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The United Stand are on Flick - join our group flick.group/theunitedstand. Man Utd are prioritising Jules Kounde as their priority transfer according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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Daniel J. BROOKS
Daniel J. BROOKS 3 dagar sedan
Kounde is only 5ft 10 inc. He is too short for a premier league center back.
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 9 dagar sedan
If Greenwood isn’t our starting 9 in the next 1.5-2yrs it will be one of Ole’s biggest failures. If Greenwood was at West Ham we’d be talking about doing a £70m bid for him. I worry that Ole is undervaluing an academy kid, in favor of the big sticker price of someone else.
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 9 dagar sedan
if we get mings or white ill be def boing ole and the board and player
ROGER B-D-R 9 dagar sedan
buy kane or halland or richarlison jay jay was reel deal
Edgar Estrada
Edgar Estrada 9 dagar sedan
There is no number one candidate. These clowns start looking when the window opens.
Dominic KingD
Dominic KingD 9 dagar sedan
Akanji or diop better options than kounde.
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 9 dagar sedan
Take a crapbridge 😂😂😂
Kurmir Defreitas
Kurmir Defreitas 9 dagar sedan
Get Wilfred CDM & Romero CB..easy peasy..sancho & halaand after and there you go united back at it again
OLIVER AYRE 10 dagar sedan
So what are we all saying? Ole out or in? Because all these decisions are surly his decision? He hires his coaching staff?
Aimee Grice
Aimee Grice 9 dagar sedan
I don’t think he makes all these decisions. I mean look at Ed Woodward and the Glazers. They’re ruining this club
Niyaz Ahmed
Niyaz Ahmed 10 dagar sedan
Where do we ask the questions for him to answer?
MrGoldtrader 10 dagar sedan
Why do we want Kounde, a 5'10" 158lb lightweight at centre back?
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 10 dagar sedan
So by saying "giving players with other qualities a chance" and sitting vdb on the bench is he saying vdb has no qualities???
MrGoldtrader 10 dagar sedan
The Grealish transfer never happened bcz Villa stayed up at the death.
John Landin
John Landin 10 dagar sedan
Do you need the loo?
Mohammed Altaf
Mohammed Altaf 10 dagar sedan
Kounde is too short for a centre back. Will be beaten in the air far too much.
Rowan Ndlovu
Rowan Ndlovu 10 dagar sedan
Utd should sign Rafael Leao, Rice, Sancho, Alaba and Gravenberch. Players to sell Fred, Lingard, Andreas Pereira, Dan James, Phil Jones and Matric.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel 10 dagar sedan
He ain't doing well against haaland tonight..🤬
James Fagan
James Fagan 10 dagar sedan
Why do you speak so fast
Lincoln Johnson
Lincoln Johnson 10 dagar sedan
Ramos is to old
Hayden Svavarsson
Hayden Svavarsson 10 dagar sedan
100percent agree.We don't need a striker.Cavani amd Greenwood. Sell Martial get Sanch in. Get a CB AND CDM,Boom ya done now!
Cronus T
Cronus T 10 dagar sedan
We are never getting Haaland, ever, for multiple reasons. He already turned down united for Dortmund what would change if it’s Madrid or city knocking for him next. Greenwood will be an absolute boss at #9. Get him in there next year w/ Cavani, sell martial, buy sancho, play diallo on rw and cam for rotation.
Lives 4You
Lives 4You 10 dagar sedan
We not getting konde
Patrick Muyonjo
Patrick Muyonjo 10 dagar sedan
I wouldn't buy any players. I would change the manager and his team. I would get a new managerial and coaching team that has the aptitude and know-how to get the best out of the current crop of players. Man United has a decent group of players but a manager and coaching team that are out of their depth to challenge for any titles.
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 10 dagar sedan
Kounde is too short to play CB in premier leauge
Veer Agarwal
Veer Agarwal 10 dagar sedan
Lingard would be perfect for the game tomorrow
Veer Agarwal
Veer Agarwal 10 dagar sedan
We aren’t in the bracket of one of the best clubs in Europe by ability. Our name just hides that.
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 10 dagar sedan
Maybe it's our inadequate coaches that are the problem, along with our parasitic owners. Mike Phelan was an average player and a dinosaur coach. The rest are just jobs for the boys
kamran hussain
kamran hussain 10 dagar sedan
How can you pay 80 for maguire and not throw down for kounde
Matt Hanley
Matt Hanley 10 dagar sedan
I think our biggest problem is at cdm. If we had a real cdm like ndidi or rice it would greatly reduce the pressure on our center backs. And they could play their positions without that fear of no proper cdm
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 10 dagar sedan
Keep saying we're 2nd in the League... Wait for the downfall.
Ivan Chambers
Ivan Chambers 10 dagar sedan
We take a risk every game we play with the hoover and vacuum cleaner.
rattled 10 dagar sedan
Lingard off the bench and Europa League would have been perfect ngl
Zak Shaw
Zak Shaw 10 dagar sedan
Raphina is highly creative
Ivan Chambers
Ivan Chambers 10 dagar sedan
Hey up Mark what about Gary Neville stealing your thunder re Maguire and Lindolof
Jack Owen
Jack Owen 10 dagar sedan
Did you know josh Zerka mentioned you in hes vid
Paul Markey
Paul Markey 10 dagar sedan
There is no point in bringing in a CB unless it's to replace Numpty Maguire, he's the problem at the heart of the defence
Zak Shaw
Zak Shaw 10 dagar sedan
What about konsa mark ?
Max Meyer
Max Meyer 10 dagar sedan
I love Greenwood but Saka and Harland are outperforming him in his age bracket. He needs to stop being so anonymous in some games.
Max Meyer
Max Meyer 9 dagar sedan
0_0 9 dagar sedan
@Max Meyer no, i was to lazy to do it, what happened ?
Max Meyer
Max Meyer 9 dagar sedan
Didn’t u watch last night 😂
0_0 10 dagar sedan
Who is harland tho ?
poloko kedikilwe
poloko kedikilwe 10 dagar sedan
"I think Ole's got a doll out on me" gave me a good chuckle 😆
Thaylin Pillay
Thaylin Pillay 10 dagar sedan
1870-2021 Man United 2.01 Bn 2008-2021 Man City 2.02 Bn
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 10 dagar sedan
Not very often I agree with you Mark, but I wouldn't buy DCL either. Greenwood is developing and will be 10 times the player DCL is...
WahWahWehWah 10 dagar sedan
Taking greenwood over Calvert-lewin, Haaland and big daddy Kane! What a plonker.
McNuggets 10 dagar sedan
Jota and Silva are not brothers. Jota just happens to have a brother with the same name.
tedson kabiru
tedson kabiru 10 dagar sedan
Nick J.
Nick J. 10 dagar sedan
Keep these sweet videos coming Marky Mark!
Joe Bates
Joe Bates 10 dagar sedan
If you look at the overall signings in the last couple of years, we have signed a LOT of young teenagers. I think the next few years could be very exciting, if we can implement the defensive signings we so desperately need!
michael king
michael king 10 dagar sedan
Why are we not selling Harry Marquire .!!!!Nobody want's him so we're stuck with a donkey that cost 80, million worst run club in the World.!!!
Merrion Carter
Merrion Carter 3 dagar sedan
Cause we spent 80 and we can only sell him for about 20 at max
tamara ben
tamara ben 10 dagar sedan
I don't want kounde!!!!
Erick Corimanya
Erick Corimanya 10 dagar sedan
That like always won't happen
Anju mathews
Anju mathews 10 dagar sedan
Sergio Ramos and Kounde
Ritam Chatterjee
Ritam Chatterjee 10 dagar sedan
Rb of barca and Madrid you were saying mark??? Wan Bissaka is way better than carvajal and sergino dest anyday
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit 10 dagar sedan
We don't need any centre back who's 5'10". 🙄
mircea grigore lazar
mircea grigore lazar 10 dagar sedan
I think United are not making their targets public because they want to avoid overpriced cataclysms like Sancho last summer, when the whole planet knew we were desperate to buy him.
Wasim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmed 10 dagar sedan
Sancho kounde and rice dahs all ed needs to do and grealish if pogba goes
Matthew Deane
Matthew Deane 10 dagar sedan
Not getting Ramos could be good in a way.PSG want Ramos and r also linked to kounde.Let them get Ramos and we can get kounde
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh 10 dagar sedan
Why are we even talking about possible signings? We all saw what happened with Sancho. The time to talk is when a player is photographed wearing the jersey.
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 10 dagar sedan
Jules Kounde will not be joining United in the summer he wants champions League football
General Anal
General Anal 10 dagar sedan
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 10 dagar sedan
Greenwood and cavani as backup...rashford and martial as backup... vdb and diallo and james and youngsters as backup.
Ciaran Kinsella
Ciaran Kinsella 10 dagar sedan
Don't give the board a list for each position. Just one name for each post.
Aaron Orme
Aaron Orme 10 dagar sedan
Id have mings over maguire n lindelof any day of the week
Jambo 290
Jambo 290 10 dagar sedan
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 10 dagar sedan
New summer signings.....lingard offensive, phil jones defensive, and mata!!!!!!!!!!
Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz 10 dagar sedan
The upset poppy indisputably deliver because elizabeth presumably advise past a cagey syrup. wild, apathetic rugby
Maple Maples
Maple Maples 10 dagar sedan
United will not sign Kounde. United will sign Ramos, then regret and still struggle. Ramos and Maguire perfect combination for a season of poor performance.
PrimePresents 10 dagar sedan
Best time to sell Fred this summer, while he's on a high. Will be one that's hard to sell for anything in 2/3 years
Edgar Estrada
Edgar Estrada 9 dagar sedan
No one's gonna pay sadly
LadFM 2020
LadFM 2020 10 dagar sedan
we've not had a great striker in the club for so long, we need to buy one, greenwood isn't ready to be the main striker. haaland and greenwood are different levels right now alot of it has to do with haaland's movement and physicality. i doubt we will see greenwood as the 9 until he's 23-25 and put some more weight and muscle on. Greenwood have not shown to be a world class striker right now and to put all the trust in him would be silly.
samgzag11 10 dagar sedan
We need a quick cb, and we have both Bailly and Tuanzebe on the bench. Ffs Ole needs to wake up!
Matthew Fenech
Matthew Fenech 10 dagar sedan
S Peled
S Peled 10 dagar sedan
Our strikers play on the wings . I think we need wingers not strikers
Jon Macdonald
Jon Macdonald 10 dagar sedan
Amad has been posted missing since news broke in Italy official line is he is "ill" ? ??
Darren L
Darren L 10 dagar sedan
If spurs don’t qualify for champs league, we should go push for Son on the right, scores goals and makes loads of assists.. they may let him go but you never know
Kristoffer Hansson
Kristoffer Hansson 10 dagar sedan
All this talk about Mason Greenwood is a 9. He hast got one good game as a 9, all off his good games has been on the right side as a winger, but he is a 9.
Sike 3152
Sike 3152 10 dagar sedan
He needs a good right winger next to him
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 10 dagar sedan
Imagine kounde wearing the number 4 for united😌
0_0 10 dagar sedan
Phil jonesta is our number 4
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 10 dagar sedan
Upamecano is actually not that good
Jon Macdonald
Jon Macdonald 10 dagar sedan
City offered 60 million already for Kounde. And it was rejected. So if he is going for that now they will be back in as Laporte is leaving this summer.
F D 10 dagar sedan
City already have their cb partnership why would they get another cb
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 10 dagar sedan
City won't get kounde
PrimePresents 10 dagar sedan
I'd love to steal Ruben Dias from City, imagine getting him and Ronaldo in the summer having that strong Portuguese leadership running through the spine of the team. He does look like your centre half version of Bruno
0_0 10 dagar sedan
Stop dreaming return in reality
Lerra Fer
Lerra Fer 10 dagar sedan
@PrimePresents 🤣🤣
PrimePresents 10 dagar sedan
@Benson White Agree but just because he's at City doesn't mean he's not available
Benson White
Benson White 10 dagar sedan
Impossible, we should have got him when he was at benfica
R M 10 dagar sedan
I have a good feeling about Hugill 👍
Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta 10 dagar sedan
Yeah let's sign another CB that will be bullied by PL forwards .
Jyotirmoy Pan
Jyotirmoy Pan 10 dagar sedan
You gave the same stats on Cavani, we still bought him and he has been great
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 10 dagar sedan
Has he really ?
Usher Masladov
Usher Masladov 10 dagar sedan
mark .just think about it , we get kounde and hakan changalou from ac milan ..and let diallo on the right wing .we have martial and cavani in the front .so we wont miss pogba if he will leave
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 10 dagar sedan
what kind of chance that Ole talking about ? we have "Donny Van the Bench" who rarely got a chance
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 10 dagar sedan
@Nightin Gale A little over average. Not great.
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 10 dagar sedan
@Thomas Gundersen van de beek is hardly average. Ole is just clueless as to what he is
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 10 dagar sedan
And when he got a chance average at best.
Jyotirmoy Pan
Jyotirmoy Pan 10 dagar sedan
And do what😡? Even if we buy Kounde or Ramos Mr Ole will bench him and play Lord Lindeloffffffffff
Ermias Mamo
Ermias Mamo 10 dagar sedan
Funny but true😂
DBL Playss
DBL Playss 10 dagar sedan
I GUARANTEE if sir Alex was still the manager he would of already signed Adama traore
DBL Playss
DBL Playss 10 dagar sedan
@mairtin mullens he is playing in a very defensive wolves team, he would suit uniteds style getting down the wing he’s a really good crosser which we need
mairtin mullens
mairtin mullens 10 dagar sedan
Why traore? I think he's very overrated
Sam Clark
Sam Clark 10 dagar sedan
Anyone else think januzaij is well desperate to come back to united 🤣 he’s none stop been talking about us lately an he’s but back clause no way we’re triggering that lol best of luck tho respect how much he loves are club
Guess Who
Guess Who 10 dagar sedan
no1 target means he's not coming look at sancho last year
Marcus Heinrich
Marcus Heinrich 10 dagar sedan
Give Ole till may, then send him back to norway!
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 10 dagar sedan
Get Mourinuo back
S Peled
S Peled 10 dagar sedan
@Nightin Gale that's what I'm saying
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 10 dagar sedan
Marcus Heinrich
Marcus Heinrich 10 dagar sedan
@S Peled facts!
S Peled
S Peled 10 dagar sedan
Send harry with him
King Hunter
King Hunter 10 dagar sedan
I know how you feel bro I get those stomach cramps almost every morning
Jyotirmoy Pan
Jyotirmoy Pan 10 dagar sedan
Looking for kounde Gets a gunday
Daniel Mbewe
Daniel Mbewe 10 dagar sedan
I prefer konate. Kounde is too short for the premier league
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 10 dagar sedan
In my opinion, it wasn't that the cbs are crap vs Everton, it was coaching as the defensive line should of been on the edge of the box
Teach United
Teach United 10 dagar sedan
This manager said we were never in a title race and then backtrack and say they're not going to allow City to run away with it! OMG
Cronus T
Cronus T 9 dagar sedan
@Teach United true but west ham were never in it. Not now, not ever. I understand Ole’s learning on the job, hell the job is a continuous cycle of learning no matter who you are. Unfortunately it’s a results business and he must deliver tomorrow, and most definitely on Sunday.
Teach United
Teach United 10 dagar sedan
@Cronus T West Ham are out of it and I doubt Moyes is selling that argument to his players .
Teach United
Teach United 10 dagar sedan
@Bucky MacClusky The players also get what he means,that's why they're playing like that imo.
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 10 dagar sedan
I get what Ole means...
Cronus T
Cronus T 10 dagar sedan
@Nasser Hossain it’s still contradictory. We are not talking about winning titles... We aren’t going to let them run away with it... We should not even be considered as title chasers... If you shouldn’t be considered as title chasers then what does it matter if you let them run away with it or not 🤣 I’ll always love Ole but he’s jumbled that one.
Marcus Heinrich
Marcus Heinrich 10 dagar sedan
Its a problem that some fans really believe in Ole!
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 10 dagar sedan
Its a problem that some don't
James DaT WoN
James DaT WoN 10 dagar sedan
At what time Greenwood! When he scores more on the pitch than off it and gets 20+ a season like Mbappe or Haaland, Cavani turned good stop gap due to Martial doing a Martial need a better option winger and striker wise too much on Bruno
DaKid Biscuit
DaKid Biscuit 10 dagar sedan
Raphina is better than Greenwood, mainly because Greenwod isn't a RW and Raphina would actually give ys creativity from the right
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 10 dagar sedan
The problem with Raphina is that he is equally inconsistent as our other offensive men. We need someone that deliveres more often than 1/3 of the games.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 10 dagar sedan
Based on those quotes, get rid
Pauline Campbell
Pauline Campbell 10 dagar sedan
Mark your probably having a McTomminay moment, maybe need a bathroom break and hope you feel better.
ZJD 85
ZJD 85 10 dagar sedan
Current top players in premier league are mostly youth/young players your likes of Saka, Foden, Pulisic, C.Jones so why not Greenwood join the party? Has qualities, mentality to be one of top players in Europe, give him chance now not later
Murathime 10 dagar sedan
Mark it's a good job you are doing Manchester United board will still embarrass us kounde will make Maguire better, this summer with the euro's I think we need 5 fresh players to rejuvenate this squad
steveomcbigarms 10 dagar sedan
Kounde would be great.. ..but so would have a prime Kroos...Griezmann...Halland...ruben Diaz...insert name of top player we are linked to who go on to top clubs and play well.
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