Koulubaly Transfer Race! Konate For 40 Million! Man Utd News

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Man Utd are in a transfer race for Koulibaly with Man City according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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Dave Eccles
Dave Eccles 2 dagar sedan
Yep he's too old
killen kim
killen kim 5 dagar sedan
please stop shouting at the start of every video 🤦🏻‍♂️
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny 5 dagar sedan
Van Dijk is nearly 30. He wont be the same player coming back from an injury like that at his age. Liverpools team is also getting old. Most of their players are around 28/29 age or older. They are going to have to do a big rebuild in a year or so but that will only be possible if they sell one of their front three but in these times, thats not going to happen so their value will be 20/30 million less by time one is sold.
Thomas McDonagh
Thomas McDonagh 5 dagar sedan
Mark is pretending to be sober and struggling to hide he's a little drunk 😂
Mick May
Mick May 6 dagar sedan
It pleases me mark so mind yours
arubaconga 6 dagar sedan
Manchester United should sign Koulibaly and Torres for their two CB s, and sell the two CBs.
agent 49
agent 49 6 dagar sedan
I said the time we bought Maguire we bid for Koulubaly £80 million but Napoli wanted €110milion euros , but in desperation Olé opted for Maguire now we sit with a CB that has no f......g clue what's happening , why can't we b like other teams and just invest in telented players😱😭😭😭😭😟
Brentmd2 6 dagar sedan
Pulisic and Adams would be my picks
Ryan Watkins
Ryan Watkins 6 dagar sedan
30 isn’t old in reality but he is very athletic so he is probably around 27 years physically
A J 6 dagar sedan
that's because it is
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 6 dagar sedan
He’s more experienced than kounde, but playing for a weak club like Napoli will dampen his passion cos he knows he will never win a trophy! Get him for 40M
Donovan Dunn
Donovan Dunn 6 dagar sedan
Yesteday Ole wants a left footed CB, today we in for the right footed 29yr old.. Clickety click
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 6 dagar sedan
16:19 when we were consistent. Love your work Mark. RZA
Mike Fiddler
Mike Fiddler 6 dagar sedan
Varane would be the dream partner for Maguire
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 6 dagar sedan
Don't diss Mark's club Liverpool!! Football banter is part of football, Mark.
Thomas P
Thomas P 6 dagar sedan
Bissouma and Kounde please
henry kwidini
henry kwidini 6 dagar sedan
Am I the only one seeing that any deal to get Koulibaly is a bad deal to do
sanil ETWAREEA 6 dagar sedan
It’s called “ BANTER “ mark ! 🙄😂
Stackadolla 6 dagar sedan
We need to remember Koulubaly was 1st on Oles list but instead the board went for Maquire as he was 10m cheaper .
Afaan Grewal
Afaan Grewal 6 dagar sedan
Really need to be doing 5 signings otherwise City are always two windows in front of us. We make guarantees and training performances earn starting line up spots - it's great like that. Who would be your 5? Let's just add Cristiano and Messi to the earlier mentioned three and it's job done.
capitaine44 the hunter
capitaine44 the hunter 6 dagar sedan
Kounde, rice, Haaland sounds good. Sell Pogba and there we go. Donny can play in the place of Pogba
Murathime 6 dagar sedan
The analogy master
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 6 dagar sedan
Madrid focus on Mbappe and PSG focus on Messi we should focus on kounde and make him our priority we can get him
Catherine Byrne
Catherine Byrne 6 dagar sedan
Spare a thought to those poor guys that crash their Ferrari’s . It’s not funny at all. FORZA MODENA !
rrssrr123 6 dagar sedan
i can just imagine Mr Goldbridge mulling over which centre back to bring in infront of Mr Woodward and Woodward saying no Goldbridge we don't need a cb we need a new pot noodle sponsor.
ulitmate gamer
ulitmate gamer 6 dagar sedan
full marks on your opening comments mark
Sam Aimson
Sam Aimson 6 dagar sedan
Koulibaly would have been a great signing 2-3 years ago!
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall 6 dagar sedan
I agree, 40m I'd take Koulibaly, anything over that walk away. He is a great CB, but we can't keep buying 30ish players, a couple is fine but let's not make this our new policy, retirement home FC
Sedgley Park
Sedgley Park 6 dagar sedan
The day that United supporters don't take staisfaction in Liverpool losing (and vice versa, to be fair), we might as well pack up and declare football finished. it's nothing about who happens to be the better team at that moment in time. United could be relagated to the Northern Premier League and it would still matter.
James Hewat
James Hewat 6 dagar sedan
Yesss! Winebridge strikes again! Love it! Go Mark!
Patrick Schofield
Patrick Schofield 6 dagar sedan
There our biggest rivals Mark so I will have a laugh when they lose!
Stuart Savage
Stuart Savage 6 dagar sedan
Gove-bridge making up news and spinning tales in most episodes now 🤔
Jay JAY 6 dagar sedan
the short ans about koulubaly is yes...hes too fucking old. and we are slowly becoming Arsenal....dont see why we should be laughing so much at liverpool, when we have no hope of winning anything under fucking Ole ever.
Keith Utd58
Keith Utd58 6 dagar sedan
Mark you don't live near the din dippers or you would know how good it is when they lose its great knowing you want see a standard charter shirt for a week or two
Lcfc Jayy
Lcfc Jayy 6 dagar sedan
Imagine thinking Leicester aren't a threat. We've not fielded our strongest XI the whole season and we're level with United.
Sedgley Park
Sedgley Park 6 dagar sedan
Since when has football rivalry been wrapped up in "standards"? By that logic, Liverpool shouldn't have given United a second thought in the 1980's, but they did. We shouldn't have given City a moments thought for most of the last 40 years, but we did. Leeds have barely been in the same division since the early 80's, but they still mattered. It's about culture, identity, experience and it transcends who ever happens to be winning silver pots at what ever moment in time.
Vince Bruno Mason Grealish
Vince Bruno Mason Grealish 6 dagar sedan
You still give man utd topo much credit!?? We can not be in a race for anyone & then not get them (monitoring FC) whilst also trying to sell pogba in a window within the year of a european championship!??
Jan Erik Norbom
Jan Erik Norbom 6 dagar sedan
I am not sure if it is good idea to get Koulibaly now. 2-3 Years ago it would be great but it must be netter to do investment for the future with a younger CB.
Simon Murphy
Simon Murphy 6 dagar sedan
Mark is right, we are the Liverpool Fans of the 1990’s, unable to win anything ourselves so take joy in Liverpool losing, it’s pathetic that we have allowed the board let the club sink to this level
Amin Zaharim
Amin Zaharim 6 dagar sedan
We could get koulibaly for 90m but we got harry maguire for 80m
muscle_growsayain 6 dagar sedan
Just want a solid centre back and if lucky Declan rice not much to ask for.
muscle_growsayain 6 dagar sedan
Just want a solid centre back and if lucky Declan rice not much to ask for.
Dr. Noodles
Dr. Noodles 6 dagar sedan
If we don’t get kounde I would defo take koulibaly for 45 million over everything else
ps6 !
ps6 ! 6 dagar sedan
Standards have dropped. Imagine being ok with a manager with no background, no style of play, poor in game management, poor choice of captain, wrong players in the pitch, no defending style etc etc.
Khalfan Nadhief
Khalfan Nadhief 6 dagar sedan
I reckon the reason United won't hire a DoF is because they can get some player-scouting analysis for free from the fans like TUS did. Smart move, United!
paulos asfaw
paulos asfaw 6 dagar sedan
we should appoint director of football!!!
paulos asfaw
paulos asfaw 6 dagar sedan
u got it right there theses is how our standard drop celebrating Liverpool's defeat instead wining the title our self!!!!
Physcadlic Music
Physcadlic Music 6 dagar sedan
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗❤❤❤❤❤❤love this channel
rudy koks
rudy koks 6 dagar sedan
Get Kounde and Koulibaly and sell Bailly and Lindelof
ijeethu 6 dagar sedan
These days Mark videos are becoming more n more negative about Manutd. Mark yesterday's Liverpool loss has helped in reducing some pressure on us. We have right to celebrate.
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 6 dagar sedan
Mark is such an idiot. He tweaks for loserpool too much
navneet 6 dagar sedan
Kounde+Tuanzebe 🤘 for the future
cogamers84 5 dagar sedan
United aren't smart enough to sign Kounde and Tuanzebe is lower table standard
kevin millington
kevin millington 6 dagar sedan
Koulibaly aing worth more than 40m now with his age
Mohd Nabeel
Mohd Nabeel 6 dagar sedan
ijeethu 6 dagar sedan
We should do a swap deal + 15mil for Koulubaly. Ideally Lindelof as a swap deal would work for both Napoli as well as us. N Lindelof would do well in Italian league.
OConnor_60 6 dagar sedan
People tormenting Liverpool doesn’t mean we have dropped standards. We as United fans have always celebrated rivals losing. Celebrating their downfall doesn’t have any correlation on our own performances...
Jake Norman
Jake Norman 6 dagar sedan
The captaincy would be interesting if we bring in a good defender who is a captain type player. How would Maguire react to a cb partner taking the authority from him ( that he hasn't got anyway)
Happy Funster
Happy Funster 6 dagar sedan
You could buy every player under the sun and still not win with the tactics your playing
Happy Funster
Happy Funster 6 dagar sedan
Liverpool crashed their Ferrari freaking hilarious!!!
Abid Uzair Zulkarnain
Abid Uzair Zulkarnain 6 dagar sedan
I just want to see us to sign Haaland..but i’ve realised that it would never happens😭 due to Mino Riaola’s issue.
Jake Payne
Jake Payne 6 dagar sedan
Haaland likes ole honestly as long as we achieve with him I don't think he will want to go.
Mike Henry
Mike Henry 6 dagar sedan
If ole think lindelof is good enough to play with maguire and koulibaly is definitely better faster stronger. And i dont mind we get rid of maguire cause he is the problem at cb
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 6 dagar sedan
£60m is far too much for a guy turning 30 unless he is the final piece to win a title next year. Let’s be honest, it will likely be two years before we can win a title. It will take 2yrs to get a DM, CB, and RW. He will be going on 32 by then. No thanks.
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 6 dagar sedan
Sell Magulof and bring Koundaly, problem solved at the back! Wait it’s only a dream 😢
big shaz
big shaz 6 dagar sedan
why do we need a cdm when we have fred and matic who are good cdms????
Artair 6 dagar sedan
Fred isn't a CDM and Matic isn't fast enough anymore.
Jonathan 6 dagar sedan
Love the Bike v. Ferrari analogy, the problem is we are laughing at the Ferrari with two flat tires, a broken brake wire, and a busted chain. We need to get a grip.
Michael Discon
Michael Discon 6 dagar sedan
Mark is my god and also my best friend
Matthew Azzopardi
Matthew Azzopardi 6 dagar sedan
1:38 that analogy gives way too much credit to Liverpool
CHOCCY BARR 6 dagar sedan
agsotonukable 6 dagar sedan
Way way too many adverts Mark.
Febian Lim
Febian Lim 6 dagar sedan
Daily mail said that United decided not to match bayern for upamecano because ole is looking for left footed center back. Thats is logical because we already have 4 right footed, so our choice should be between david carmo/ benoit badhiasile.
theone&only bj
theone&only bj 6 dagar sedan
11k away from 1million subscribers 🔥
theone&only bj
theone&only bj 6 dagar sedan
It’s Crystal Palace then it’s city
Bria Murphy
Bria Murphy 6 dagar sedan
Another boring storyline about a player that will never play for us
Red Devil Studio
Red Devil Studio 6 dagar sedan
Thiago is older than Koulibaly and doing bits for Chelsea.
RS 6 dagar sedan
Standards? Goldbridge wants Solakjaer to get a contract if we get top 4 😂😂 the guy is such a weird one
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 6 dagar sedan
Ike. Mark is such an idiot
adophus viperthorne
adophus viperthorne 6 dagar sedan
the plaintive and cravenly dull performances has reduce this once victorious, iconoclastic ,exciting ,monolithic,awesome, legendary club into a nihilistic, incompetent, dismal, display of utter ennui.
Tom J
Tom J 6 dagar sedan
It's like when Pochettino said the biggest problem with Spurs was that the fans would be content with 11th place as long as Arsenal finished 12th...
Tobi Folayan
Tobi Folayan 6 dagar sedan
Pochettino also said that winning trophies builds egos and that they would rather finish in the top 4
Nathaniel White
Nathaniel White 6 dagar sedan
I love all the United players! But i think Van de beek is Special, Ole just needs to learn how to use him !
Surya Antara
Surya Antara 6 dagar sedan
We also have to sign one more top class attackers like Haaland, Kane, or Pedro Neto
Surya Antara
Surya Antara 6 dagar sedan
Koulibaly-Maguire-Bailly will be great choice🔥
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 6 dagar sedan
Koulibaly is worth around €40-50M, no more... Why are these clubs keeping high prices on players that aren't as good as they were, they're living by the name.
dzeus.l 6 dagar sedan
Maguire would probably learn off Koulibaly tbh
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 6 dagar sedan
If only he could learn to run faster 😎
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Not only do the scousers have players coming back, we will be losing Pogba is arguably one of the few world class players we have. The board have a big job and I don't see how they do it. It just isn't realistic from what they have shown in past windows. Mor e likely to keep an unsettled Pogba, leaving on a free then, and buying some championship CB.
deprex7 6 dagar sedan
With Kounde I’d love for him to come to us but I saw an article saying United would be paying around 60m but his release clause is 90m which, if PSG are interested, they could easily pay if they wanted him that bad
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Gotta win tomorrow, COME ON UNITED
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Not a bad position to be in at this point of the season if we win tomorrow.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Yep Mark, that was always a joy because we almost always played on Sunday in the run out.
traveller gypsy videos
traveller gypsy videos 6 dagar sedan
I like deligt for pogba but cant see happen so I take koulouby n girlish be my pickings n cdm from Brighton
Branson Sutton
Branson Sutton 7 dagar sedan
21:44 the way he said "see" 😂
Doug A
Doug A 7 dagar sedan
Rice, Grealish and start playing Axel
Dan United
Dan United 7 dagar sedan
Michael Keane, Johnny evans better than what we have and we let them go
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 5 dagar sedan
@Cronus T he was solid in a poor team lvg got it wrong with him he should of been a lifer
Cronus T
Cronus T 5 dagar sedan
@Michael Webb I wouldn’t say he was fantastic at WBA. He’s seemed to come into form with Leicester though
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 5 dagar sedan
@Cronus T his been fantastic since leaving and weve struggled lvg ripped us apart
Cronus T
Cronus T 5 dagar sedan
@Michael Webb ya, I do think that actually. I think he’s gained some of the maturity he never showed in his decision making while at united. He had some good attributes, and he had some not great attributes, but his ultimate weakness in his younger days was always his rashness. So many sh!t tackles giving away free kicks. SO many red cards. He doesn’t do those things to the extent he used to, not at all.
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 5 dagar sedan
@Cronus T evens was always good just unlucky cause we had quality cb he struggled for regular game time but we sold to many ppayers that should of never been sold Raphael is another what do you think happened evens turns 30 and suddenly becomes a good defender plumb
Sindo M
Sindo M 7 dagar sedan
United with no injury is better than liverpool with major injuries......yeahhhhh
Sindo M
Sindo M 6 dagar sedan
@Chris Jackson Missing Vvd is like missing bruno... Pog has never been consistent for more than 5 games(not entirely his fault many times)
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 6 dagar sedan
No injuries ? Cavani , Pogba and vdb , not quite a true statement is it ??
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris 7 dagar sedan
Pogba is definitely leaving right? Grealish and Rice! Sell Victor and Jessie for a Center back! Done!!!👹
Sean Shadrach
Sean Shadrach 7 dagar sedan
Very Good point on Liverpool Mark
Jj 530
Jj 530 7 dagar sedan
Stop being a hypocrite when u say our standards dropped when you want ole in
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 7 dagar sedan
We have not done anything yet folks. Finishing with Top 4 is not Manchester United. We need a trophy 🏆.
just me
just me 6 dagar sedan
We have to take that . Which is why it's important we increase the gap to Liverpool and Chelsea. Until the board get ole the players he wants , it's hard to compete with pep and klopp
ATP Synthase
ATP Synthase 7 dagar sedan
Matic (ageing), Fred, McTominay, VDB (maybe) are midfeild options if Pogba leaves. Big risk area if we don't recruit. Garner can maybe play cup games but it leaves too much reliance on McFred.
Rally A
Rally A 7 dagar sedan
Again?? We are not serious about it and our leaky defense just handed city the title at a time we could have taken advantage to go for it.
Hans Yolo
Hans Yolo 7 dagar sedan
What about Jannik Vestergaard from S'ton? He'd be a good addition to this Utd squad and he's premier league proven
Romario Lawrence
Romario Lawrence 6 dagar sedan
K Forbes
K Forbes 7 dagar sedan
he is not being mentioned becuz Napoli's owner wants 100m at least for him. He said 200m in an interview like last year Fact is he will nvr be sold
Sherif Fehintola
Sherif Fehintola 7 dagar sedan
We were like 14 points behind Leicester before the break and we caught up. We want Liverpool to lose because they can still catch up they’re injuries won’t last forever
Jake Payne
Jake Payne 6 dagar sedan
I don't think they will though look at Liverpool they haven't been the seem since the won the league in my opinion and its just gone downhill from there
just me
just me 6 dagar sedan
Absolutely. Need to wrap top 4 up as soon as
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