and doesn’t command his box. Get de gea out now !!!!
Armani 4 dagar sedan
Mark the "semi pro" Goldbridge
Ash Tee
Ash Tee 4 dagar sedan
It's about time
Pedpost Urgent Care
Pedpost Urgent Care 4 dagar sedan
This is ridiculous! How can we be talking about selling DDG!!!!!! If this has any credence then the United boards are diminishing in an already diminished competence. Get rid of henderson! Who da heck is he to even cause this? Who is going to pay Henderson 140 mil he receives on United bench? I dare him to leave.. Rubbish
Lives 4You
Lives 4You 4 dagar sedan
They making us focusing on gk so Cause they know they gonna sign a cdm or cb they trynna put us off stay wake
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 4 dagar sedan
RM sold Reguilon to spurs with a buy back clause. RM will take him back if he performed well at Spurs and when they need a LB. Certainly we can do the same for Henderson with another decent club. Unfortunately our football club has no one ‘intelligent enough’ at the top to do such deal.
arne scheie
arne scheie 4 dagar sedan
If they decide to sell De Gea I'm going to support whatever club he goes to and never watch a premier league game again
Peter George
Peter George 5 dagar sedan
De Gea makes too many mistakes.
Omar K
Omar K 5 dagar sedan
De Gea is an issue. Just because Mark thinks it’s not an issue doesn’t mean it’s not an issue ! He’s in the decline period !
Baher Moualla
Baher Moualla 5 dagar sedan
Lol. I just heard Marks comment. Exactly. No one can buy him.
Baher Moualla
Baher Moualla 5 dagar sedan
I really don't believe we can sell Dea, no one can afford him. It's simple
Talon Baker
Talon Baker 5 dagar sedan
I don’t think selling de gea is the answer, just Henderson is younger, that’s literally the only reason I’d keep Henderson over de gea, saving us buying a new gk in 4 years or whenever de gea wants to go back to Spain, that’s the only reason I’d choose Henderson over de gea for next season, de gea is a better goalkeeper now, Henderson is younger, if we have to sell one, I’d choose de gea, nothing to do with ability
Nicholas mbuga
Nicholas mbuga 5 dagar sedan
De Gea is a washed out keeper, sell him or loan him at the end of the season. Goldbridge is a big mouth piece with no football IQ. Any player is sellable.
Nicholas mbuga
Nicholas mbuga 5 dagar sedan
De Gea has to be sold period.
Tiago 5 dagar sedan
mark get blue light glasses
TB1210 5 dagar sedan
So, signing Telles was a good move to put pressure on Shaw but signing Henderson to put pressure on DeGea is a bad move? The performances of both have significantly improved. You have no agendas!
Michael Discon
Michael Discon 5 dagar sedan
Mark is my god and saviour
Chris Casserley
Chris Casserley 5 dagar sedan
The GK situation is a joke. Was already paying a portion DH's wages when he was at Sheffield Utd, so we gave him a wage that made him one of the highest paid GKs ITL.(same wage as Lloris, Ederson, Pickford and Alisson) Forced Romero to stay despite him now being third choice. Gave DDG a ridiculous contract. This filters through every department in the club though.
LunchBox Thief
LunchBox Thief 5 dagar sedan
When you think about it it kinda makes complete sense . Why on earth would we bring hendo back and on such a big contract the brass defiantly have plans for him to replace De Gea . Unfortunately i think it’s premature . De Geas still got a few good years left .
Sungula Nkabinde
Sungula Nkabinde 5 dagar sedan
Super Prat!!!! That sent me
Eoghan Ryan
Eoghan Ryan 5 dagar sedan
Yet phil Jones survives AGAIN
Lansu Baby
Lansu Baby 5 dagar sedan
Lansu Baby
Lansu Baby 5 dagar sedan
Lansu Baby
Lansu Baby 5 dagar sedan
Lansu Baby
Lansu Baby 5 dagar sedan
Lansu Baby
Lansu Baby 5 dagar sedan
Avi S
Avi S 5 dagar sedan
what is the journalist's name ?
Tri2b Calm
Tri2b Calm 5 dagar sedan
Is no one worried about this will affect attracting players if we go through with treating David questionably as well as what we did to Romero in summer and even how new signings like Donny don't even get a proper look in? Unless we only want to attract British players from here on out that is I cannot see how this ends well
Lenny Smith
Lenny Smith 5 dagar sedan
You haven't got a have a guy there who did absolutely nothing till the 59th about him if you know out about football
Dr. Noodles
Dr. Noodles 5 dagar sedan
Send Henderson out on loan again de gea isn’t going anywhere and we are all sick of this argument about who should start and the answer is de gea while Henderson should leave
Scott Porter
Scott Porter 5 dagar sedan
If we can't sell De Gea, only solution would be part of a swap deal. Going off rumours, I wouldn't be surprised if we swap him for Douglas Costa at Bayern
FiLTHYRiCH 5 dagar sedan
Half an hour of talking bollocks as usual
Thomas Farmer
Thomas Farmer 5 dagar sedan
Sell Henderson with a buy back clause simple
mak cine
mak cine 5 dagar sedan
henderson is too small and let's not get on Grant. wth is he doing at utd
Mike M
Mike M 5 dagar sedan
If David and Anthony go this summer, we're getting stripped of what little world class talent we have.
John Fulco
John Fulco 5 dagar sedan
I understand the love for De gea, but Henderson had a fantastic season at Sheffield and he deserves a chance. De gea has been better but was so average last season, has lost the starting place for his national team, and we are ready for new faces. not to mention how much we pay De Gea............
OrcasRule x
OrcasRule x 5 dagar sedan
Dean Henderson is not proven yet, putting him over de gea might be a bad idea.
Deno JA_united
Deno JA_united 5 dagar sedan
Mark ppl saying de gea is done n not good enough but dem man dnt see the real situation here,,neuer,Edison,allison couldn't survive with this CB pairing n with the midfield,,so them ppl need to sit dwnnnn
Naveen Joshy
Naveen Joshy 5 dagar sedan
Anyone who is de gea out doesn’t watch united
peter spence
peter spence 5 dagar sedan
Typical British media using the foreign scape goat scape goat.......LOOK AT SQUARE NUT MAGUIRE..I HAVE SEEN MILK TURN QUICKER THAN HIM....🤡🤡🤡🙈
Stephen Rossborough
Stephen Rossborough 5 dagar sedan
Their's a huge lack of respect for de gea from are fans its a joke If it wasn't for dave we'd be in league one ffs
uzi 3854
uzi 3854 5 dagar sedan
I want David to win at least another league with us. he really deserves it.
Keshav Menon
Keshav Menon 5 dagar sedan
I'm super prat !
Rakesh Sunder
Rakesh Sunder 5 dagar sedan
Where would Man Utd be without David De Gea, he has saved United more points then he has lost points, he is still one of the top 10 Goalkeepers in the world.
Izuan Shah
Izuan Shah 5 dagar sedan
Mark: No one gonna buy David De Gea. ..contract..covid.. You can't. No chance. Nonsense! Absolute nonsense! KG: Hold my condom hat, we will get 100k for De Gea. Easy peasy!
Hussein kanaan
Hussein kanaan 5 dagar sedan
Just why
R. Baker
R. Baker 5 dagar sedan
Club is run by bankers who aren’t even good at being bankers
Freddie Cabrera
Freddie Cabrera 5 dagar sedan
De Gea the 🐐
Nick Ireland
Nick Ireland 5 dagar sedan
I hope they do keep him.. or like u say we could lose both and it's another incompetence of the board and no director of football with another blunder!
DFOULKSMILLSR 5 dagar sedan
De Gea is not brave enough has to be dropped.
evab2008 5 dagar sedan
John Macqueen
John Macqueen 5 dagar sedan
Hes gone in the summer. Been a brilliant servent
paul atkinson-jones
paul atkinson-jones 5 dagar sedan
i think maguire as complained about De gea because he won't take responsibility for his poor form and thats the reason we let goals in, De gea being used as scape goat
Jack Balmer
Jack Balmer 5 dagar sedan
Fucking hell Mark all this talk about player agenda's.literally the de gea FC mascot.
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson 5 dagar sedan
De gea makes too many mistakes same as Maguire and lindelof
Saurish Lahiri
Saurish Lahiri 5 dagar sedan
That's what I like about Goldbridge. Stand by your players. Great analysis. I'm just baffled to learn that Man Utd are wasting time on figuring out the keeper situation. Get a CB. Sort out the defence.
Rockstar 1996
Rockstar 1996 5 dagar sedan
If his sale goes to the transfer budget then sell him. What is he 30? Whats he got left of his prime another 5 years. Henderson is 23 and has many many more if you can get a proper price for him then let him move on and have success and let Henderson take over and grow
TheMetalMouse 5 dagar sedan
People forget David saved us season after season. We might have finished in the bottom half for like 6 or 7 seasons without him. Jokers.
Aidan Target
Aidan Target 5 dagar sedan
De gea has got to be one of top 4 keepers in pl
Cronus T
Cronus T 5 dagar sedan
The hilarious thing is is that Romero was perfectly fine as the back up and well worth his 80k compared to henderson at 140.
Nohman Ahmed
Nohman Ahmed 5 dagar sedan
this is a proper nonsense story big dave to stay hendo must bide his time that being said we sell hendo martial n pogba that cud us make the doe we need to improve the team
Pat Thompson
Pat Thompson 5 dagar sedan
What is hard to understand is how this board made up of supposidly brilliant financial wizzards keeps giving out these totally stupid contract
Jeremy Allen #1
Jeremy Allen #1 5 dagar sedan
Super Prat 😂😂😂😂
Quinn O'Connor
Quinn O'Connor 5 dagar sedan
It is English media constantly trying to push propaganda! Yet they don't talk about how bad McGuire has been.
Pat Thompson
Pat Thompson 5 dagar sedan
This goalkeeper situation is typical united and the idiots overseeing contracts. They are the same fools who gave Phil Jones a 5 year scontract so he can go on permanent holiday.
Darren Ray Frost
Darren Ray Frost 5 dagar sedan
And too Yaash Dy, what requirements are you talking about ? what can you point out as missing, when you compare him to any other keeper in the world ?
kt mensah
kt mensah 5 dagar sedan
The problem with United is that we have become hoarders. We want to receive without giving. You sell and buy and vice versa not buy buy buy or sell sell sell
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 5 dagar sedan
I think we should sell Henderson because we could get 50mill for him and put in a buy back clause
Onell Karr
Onell Karr 5 dagar sedan
Manchester United problem is the board💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️second is some players like Martial=Very Lazy Maguire=Very Slow 🐌 Lindelof=Very stupid and lazy 🐌🐌🐌🐌🤔🤔🤔🤔🤧🤧🤧🤧
S G 5 dagar sedan
this is just rumour content, means nothing until someone at the clubs says we are selling one of the keepers, nothing to get upset over.
Niall Ireland
Niall Ireland 5 dagar sedan
No we could have gotten rid of degea last year for all the mistakes last year saved over 300k a week and kept a keep we got for free and pay him the 140 a week , everbody stop saying degea is a united great he won one premier league and tbh he wasn’t even a good keeper then , Ed van , Peter schmic united greats
Joseph Stevenson
Joseph Stevenson 5 dagar sedan
Centre backs don’t seem to talk to each other or if they do it’s in a different language
Zachary Purvis
Zachary Purvis 5 dagar sedan
Man i miss the old days of this channel! The phan phone in days..... now were just stuck with mark and his friends talking there opinions and we gotta pay to have ours heard! 😢
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 5 dagar sedan
At +-350k a week De Gea isn't saleable
Angelo Sobotker
Angelo Sobotker 5 dagar sedan
In my opinion your gk is part of your defense. De gea is a great shot stopper if not the best in the world but there are more criterias to be a dominant gk. Hendo is vocal, orginised & is stronger in set pieces than De gea. All the prem teams know De gea weakness & they always target him for this. Basically De gea is better in one on one type scenario but Hendo is better at set pieces. Alot of our goals come from set pieces hence Hendo needs more chances
Darren Ray Frost
Darren Ray Frost 5 dagar sedan
Just sell Henderson, and lets get on with the real problem - Maguire/Lindelof as centre back team.
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 5 dagar sedan
Did Hendo really sign a new contract thinking UTD would drop/sell De Gea?
Mfundo Mlumbi
Mfundo Mlumbi 5 dagar sedan
Remember when we all were saying David needs competition for his place and that that would improve his performances? Maybe if we (club and fans alike) had not been sentimental and had cashed in on De Gea we wouldn't have this mess on our hands AND we could've gotten that CB we need🤷🏽‍♂️
Tony Sadia
Tony Sadia 5 dagar sedan
90% club. Gave Mark hell for the Sancho rumors. So we’ve got to give him credit for calling this goalie situation when Hendo got the contract.
Mats Teigen
Mats Teigen 5 dagar sedan
Honestly, de gea has great skills in alot of areas, and he has been our best player for years.. he deserves respect, no doubt... but I dont think hendo is far behind, and when you also look at the areas where de gea is weak, as airballs, situation where you need "balls" and dive into an attacker, where you need more the sweeper keeper.. hendo is ahead of De Gea. When you then compare age, future potential and " hunger", i think the only right thing will be to focuse on Hendo. De gea will def have clubs that wants him, so IMO- its time to let De Gea pursue other challenges at the end of the season
Solomon Agbonmere
Solomon Agbonmere 5 dagar sedan
At a time when we ought to focus on seeing how we can/could possible catch man city with how this season has panned out, we are talking rubbish about switching or selling keepers..we have never been so close to a title challenge since fergie left, with liverpool in disarray because of injuries and other rivals not at their best except city, but we are here talking about goalkeepers..this is utd in a nutshell these days, the utter level of stupidity and focus on meaningless things is baffling
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