FLEX! BRUNO ON FIRE! Real Sociedad 0-4 Manchester United Fan Cam

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Real Sociedad 0-4 Manchester United! united cruise past Real Socidead with goals from Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford and Dan James.
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Craig Derbyshire
Craig Derbyshire 7 dagar sedan
Rashford was terrible, his finishing is shocking
91 vanced
91 vanced 7 dagar sedan
Bruno & Ole ❤️
WahWahWehWah 7 dagar sedan
Sheffield United could of beat Sociedad.
rowan van buyten
rowan van buyten 8 dagar sedan
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 8 dagar sedan
Flex, i think you are a good moderator. Mostly sensible, and balanced. Dan James, i think, is very limited? Did better 2nd half, but 1st half, anonymous. McTominay, great attitude, work rate, energy, is he good enough? Rashford's finishing is a problem!!! Bruno, in and out, patchy performance, but his finishing is second to none!!! My God, so cyclical and he's not even a striker.....
GLRS 8 dagar sedan
I would love to see Baily & lindlof together. I hate watching Maguire taking all the credit when ever the defence played well for his partners were the superior. Bruno deserve a trophy . He is a really amazing player. He know what’s he really doing unlike rashford only trying his luck with out using his head in instincts.
Chris.P Bacon
Chris.P Bacon 8 dagar sedan
rashy should of had a hat trick, love him but my god sometimes you just want to slap him lol and dont forget i m sure mctominay started out as a striker? he has a good touch in the box when allowed to get forward
fcom123 8 dagar sedan
How can someone give motm to Dan freaking James when Bruno bags two goals and was pinging balls around all day
MARSHALL247365 8 dagar sedan
That’s it now I’m calling Him Bruno Mars bcoz he’s from a different planet from the rest of us
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 8 dagar sedan
Decent win. To be honest I want a better and more dominating win against Newcastle. Mata has to start that game for me.
Chief Leef
Chief Leef 8 dagar sedan
Wtf is that thumbnail😭
Steve Church
Steve Church 8 dagar sedan
next week line up- henderson, williams,tuanzebe, bailly, telles, dvdb,shoretire,martial,diallo,greenwood, james. 433 greenwood striker,diallo rw, james lw,martial as no 10 and shortire alongside donny as a central pair. risky but exciting to put the young elements out there and see. only shortire has yet to play ,diallo looks like he will be fine, the others we know. could even be a 4231 formation.
John Hyde
John Hyde 8 dagar sedan
We should play strong again next week if we won 4 this week with a weaker team they could do 5 next week.
Oscar Rye
Oscar Rye 8 dagar sedan
Why couldnt we play like this against West brom ? It really urks me. Hopefully Ole starts Bailly vs Newcastle. Pls don’t play the best players in this competition , play the reserves.
Oscar Rye
Oscar Rye 8 dagar sedan
Is a big differance
Oscar Rye
Oscar Rye 8 dagar sedan
@Samuel Bino true and also it’s worse when Lindelof plays because we can’t push up the attack and the midfield like last night. Real suits our style but also Lindelof and Bailly.
Samuel Bino
Samuel Bino 8 dagar sedan
Because west Brom don't play like sociedad. The way real set up was football suicide against our style. That's why. We can't break teams down because the players can't keep the ball and are not patient enough except for Shaw and martial.
Oscar Rye
Oscar Rye 8 dagar sedan
@lina chester agreed
lina chester
lina chester 8 dagar sedan
Against Sheffield also....am still hurting.
Shaarang Abhayankar
Shaarang Abhayankar 8 dagar sedan
@unitedstand this was our 9th consecutive away win after the away loss in the champions league to RB Leip. Hope to beat chelsea and man city away in next games. Keep the momentum guys.
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle 8 dagar sedan
Flex you should stop listening to Ricky lol !
neil jones
neil jones 8 dagar sedan
Play for the league still and let us keep on and the rest may yet be with us.
Kha_lis 53
Kha_lis 53 8 dagar sedan
Some might not agree, but i feel that in big games we should start dan james more cause of his pace
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 8 dagar sedan
I'd be very happy if we won both Europa and the FA cup. We need trophies. This will be our 5th year without trophies if we don't win any trophies.
Metal Juke box
Metal Juke box 8 dagar sedan
Lol well 4th
Kirwin Nixon
Kirwin Nixon 8 dagar sedan
And guess what, Ole is starting Lindelof & McGuire together vs Newcastle..🤦🏽‍♂️
SplashSniper19 8 dagar sedan
@Metal Juke box but if Lindelof was playing Isak would’ve bullied our defence with his pace.
Metal Juke box
Metal Juke box 8 dagar sedan
And youre point is ! Baily nearly gifted them
Barry Black
Barry Black 8 dagar sedan
Nobody will be surprised.
Sany Sany
Sany Sany 8 dagar sedan
rashford still missing alot of chances
Sany Sany
Sany Sany 8 dagar sedan
@Kirwin Nixon lets just hope he doesnt fizzle out like lingard.23 for a professional football is not young anymore
Kirwin Nixon
Kirwin Nixon 8 dagar sedan
Look I get pissed off about Rashford also but he's our 2nd best threat after Bruno, teams worry about that young man more than any of our other players & he's only 23 so still room to grow hopefully..👍🏾
fcom123 8 dagar sedan
Spot on fleck
B. Michael
B. Michael 8 dagar sedan
my lineup for the next leg would be Hendo Williams Maguire Tuanzebe Telles Donny Matic Amad Mata James Martial We shouldn't start bailly he's too injury-prone
SAE .wile
SAE .wile 8 dagar sedan
Rashford is soooo wasteful it triggers me always head down when shooting and wasting opportunities ...
Kevin McKeown
Kevin McKeown 8 dagar sedan
Most frustrating player on united ...
Kaybee MGOTT
Kaybee MGOTT 8 dagar sedan
Abit Shakey but we need Bailly
MDavH 25
MDavH 25 9 dagar sedan
g Henderson Williams Tuanzebe Lindelof Telles Matic VDB Diallo Mata James Greenwood Next weeks team should be the above, I want Bially playing at the weekends so Lindelof should be on, and I think VDB has played better as one of the midfield two, so only rally leaves Mata to replace Bruno. Which was his position originally anyway.
MDavH 25
MDavH 25 6 dagar sedan
@Hari Prasadh Which he did, so means that Bailly will start the second leg, which is disappointing
Jebtiška 8 dagar sedan
I agree. But i would give chance to shoretire
Harris Mir
Harris Mir 8 dagar sedan
@Hari Prasadh ofccc
Hari Prasadh
Hari Prasadh 8 dagar sedan
bro great lineup but everyone knows ole will pick chuckle brothers at cb and bailly wont play
Fra 9 dagar sedan
how about having someone teach Rashford how to dribble...
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 6 dagar sedan
@Tony Brown I dont know how united coached rooney and cristiano into world class players but cannot do anything now for Rashford and Martial..
Fra 8 dagar sedan
@Tony Brown agreed..
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 8 dagar sedan
Common sense is rashford problem. He need to know he's not messi Stop trying to go though every defender. pass the ball sometimes. Instead of trying to go though a brick wall. Play for the team.
You Tubing
You Tubing 9 dagar sedan
“Inconsistent in the league”...! We are 2nd! Basically top of the rest.
Roar K
Roar K 8 dagar sedan
2nd and can't beat relegation teams. That is the very definition of inconsistent.
Wiseman mashego
Wiseman mashego 8 dagar sedan
6 points from the last 5 games is poor. United are now only 4 points above Chelsea and west ham in 4th and 5th place. Newcastle and the Chelsea league games are now must win games to remain in 2nd place by the end of February.
Pauline Campbell
Pauline Campbell 9 dagar sedan
Bruno and Cavani is helping to make the team better, some of the team having been learning they said from those two, and Bruno too getting some help from Mata. That is the team spirit we want that they listen and learn thats that make a great team.
Fuzy 9 dagar sedan
Watch Hendersons distribution top class no messing about
A A 8 dagar sedan
something de gea does as well
1MUST 9 dagar sedan
Sell greenwood he is crap Danny wellbeck
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 6 dagar sedan
Just hope that he doesnt turn into a diva player..
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 7 dagar sedan
Greenwood is quality . He don't get the service rashford get. he don't play enough games. He's the best striker at the club . Differently from cavani. Use both foot come on .
Roar K
Roar K 8 dagar sedan
I think he should be loaned. He is quality but needs more experience.
Francisco Martins
Francisco Martins 8 dagar sedan
Why sell a Greenwood? We is a good player. Deserves credit.
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 8 dagar sedan
1MUST you’re crap and 🤫
IrishSinner89 9 dagar sedan
No reason why the likes of Diallo and Williams can't play 90 minutes next week
MUFC 1999
MUFC 1999 9 dagar sedan
We won the David Moyes derby Yes I know I stole this
Wiggly Microbe98
Wiggly Microbe98 9 dagar sedan
Henderson Williams telles tuanzebe Bailly matic vdb shoretire James Diallo Greenwood thts who I’d play in second leg nar let them all get some game time
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 8 dagar sedan
Lindecrap starts too next leg & rest Bailey
Francis Salvator
Francis Salvator 9 dagar sedan
Mata to start over shoretire
Alexandra - ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ sǝx chαt wíth mє
Alexandra - ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ sǝx chαt wíth mє 9 dagar sedan
The chance of meeting another person like you is the only reason I talk to strangers.
Paul Arevalo
Paul Arevalo 9 dagar sedan
"Bruno on a different level" well said Flex, that summarizes the whole season. Thx for the channel
TooTurntReebo 9 dagar sedan
did him dirty with that thumbnail ffs
Michelle - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ
Michelle - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ 9 dagar sedan
People like you are super rare and very difficult to find.
Somaya 9 dagar sedan
“Give him his flowers” what does that mean?
Cantona 7
Cantona 7 8 dagar sedan
@stephen dowling 😂
Dwayne 14
Dwayne 14 8 dagar sedan
Give him the credit he deserves
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell 9 dagar sedan
Give him proper credit..
stephen dowling
stephen dowling 9 dagar sedan
Like Hoddle. Prefers Seman then Flowers
stephen dowling
stephen dowling 9 dagar sedan
His dues Lol
stephen dowling
stephen dowling 9 dagar sedan
Golbridge (If you know. You know) chattin bout Sociedad where technically Better lol. He's hammered Sonic all session... Part from Bruno, he was up n down the line like he owned it. He Did. Telez aswell Wow. Smashed it
Zain Ali
Zain Ali 9 dagar sedan
Amad Diallo motm
A A 9 dagar sedan
Thumbnail on point
Mark Foran
Mark Foran 9 dagar sedan
your defense is terrified Bruno's on fire
Syafiq44 8 dagar sedan
Our defense is terrified due to the mistakes that they did this season, not the other way around
cogamers84 8 dagar sedan
Except when it's a top 6 team
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 8 dagar sedan
Bruno Firenandes
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