Ramos Quits Madrid? Pogba Return! Man Utd News

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Man Utd could seal a shock Sergio Ramos transfer and Paul Pogba's return from injury could be sooner than expected. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 7 dagar sedan
doire aintu
doire aintu 9 dagar sedan
A certain twitter account has made me hate that Ramos picture
CrasherKid79 10 dagar sedan
Ramos and Slab Head at the back .... never change Yernited ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marcus Rashford MBE
Marcus Rashford MBE 11 dagar sedan
General Anal
General Anal 11 dagar sedan
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 7 dagar sedan
blame carousel. Predicatable as rain in the UK
Cooldre 11 dagar sedan
Agree with the comment about Tuanzebe; had great game against PSG an was dropped shortly after just like Bailly . Ole has his favourites Vic an Harry have not been great and have not been dropped.
doire aintu
doire aintu 9 dagar sedan
We’ve got the perfect midfielder for that pogba position.Donny is perfect for that but ole seems to play him as a second striker for some reason...
Sonia Johnson
Sonia Johnson 11 dagar sedan
The damaging tractor prominently tire because curler interestingly grate per a abrupt goat. receptive, motionless parade
David David
David David 11 dagar sedan
Idk if they have, but would be interesting to see Lindelof and Bailly as a pair just once
Stephen Lancastdr
Stephen Lancastdr 11 dagar sedan
Let me watch you tube
Dave Oldschool
Dave Oldschool 11 dagar sedan
We don't want or need Ramos because he is over the hill and we are the club they all keep looking at for they last big payday
Bleachguy 11 dagar sedan
my two teams would be A-Team prem and FA Cup de gea awb shaw maguire baily fred pogba bruno martial rashford cavani B-Team caraboa and europa dean telles williams lindelof tuanzebe matic donny mata james diallo and mason and based on performance teams would change
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 11 dagar sedan
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Sujal Swain
Sujal Swain 11 dagar sedan
@Brian Jung This Expert must be very good at what he does . Well am gonna find out myself, writing to him now.
Reza Agassi
Reza Agassi 11 dagar sedan
bitcoin i guess is interesting lol 😃 need to be part of this how wish I started early.
Josue Ribeiro
Josue Ribeiro 11 dagar sedan
@Ali Nelson you lost a gigantic opportunity dear.
Mary Sheahan
Mary Sheahan 11 dagar sedan
@Brian Jung thanks for these info ❤️
Ali Nelson
Ali Nelson 11 dagar sedan
@Sujal swain thought of investing in cryptocurrency/Bitcoin in 2019 but I was discouraged, is it safe now?
Shadradstar 11 dagar sedan
You can blame Ole when he keeps picking the same players that under perform. Maguire and Linde are awful and Martial and Rashford have too many games where they're anonymous.
619 Trading
619 Trading 11 dagar sedan
I wish you would stop blaming the board on this horrible way of coaching --- no rotation, terrible subs, not knowing your strengths of the team...losing to relegation level teams... yeah hes doing a great job!
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 11 dagar sedan
i dont care if were 2nd, 2nd is the highest it will be ole out
Larry Lal
Larry Lal 11 dagar sedan
Ramos is Old
Paul fernandes
Paul fernandes 11 dagar sedan
21:13 getting me in the emmerdale cup mood💪🏾🥲
mullaway 11 dagar sedan
the result against wb was a good result they beat u very often
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass 11 dagar sedan
Mark get a wheel with Ole, the Board, Ed Woodward, Lack of Director of Football and Players. Then at start of each episode you can spin it to see who your gonna blame on the blame carousel. Predicatable as rain in the UK
Don’t Hesitate
Don’t Hesitate 11 dagar sedan
We’ve got the perfect midfielder for that pogba position.Donny is perfect for that but ole seems to play him as a second striker for some reason...
Steven David
Steven David 11 dagar sedan
mark one has to u/stand that these players are under contracts and can't just sit one buy another, that"s not sustainable, as fans we have little tolerance for medeocricy and maybe thats the problem
M27N R.
M27N R. 11 dagar sedan
Mark, you said u wanted a Roy Keane type leader and I just think Ramos will revitalise the defence!
Yani Mary
Yani Mary 11 dagar sedan
With the way we are playing, we will be knocked out in no time. Even top 4 is gonna be a struggle
Joseph M
Joseph M 12 dagar sedan
We should play tuanzebe and Bailly next game
gabe Zachary
gabe Zachary 12 dagar sedan
You swap Ole with Pep and United would win the league that’s for sure
Derek Keogh
Derek Keogh 12 dagar sedan
Can u please! Please! Please! Tackle the real issue ,, if we finish a donkey second at 25 points behind the board will see it as an aprovement and united will stay as donkeys
Jon Williams
Jon Williams 12 dagar sedan
Bruno needs to be made captain next season, or we will lose him
Benjamin Heron
Benjamin Heron 12 dagar sedan
Only two games ago we won 9-0 ?!
Lindokuhle Fortune
Lindokuhle Fortune 12 dagar sedan
Maguire being captain should be clear indication where we headed.
Joseph Nichols
Joseph Nichols 12 dagar sedan
I can’t believe this channel has almost 1m followers.
hasktyy nickled
hasktyy nickled 12 dagar sedan
We missed pogba yesterday I thought
Robert Griffin
Robert Griffin 12 dagar sedan
I don't see us getting top 4. Ole has not learned with that CB partnership. It will cost us games and a top 4 spot.
S Walker
S Walker 12 dagar sedan
I’ve said it before; DO NOT sign Ramos. I’m sick of United being linked to these past-it, so called big names who are only looking for a final payday. Younger, talented CB's needed whether bought or developed at the club. And for gods sake take a look at the defensive and tactical coaching.
Rodrigo B
Rodrigo B 11 dagar sedan
So called “big names” do you fucking know who Ramos is? Dude yeah he’s kinda old now, and yes they should sign a younger one, but if United just want to use him for a year, than it’s a perfect signing.
Steven Kilgariff
Steven Kilgariff 12 dagar sedan
Ole needs backing
Steven Kilgariff
Steven Kilgariff 12 dagar sedan
Neto. Neves and Konate in out jones lidalof Perrera delat Romero and mata and swap. Pogba for Raphael verran promote shola dialo mangy hannabul and Hugill give Jessie one last chance that’s what needed
Choi Hang
Choi Hang 12 dagar sedan
every agent just using united to get better contracts..
eyob tekle
eyob tekle 12 dagar sedan
Sergio Ramos coming to Manchester United while Ole is managing lol will be unbelievable
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 12 dagar sedan
a better Harry McGuire c'mon Mark hahahaha
Jake Young
Jake Young 12 dagar sedan
Can’t we just sack the glazers right
Alan B
Alan B 12 dagar sedan
The way Ole is managing this club is a total disgrace. The board should have never ever given him the job.
Murphy moe
Murphy moe 12 dagar sedan
Ramos wants an old peoples home not a new team you idiots. Our team has run out of ideas
Basil Bell
Basil Bell 12 dagar sedan
Martial; Lindelof; OGS...The Glaciers must all go....we wont even win a teacup. Under OGS.
Shahek 12 dagar sedan
Ramos Kounde Sancho 🔥 + RB & CDM?
Stephone Fox
Stephone Fox 12 dagar sedan
Why he keeps saying we lost tho is he okay
Steve Kearton
Steve Kearton 12 dagar sedan
We need new strikers. Tony is garbage, Mason is well overrated and Marcus is just not good enough.
Shahek 12 dagar sedan
If Ramos leaves we should definitely get him and another younger CB for the future. Ramos will give us leadership and experience at the back.
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist 12 dagar sedan
Maguire captain over Ramos for the banter 😆
nicolas peridakis
nicolas peridakis 12 dagar sedan
Disagree. Pep wouldn’t continuously play Victor and Harry when they cost us every game. The writing is on the wall
Caleb Baatjes
Caleb Baatjes 12 dagar sedan
Why did we sign donny in the first place
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson 12 dagar sedan
It's ole who picks team and the team he picks isnt winning a good manager would change team abit
Cronus T
Cronus T 12 dagar sedan
Mark you always talk about Ramos as an option but dismiss KK because at 30, he’s too old... don’t get it mate
Cronus T
Cronus T 12 dagar sedan
Maguire back to Leceister + £30-£40 mill for Ndidi. Thoughts?
Dino Orucevic
Dino Orucevic 12 dagar sedan
Get ngelsmen in he wants to manage in the premier league and he is the difference between Top 4 and title challenging
El Sol
El Sol 12 dagar sedan
Ramos with his eyes closed is a hundred times better than Maguire!!!!
zulficar hussain
zulficar hussain 12 dagar sedan
Schurrs,konate,Pereira,rice, sancho and haaland Would be ideal.. Ramos will always be in trouble with var.. Varane is clumsy and lost his hunger!! We need hungry talented players!!!
Attila Barta
Attila Barta 12 dagar sedan
Ramos+Kounde/koulibaly wooow gonna be excellent
zulficar hussain
zulficar hussain 12 dagar sedan
Back Ole!!!
Eoghan Ryan
Eoghan Ryan 12 dagar sedan
At 35 the likes of vardy salah mane etc would turn him inside out for fun.
Royality 25
Royality 25 12 dagar sedan
Sols have a big problem , throw maguire away.... useless.
Issack A.
Issack A. 12 dagar sedan
What happened to Mata, I thought we learnt beginning of season that when teams play low block you need creative players. Pass and move. VDB is too rusty. McFred are not needed when teams playing low block. As for the centre backs. Id have anyone right now. Ramos and another fast CB is realistically needed.
Andy Armstrong
Andy Armstrong 12 dagar sedan
Ramos - that's a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO from me!
CX Prezo
CX Prezo 12 dagar sedan
Koulibaly would be perfect
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 12 dagar sedan
Anyone know when Baillys back
Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson 12 dagar sedan
I just thought I wonder does ole deliberately play magalof at the back to show the board how much we need a centre back. If he plays bailey and play well the board will think we dont need a defender
Paul Malpus
Paul Malpus 12 dagar sedan
Can’t keep blaming ole
samgzag11 12 dagar sedan
How Ole can’t see how much better our defence is when Bailly plays with Maguire is beyond me. He’s done so much good, but he continues to make perplexing decisions.
Steve Kearton
Steve Kearton 12 dagar sedan
Yeah. Victor is shite. Too slow, too clumsy.
Eduardo Yepez
Eduardo Yepez 12 dagar sedan
This has schweinsteiger written all over it
Vervito United
Vervito United 12 dagar sedan
I want Kounde. Ramos is good obviously. But we want a young quick CB.
Chris.P Bacon
Chris.P Bacon 12 dagar sedan
mctominay HAD to sit deep and cover victor. you seen mctominay say to victor on tv lol "ive got him". erm maguire ffs should be on him, know??
Milos Vujatovic
Milos Vujatovic 12 dagar sedan
He picked Lindelof cause he's his premier league player and Bailey is going to be the Europa league player
S L Jones
S L Jones 12 dagar sedan
Ramos is a disaster to slow ffs. OLEOUT
Milos Vujatovic
Milos Vujatovic 12 dagar sedan
Ramos just another bastian signing we don't need those old signings get a young CB
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778 12 dagar sedan
If we get ramos it will only bring leadership to our back line and he could communicate with David better aswell ......no brainer if thus is true ...Salah better watch himself 🤣🤣 salah will put in a transfer request if this happens
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 12 dagar sedan
We should be looking at getting Christoph Baumgartner as a replacement for when Pogba leaves in the summer bcos Baumgartner will brig a different dimension to the squad in attacking midfield.
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 12 dagar sedan
Facundo Medina would also ne able to double back as left back whenever Shaw makes his runs and maguire stays firmly on he right. If he needs to make any runs down the right then Medina and Pogba can cover him. Medina has good vision as well amd can pick out overhead passes to switch from central left ro right wing attack which Diallo could latch onto.
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 12 dagar sedan
This is we need a left sided cb like Facundo medina who is phyaically strong and will make sure that maguire stays on the right side of central defence bcos theae runs that maguire makes down the left are useless when we have Shaw to make those runs. Against west brom we had maguire making runs down the left that resultes in nothing only to leave the lwft side of central defence open. The when maguire was making those runs down the left we had Shaw waiting for him at the edge of west brom penalty area and martial not knowing where to fix himself amd thaynwas why he was getting in Cavani's way.
Duggy !
Duggy ! 12 dagar sedan
Woodward doesn't even know who Ramos is
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 12 dagar sedan
Greenwood himself is not a natural winger and that is what is showing now. At the start when he was introduced he was coming off the right with his blinding speed and firing thunder bolts into the top right hand corner. Then when he was uses as a number 9 it was found that he could equally strike and score with his right foot. Now in most games when he is on the right he does not even shoot anymore. He needs to be develped into classic number 9. We have Diallo to do the job of a right winger now and Solkjaer needs to get his act together and introduce him asap into all games. Bcos Solkjaers tactics and strategy is all nonsense and leaving Diallo out show how cluelless he is.
Alezander Corben
Alezander Corben 12 dagar sedan
Great. More of a reason to hate Man U.
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 12 dagar sedan
Solksjaer has very good qualities as a manager but he lacks the ability to take a player aside ans develop him for the position that he was bought for. All these faults are what are playing out now.
Suprio Mukherjee
Suprio Mukherjee 12 dagar sedan
Ramos is recovering from a knee surgery- PLEASE DON'T touch him
poppy don
poppy don 12 dagar sedan
I honestly think Phil Jones is better than Maguire...he sure is at least faster
Esu Hawey
Esu Hawey 12 dagar sedan
Oli is too soft
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 12 dagar sedan
The problem with martial amd his poor amd inconsistent run of form is as a result of the fact that he believes that he should be in the starting line up whther he plays good or not and this is becos unites relied on hom heavily under van gaal when van persie was on his way out of united. He saved united.many a time as the number 9 as well as playing off the left side...
David Blandin
David Blandin 12 dagar sedan
Ole needs to give Bruno half of his salary,cause without him Ole would be back teaching P.E.
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter 12 dagar sedan
West brom are a team that lost 5-0 the week before and have only won once at home. But the match day strategy and selection made by solksjaer made them look half decent.
Multibox01 Delivery
Multibox01 Delivery 12 dagar sedan
A Ramos would either tear us apart and make us right, or it will be a disaster and United will be a holliday resort for old stars?
MUFC 2006
MUFC 2006 12 dagar sedan
31:04 lack of intelligence and strength
Michael Boothe
Michael Boothe 12 dagar sedan
Lack of intelligence by the center defenders
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 12 dagar sedan
The title killed me 😂😂
Hermes Solomon
Hermes Solomon 12 dagar sedan
Why is United being so cheap and looking to bring in players who are on the brinks of retirement!? Invest in young players for the the future!
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk 12 dagar sedan
PSG will sign him
iqbal beeharry
iqbal beeharry 12 dagar sedan
Most people could see that Maguire is a very bad defender except OGS .I wonder either he is blind or pretend to be blind and never say a word about him. Weird isn't it?
Mahmud Salam
Mahmud Salam 12 dagar sedan
Ole and @carras16 are ridiculously insane because they trying over and over and over again to bring something good out of Victoria lindsaylof and Maggie
Mahmud Salam
Mahmud Salam 12 dagar sedan
Ole and @carras16 are ridiculously insane because they trying over and over and over again to bring something good out of Victoria lindsaylof and Maggie
M 12 dagar sedan
Mahmud Salam
Mahmud Salam 12 dagar sedan
Ole and @carras16 are ridiculously insane because they trying over and over and over again to bring something good out of Victoria lindsaylof and Maggie
JOHN D 12 dagar sedan
Harry is not a United player...We keep trying to say he is because Utd paid 80 million. He needs to go!
kt mensah
kt mensah 12 dagar sedan
Why are we after Ramos? Why do we continue to chase players who once or in their entire career have disrespected the club when we needed them . He's about 35 years. Are we actually building or we are looking for short term fixes?
kt mensah
kt mensah 12 dagar sedan
@Shahek Ramos may good and old but he's so prone to red cards and that's something we need to consider as well.
Shahek 12 dagar sedan
If the board bought him along with another younger CB that would be good business
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 12 dagar sedan
Ramos is a Spanish Phil Jones. He's a mistake waiting to happen. I still don't know how so many people rate him so highly. He's a great footballer, but a horrible defender. It's like he's fooled everyone into thinking he's good because he's a good leader and scores goals. But his defending is so bad it will make Phil Jones blush...
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