FLEX! DAN JAMES SHINES AGAIN! Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle Flex's Final Word

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Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle! Rashford, James and Bruno give United A crucial victory in a mixed performance.
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agsotonukable 4 dagar sedan
The first half was really painful, even now when I think about it. So bad.
Kelcie Marques
Kelcie Marques 5 dagar sedan
WahWahWehWah 5 dagar sedan
Plastic united fans gassed after beating a useless Newcastle team
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 5 dagar sedan
Watch match of the day! Alan shearer’s analysis on martial is spot on
PaulOPeezy 5 dagar sedan
Luke Shaw?
Paul Luke
Paul Luke 5 dagar sedan
I would like to see player ratings based on how many mistakes they make.?
Craig Barlow
Craig Barlow 5 dagar sedan
Great analysis again. Honest and unbiased. I like Ricky and Mark but feel they are blinkered and don’t know it.
Angelo Sobotker
Angelo Sobotker 5 dagar sedan
Why I like James...he doesn't have the skill or knowledge of martial or Rashford but his attitude is always positive. Even if he doest get the ball which happened for most parts of the game where he was in amazing positions he doesn't drop his head he just keeps running. I watched him in acres of space last night but didn't get the pass. On another note you would notice that Lewis wasn't as adventurous as kraft maybe he was scared of James pace basically what I'm trying to say is that James takes the full back out of the attack. He did the same to Robertson the game he played against Liverpool
Krister Larsson
Krister Larsson 5 dagar sedan
Respect to you Flex. You look at Manchester United in a sober way. I mean listning to Mark Goldbridge!! Jesus 😵 🥴
Andrew Møller
Andrew Møller 5 dagar sedan
We All need to be by Tony's side. No matter what.
David Riddell
David Riddell 5 dagar sedan
I hope Tuanzebe starts in Europa league. I would ask for Bailly to be alongside him except that means he wont be starting in the following league game. Ideally Bailly and Tuanzebe could prove themselves as our best defensive partnership all the way to the final and hopefully winning it.
Luca De Gabriele
Luca De Gabriele 5 dagar sedan
Next Game in the Premier League is against Chelsea! We may have won against Newcastle but we have to win against Chelsea!!!!
Steven Ow
Steven Ow 5 dagar sedan
Pogba, DVB and Martial might be moving on in the summer.
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell 5 dagar sedan
@Andrew Møller Let's hope he DVB turns out like Fabinho has at Liverpool, slow integration into the side which bears fruit the season after..
Andrew Møller
Andrew Møller 5 dagar sedan
Dvb is not going
Lee Milner
Lee Milner 5 dagar sedan
These games paper over the cracks.
Brian O'Gorman
Brian O'Gorman 5 dagar sedan
League is over but race for top4 is really hotting up. I think Liverpool miss out. 1st City, 2nd United, 3rd Chelsea, 4th Leicester,
Michael Discon
Michael Discon 5 dagar sedan
I worship mark as a living god
Alan Ansara
Alan Ansara 5 dagar sedan
Maguire header was poor, but; whether man or zonal marking Saint-Maximin should never have been that open. That wasn’t Fred’s or a CB’s mark. Both Matic & Martial were at the post so I’m guessing it was one of them.
Anurag Kiran
Anurag Kiran 5 dagar sedan
Flex , can you ask Ricky will he sell martial for haaland?😁
Aminoor Rashid YY yp
Aminoor Rashid YY yp 5 dagar sedan
Yes please FLEX.
Ehab Fysel
Ehab Fysel 5 dagar sedan
James is a limited player but the way he sprints everytime to press players is just a joy to watch. Rashford used to do that a bit but he has stopped. Today he was decent with the ball. Ran at players and won fouls. Held the width well but needs to do better with the final ball. Overall a good game though
Musonda Mulimba
Musonda Mulimba 5 dagar sedan
Come on flex we won without our best players it's a good result
Robert McCall
Robert McCall 5 dagar sedan
Hey we spent 15 million on James it was a deal . He was always a bench player and for 15 million im not complaining. Maquire is shocking brutal 85 million wasted.
Hustlingforlife 5 dagar sedan
£80 mln * and not £85
James De Jesus
James De Jesus 5 dagar sedan
Flex the goat 🐐
Slippers Are On
Slippers Are On 5 dagar sedan
James brilliant. I don't understand why Mark goldbridge always slates him off.
Alan Ansara
Alan Ansara 5 dagar sedan
There’s a reason James started getting clattered more & more as the game went on. He was consistently beating Lewis. He also did well to track back & help AWB close down Saint-Maximin. Slow start but good overall game.
Zombatorata 123
Zombatorata 123 5 dagar sedan
@Grow With Tunir - SEpost Journey yeah you’re right. But I’m willing to give chances until the end of the season. If we get a proper RW by then. He should go to other club that suits his playstyle
Dragon 5 dagar sedan
James is not a consistent player. He made a mistake yesterday almost cost us.
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey 5 dagar sedan
@Zombatorata 123 he needs to improve his final ball and decision making
Zombatorata 123
Zombatorata 123 5 dagar sedan
Ikr.I love mark but he can be a bit bias sometimes. I know james hasn’t been great last season. However, this match he’s done well. You have to praise a player when they did well
NELLO Nelson
NELLO Nelson 5 dagar sedan
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 5 dagar sedan
How many times have we said that this season though?
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 5 dagar sedan
@Brain Matunzi the performance wasn’t the best
Brain Matunzi
Brain Matunzi 5 dagar sedan
Said what????
Byron Quayee
Byron Quayee 5 dagar sedan
This is why this team wont go nowhere, because of fans like you
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 5 dagar sedan
It's zonal marking again! If they're marking man-to-man, then someone is going to be right on Saint-Maximan picking up the 2nd ball. Maguire's clearance header isn't ideal, but with zonal marking there is no chance of winning the 2nd ball!
Always A Red
Always A Red 5 dagar sedan
Mbappe is what we thought martial would be sadly we got the wrong player instead n Fred’s passing pisses me off defo need an upgrade from him he too limited in his game not good enough!!
Angelo Sobotker
Angelo Sobotker 5 dagar sedan
Dude I know we need to back the United players but martial flashes of brilliance doesn't make up for his consistent run of poor showing. Goldbridge said James & mactominy are good enough for united bench players once but martial happens to be good enough for Frances bench only if he is selected. 5 years of waiting for him to become the next Henry & he isn't even close.
Ikeephermoistfrombehind 5 dagar sedan
I think Martial just needs to take a leave of absence for his own sake. His dip in form is a mixture of himself, the coaching staff, and the racial abuse he is getting on social platforms. I think it's really getting into his head rn and seems to be in a dark place. If I am Ole, I would seriously have a conversation with him and try to instill some confidence in him. People forget an in form Martial is crucial to us. Also, if he wins a penalty, Bruno should really give it to him to get some confidence. We did it with Rashford during the return from Lockdown when he was out of form.
General Lee
General Lee 5 dagar sedan
For most of the game there no one in the box. Martial was the number 9 but where was he?
Amirreza Mohajer
Amirreza Mohajer 5 dagar sedan
@Ikeephermoistfrombehind me too i think he should just take a break and the fans would see how we miss him
Ikeephermoistfrombehind 5 dagar sedan
@Pedley 04 bro not just him, Rashford as well. Sure he is scoring the goals, but the performances from him as well haven't been great as well. When Tony is firing, Rashford is firing as well. We need both of them be on form. It's greatly affected both of their performances this season.
Pedley 04
Pedley 04 5 dagar sedan
@Ikeephermoistfrombehind I don’t know you know. I like Martial. But I just think he should play in all the comps thats not the prem for now. He needs confidence. Also Martial was so good as a striker last season. However I’m not seeing as much combinations as last with him and Rashford it’s affecting him.
Ikeephermoistfrombehind 5 dagar sedan
@Stuart Stirland and it pains me because Tony is my favorite player. But I think we need to cut our ties with him because it just doesn't seem to work out. He is a quality striker, he may just need a fresh start.
Amy Kaminski
Amy Kaminski 5 dagar sedan
Freds passing is disgusting he can't keep giving away possession and putting the team under pressure
sneakyb 5 dagar sedan
Well, he's gotten used to McTominay's forward runs. We lacked a ball carrier in the midfield.
Febian Lim
Febian Lim 5 dagar sedan
I think fred is chinese not Brazilian, dont remember the likes of ronaldinho, gilberto silva or casemiro gave sloppy pass like him
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish 5 dagar sedan
Offload Martial in the summer and go and get Halaand. Martial is a passenger for us this season and we can definitely afford to let him go. We have enough wingers coming through at United - Rashford, James, Greenwood, Diallo, Pellestri, Shoretyre etc. We may even have Lingard back and we can actually play Telles at LM if we need to do so. Rashford starts at LW ahead of Martial and Tony isn't good enough to play CF. The guy can't play on the right. So it's the bench at best for Martial. I don't think he works hard enough though, or has the right attitude even. Martial is a frustrating player. I would cut our losses on him in the summer. Bring in some fresh blood. We are still transitioning away from the Moyes/LVG/Jose eras and need to offload the likes of J. Pereira, Grant, Jones, Matic, Mata, Pereira, Martial etc. Maybe Lingard. None of them are Ole's players. They are the former managers' players. The transition still isn't complete. We are at least a year or two away still.
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish 5 dagar sedan
@Michael Rowell Ahhh, yeah I'm with you. And I agree. If I could sign any CDM this summer it would probably be Rice. That and a CB.
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell 5 dagar sedan
@Petyr Baelish No, I mean selling Lingard to West Ham so we can get Rice at a reduced cash outlay.
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish 5 dagar sedan
@Michael Rowell Lingard at CDM? You're joking right? Hasn't he been playing on the LW for West Ham?
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell 5 dagar sedan
The way Lingard is going at the Hammers we might have found a solution to getting a quality CDM, but I fear our clueless management may not see it as a priority..one player for that position and the answer is not Matic anymore.
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 5 dagar sedan
Dalot too
Manu Edwards
Manu Edwards 5 dagar sedan
We should be ready for pressing at the start
kiefer sutherland
kiefer sutherland 5 dagar sedan
bang on with James. similar with darren fletcher 15 years ago "not a man utd player" - you need squad players who can step up
kiefer sutherland
kiefer sutherland 5 dagar sedan
@Adrian Troalic no. i said both labelled "man utd players" - but they are
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey
Grow With Tunir - YouTube Journey 5 dagar sedan
@Henry Brown some people are thick you know...
Henry Brown
Henry Brown 5 dagar sedan
@Adrian Troalic work on your reading comprehension, he meant that they’re both underrrated squad players who do a shift in their own way
Adrian Troalic
Adrian Troalic 5 dagar sedan
Uh, Darren Fletcher and Daniel James the same type of player??? Now I've heard it all, completely different players, different positions but yet you seem to think they're similar, what have you been smoking??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish 5 dagar sedan
At least we know we have Dan James' pace on counter attacks and his speed which is obviously his main strength. That has proven to be devastating at times this season. James also runs his socks off and works really hard off the ball, which is another strength. But I actually don't see what Martial's main strength(s) are. He isn't that quick to be honest, he doesn't work hard off the ball, isn't that good at finishing and can't play CF. His crossing isn't great. He's not as good as Rashford at moving the ball down the wing. Like what is Martial's strength? What do we put him in the team to do. We would put Dan James in the team to run at defenders, cause them problems and get in behind the lines with his pace. Why do we put Martial in the team? I actually can't think of a reason.
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 5 dagar sedan
Very good input flex 💪
General Anal
General Anal 5 dagar sedan
Kevin De bruyne
Kevin De bruyne 5 dagar sedan
@Suhail Prasathong support ur local club overseas don’t count so don’t comment many thanks
Suhail Prasathong
Suhail Prasathong 5 dagar sedan
Cry more 😍
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson 5 dagar sedan
Dry your eyes mate...........Triggered 😂😂
Wiggly Microbe98
Wiggly Microbe98 6 dagar sedan
Arsenal going to be at the ready to snap up martial then maybe he might get big move to Brighton 👍👍
Rodney Joseph
Rodney Joseph 5 dagar sedan
I really wasn't expecting such a comment from you because I truly believe you are a very intelligent person and Imean that with the highest respect 💯. I was expecting that comment from someone lilke Zain Meassi💯
Philip Vaadre
Philip Vaadre 6 dagar sedan
Cash in? No top club in the world would take martial for free and hes wages is top 10 highest in the league
Alan Koh
Alan Koh 5 dagar sedan
@Petyr Baelish agreed 💯
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish 5 dagar sedan
@Brian Jacob I disagree. Martial is totally to blame for his own form, not the manager and coaching staff. Martial is a grown-ass man and if he wants to justify his £250k a week salary and his place in the starting XI, then he needs to perform when he is picked. Other players have performed this season (Bruno, Rashford, Shaw, Wan-Bissaka, McTominay etc), so what is Martial's excuse? Yeah, other players have underperformed for us, but Martial has literally been a passenger all season. It's just not good enough. On top of that he always sulks and looks unhappy. His attitude isn't good enough. Don't even get me started on his workrate off the ball...
fpl_phenom 5 dagar sedan
@Borisr 13703 swap him for Kounde!
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 5 dagar sedan
@Philip Vaadre it's not. rashford is one dimensional and overrated. bruno doesn't play his position. Cavani has been alright but isn't a longterm answer.
Borisr 13703
Borisr 13703 6 dagar sedan
@Philip Vaadre look how prolific martial was last season. His transfer market value is still £50 million. Teams will realise he has a lot to offer. Whether that be Dortmund , Sevilla, Monaco, athletico or any team of that calibre.
Eoghan Ryan
Eoghan Ryan 6 dagar sedan
You mean rashford bruno and James shine again
Peter Byrne
Peter Byrne 6 dagar sedan
Why do we always come out so flat. It takes 15 min before the players realize they're in a game. Did it again today and against better opponents that's not going to fly.
Ashutosh Maraj
Ashutosh Maraj 5 dagar sedan
We have no style of play. Every player just does what they want.
Adrian Troalic
Adrian Troalic 5 dagar sedan
Because we're trying to be 'cool' man 😄 pathetic isn't it? Killer instinct is what sides used to call our players now it's come to this, too cool for skool 🙄😴 get on with it ffs!
Vk Deen
Vk Deen 5 dagar sedan
because the minute the ball hits matic Fred lindelof (Maguire to some extent) or ddg the passing goes slow and dead and we usually lose the ball ... that's literally the back 5 centrally of our team. u can add awb in there and that makes 6/11 players who cannot pass or pass well especially under pressure of a press. no amount of 'coaching' is gonna save that
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 6 dagar sedan
@Willness to Wellness and they aren't learning. just getting paid to roll the ball on the pitch.
Willness to Wellness
Willness to Wellness 6 dagar sedan
we have a coaching staff literally learning on the job, its unacceptable
Someone 6 dagar sedan
Official T
Official T 6 dagar sedan
Saqib Ali
Saqib Ali 6 dagar sedan
Ole out.
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish 5 dagar sedan
Ridiculous. We're second in the league and in the QF of the FA Cup. What other manager can realistically even come in right now and do that, given that Poch has gone...? None. Another new manager also means dismantling the team again so that he can build on his own project and image. We've had too many managers and no stability since SAF left. We need to steady the ship again and let Ole carry on with the transition. I think we'e only a couple of players away. See where we are in a year or two's time, then make a decision on Ole...
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 6 dagar sedan
same mistakes over and over.
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 6 dagar sedan
Ole in
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi 6 dagar sedan
Ole out
Moody Slim
Moody Slim 6 dagar sedan
Flex says it how it is. Thanks for giving james credit, props to you my man!
You know dem ways there cuz !
You know dem ways there cuz ! 5 dagar sedan
Gxng gxng
Moody Slim
Moody Slim 6 dagar sedan
Stupid youtube deleting my comments 🖕🏽😔
Kajapa Agrwal
Kajapa Agrwal 6 dagar sedan
You are cuter than any celebrity out there.
Moody Slim
Moody Slim 6 dagar sedan
Wow as if i was the 1st comment.. my life is complete now 😂
Niamh Shakespeare
Niamh Shakespeare 6 dagar sedan
Moody Slim
Moody Slim 6 dagar sedan
Id disagree :)
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