RICKY! Dan JAMES UNREAL! Real Sociedad 0-4 Manchester United Fan Cam

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The United Stand

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Real Sociedad 0-4 Manchester United! Ricky thinks that Dan James was man of the match and that we rely too much on Bruno Fernandes.
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Jubei kibagami
Jubei kibagami 6 dagar sedan
Otaru Atta
Otaru Atta 7 dagar sedan
Ricky is a self-appointed salesman for Dan James .
C W 7 dagar sedan
Dan James. Rickys love child
Dean Kirlew
Dean Kirlew 7 dagar sedan
No mention of Bruno? Crook
Mohammad Azzayed
Mohammad Azzayed 7 dagar sedan
So flex finally recognize it’s all about the coaching 👏🏻👏🏻
Ecash 8 dagar sedan
Bro why is Rick in the united stand he’s so deluded
T Will
T Will 8 dagar sedan
Ricky its ok to have ur favourite player but give credit to where it's due bruno is not far our best player
Laronda Everton Jackson
Laronda Everton Jackson 8 dagar sedan
Ricky fail to accept fact
Joao Figueira
Joao Figueira 8 dagar sedan
I want the same as Ricky's is smoking
MARSHALL247365 8 dagar sedan
Rick’s on Amad One 🤩
Skerkey 8 dagar sedan
Flex and ricks bond is something else🤣🤣😂
Tony Hawkes
Tony Hawkes 8 dagar sedan
Yes Martial has great skills but there is something in his game that needs to change...fearlessness!
Ajekie Verah
Ajekie Verah 8 dagar sedan
Why is this guy Ricky still on the united stand??? Mark get someone else who doesn’t play favoritism
E C 8 dagar sedan
Icl all jokes aside I actually understand Ricky’s point about how we should play and how if we played more simple with the ‘give and goes’ we would be better. I disagree with the playing James, mata etc. part tho. I think Ricky should be looking at the coaching staff to sort out that issue of patterns of play not the changing of personnel.
akib2542 8 dagar sedan
We kept a clean sheet... thanks to Dan James.. I'm telling you Fleck, he keeps the team shape... Rashford is overrated, Dan James is a proper player...
Blare 8 dagar sedan
Martial wouldn't even be close to the City first XI. He holds up the ball well, but he doesn't chase back like city players do and he doesn't pass and go. He passes and stays static. Complete lack of movement and I have not seen enough work ethic to chase back either.
Zainab Waes
Zainab Waes 8 dagar sedan
I agree. If Martial tracked back like Bruno does or Fred and McSauce when they lose the ball, he wouldn’t be benched every other day. I love Tony but he needs show some more desire
Dawit Abate
Dawit Abate 8 dagar sedan
Fleck Dan James is better than Ronaldo and Ronaldinho
Zanos 8 dagar sedan
10:50 Andy Tate jumped into Ricky
Coffee Boy
Coffee Boy 8 dagar sedan
I'm 80% sure Dan James is Ricky illegitimate son he has at Wales.
Callum Walmsley
Callum Walmsley 8 dagar sedan
Dan James wasn’t the MOTM. It was either Bruno or Fred IMO. Honestly I used to look forward to rickys cams but he’s so biased an criticises the wrong players and praises the below par players.
Dillon Sandhu
Dillon Sandhu 8 dagar sedan
more deluded than ty
Yassine Kharbeche
Yassine Kharbeche 8 dagar sedan
Who's here to laugh? 🤣
Dylan Green
Dylan Green 8 dagar sedan
Ricky doesn’t have a fucking clue
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood 8 dagar sedan
Ricky my old man. I respect u a lot but my god wat u say hurts man! I dont know if i should laugh or cry
Beaklez Music Official
Beaklez Music Official 8 dagar sedan
This old man ricky is crazy😨🤭 it's clear he doesn't knw football 😂
Hassnein Hudda
Hassnein Hudda 8 dagar sedan
Ricky is as stubborn against Bruno as Ole is with sticking with Maggie and Vicky!
Jack Bergin Music
Jack Bergin Music 8 dagar sedan
Ricky is spot on about martial, yes his finishing has been off this season but his hold up play is so good for the team, Especially if you have two wingers that like to always shoot you need someone unselfish to create space for them come deep and take care of the ball, he will start scoring again if he actually starts up top aswell, most of his games in the last few months have been off the left where he isn’t a winger anymore
Djravechild 8 dagar sedan
It is absurd how Ricky goes on about James and Matic but would bench the best player in this team in Bruno, FFS 🤦‍♂️
Gregory Grainger
Gregory Grainger 8 dagar sedan
martial is sickeningly bad wow
Prince TaRiG
Prince TaRiG 8 dagar sedan
I don like Ricky's football IQ
Prallad Shetty K
Prallad Shetty K 8 dagar sedan
Martial is never there where a striker should be. He never plays like a number 9.
Thomas Carney
Thomas Carney 8 dagar sedan
where would united be without bruno ricky just does not like bruno who i the back bone of this united team how can ricky compare d james to bruno
Sheldon Adams
Sheldon Adams 8 dagar sedan
We would never in a million years be better without Bruno, there is no chance in hell of that!!!
T W6
T W6 8 dagar sedan
Ricky is mad...look at Man United before Bruno came terrible. Look at Man United every game OGS tries to rest Bruno...No idea and yet he think we will be better without. Ricky had no idea.
Paul Friel
Paul Friel 8 dagar sedan
Dan james is Ricky's secret love child 😀 James can only play against teams who are wide open, cannot break down teams who sit back and park the bus. I agree about possession of ball, at times Bruno can be loose with the ball but hes our most creative player!
samgzag11 8 dagar sedan
Is Ricky Van Gaal’s long lost brother?
Hashim Ali
Hashim Ali 8 dagar sedan
I agree James did well but you have to look at the teams he does well against. Teams that leave acres of space in behind obviously suit him, however he doesn't have the skill to break down teams that sit back
tranquility321 8 dagar sedan
'I saw him nick a ball in our own box and play an instant pass, I saw him chasing a ball down towards their corner flag that he reversed passed it 30 yards without turning' - A premier league professional footballer playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world with this skill? You would think these laughable comments about a current Man Utd player were made by a deluded 12 year old, but they're not. Just goes to show you can be as old as the hills and still be deluded and clueless.
Thomas McDonagh
Thomas McDonagh 8 dagar sedan
He fancies Dan James and so do I 😂
Scott Mckay
Scott Mckay 8 dagar sedan
Dan James arguably suits our team more than any winger we have when Cavani is playing. James is all about getting the ball in the mix, with cavani he’d get more service with James on pitch
Eucalyptus Da Villa
Eucalyptus Da Villa 8 dagar sedan
Ricky: There are just four Stages in one's life Birth 1)Martial was Terrific 2)Bruno was Terrible Death
G S A 8 dagar sedan
Ricky spitting facts about Martial from 13:10 onwards!
Imsazii Zakirai
Imsazii Zakirai 8 dagar sedan
If Dan James is on the score sheet, Ricky will always pick him as the Man of the match. He really had a good second half yesterday.
JSNBL 8 dagar sedan
He always tries to dodge Bruno, Bruno needs to score at least 10 goals
Football Chef
Football Chef 8 dagar sedan
We need to sell martial fred matic dan james mata and improve them positions none of them.good enough
shane brattsel
shane brattsel 8 dagar sedan
Ricky hitting the cough syrup hard
JSNBL 8 dagar sedan
Dan James played well but not motm
Football Chef
Football Chef 8 dagar sedan
Omg! How can we make more chances you want more defenders on the pitch the reason we make as many chances as teams in the bottom 10 is because fred is terrible going forward. Happy he managed to get his 2nd assist for the club last night.
Storm In Di Dorm Entertainment
Storm In Di Dorm Entertainment 8 dagar sedan
Ricky is only on for his weird logic. He always bigs up James n Matic while slating Bruno.
Ayan huss
Ayan huss 8 dagar sedan
Fleck dan James ran so he is the best in the world
henry cellers
henry cellers 8 dagar sedan
Rick should have no say he hasn't a clue get him off the show
Miracle Myck
Miracle Myck 8 dagar sedan
We should drop Bruno I'm telling ya Flex...He gives away the ball to much Flex
Roger Thompson
Roger Thompson 8 dagar sedan
Bruno gives the ball away too much puts us back under pressure too often.If that was McT he,d be hammered for it.
Tamilore Ayeye
Tamilore Ayeye 8 dagar sedan
I rate martial but he doesn’t get as much chances create for him bcos he wants the ball to feet to much. He needs to improve his movement
Michael Downs
Michael Downs 8 dagar sedan
Ffs this bloke is just fishing for bites now surely? 😂
Shreyas Chaudhary
Shreyas Chaudhary 8 dagar sedan
This old man is more deluded than ty also😒
Mikki Is Love
Mikki Is Love 8 dagar sedan
I dont think ppl are actually listening to what rick is saying. You take a couple of smaller points of what hes saying, and pretend its hes entire point of view. He is right about the team being more imporant then single players. If they team arent playing good together single players wont shine. Its not about individuals.
Pat Fitzgerald
Pat Fitzgerald 8 dagar sedan
James? JAMES MOTM? I really the guys opinion. BUT NO WAY is James MOTM.. There are a number of others that get that before him. What is the dude on..
Scott H
Scott H 8 dagar sedan
I'm convinced that Ricky's style of play would be more boring than LVG
Paul Prentice
Paul Prentice 8 dagar sedan
Dan James has to be Rickys Godson.Bruno is his Nemesis.
Qasim Husain
Qasim Husain 8 dagar sedan
"He looks like a genius to me flick" lol
Luke Valentine
Luke Valentine 8 dagar sedan
Is this guy deluded? Does he not remember how shxt we was playing without Bruno and the lack of creativity we had?
Switchdoktor 8 dagar sedan
Up and dowm like a roller coster
Dhruv Dave
Dhruv Dave 8 dagar sedan
I love Ricky man but the disrespect for Bruno is flabbergasting
love lettuce
love lettuce 8 dagar sedan
ole still needs to go
kieran sweeney
kieran sweeney 8 dagar sedan
mason had a game like that against liverpool in the cup ricky and against everton he was very good
Michael Supercard
Michael Supercard 8 dagar sedan
This guy proper sucks off our shittest players
Neeks Sports
Neeks Sports 8 dagar sedan
Ricky went so quiet when complimenting Bruno, I had to turn the volume up 🤣
Jay Morris
Jay Morris 8 dagar sedan
Bruno is the reason we got 3rd last season and he’s the reason we’re overachieving this season
k8ng Mcr
k8ng Mcr 8 dagar sedan
Even though Rick says some odd stuff sometimes ,you just can’t hate him he’s just to funny
GARY PALMER 8 dagar sedan
sorry Ricky mate but Bruno was MOTM, james played well but no way MOTM, listen to Beth.
David Lee
David Lee 8 dagar sedan
Ricky you're a Joke
& zwj
& zwj 8 dagar sedan
Flex got good opinions when he has a good mood
Kris Coopsie
Kris Coopsie 8 dagar sedan
Amad different gravy
& zwj
& zwj 8 dagar sedan
Ayo flex speaking facts today
Jordan White
Jordan White 8 dagar sedan
This bloke is so delusional it’s unreal 😩
74castle 8 dagar sedan
Flex you can’t defend Bruno one minute saying it’s the system that makes him force it and lose the ball and then question whether martial would get more goals in a better system.. the problem with Utd is the coaching. Ole (and his back room staff) OUT
James McGrath
James McGrath 8 dagar sedan
I find it hard to listen to at times as Im all for having different opinions but sometimes I think he says things just to be controversial.
Matthew Harrison
Matthew Harrison 8 dagar sedan
James played an instant 5 yard pass fleck - genius!!!
lina chester
lina chester 8 dagar sedan
Ricky vs Kg make it happen
Eddy A
Eddy A 8 dagar sedan
i foooookin love this guy! he sticks to his guns respect.
Wraith _616
Wraith _616 8 dagar sedan
I can’t watch him anymore, & I truly don’t understand why TUS still have him on the channel, I’m all for having different opinions but they have to be based on sensible points. Most people have genuine reasons but Ricky’s are evidentially groundless & what’s worse he won’t just be honest & admit he loves DJ no matter how he plays, he tries to convince everybody that he’s right. Mark says he credits this community with being intelligent & knowing what they’re talking about yet he still has this brainless idiot on!🤷‍♂️
jarrodfildes 8 dagar sedan
For the first time I actually completely agree with Ricky!!
Gaming Bear
Gaming Bear 8 dagar sedan
I get what Ricky says about Bruno being wasteful at times but Bruno looks to be creative and play those killer passes. Even when he has a bad game he can still produce a la West Brom.
Florian Leclercq
Florian Leclercq 8 dagar sedan
I couldn’t agree more, James needs to play more often and Ole need to trust other players.
tomtomufc 8 dagar sedan
Flex be honest no matter which striker we get,they wont get the ball enough to score,look at cavani he has to come get the ball we cant feed a striker.
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 8 dagar sedan
Billy Jean Number @9Martial. Hola Ricky... Martial a different Gravy.
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 8 dagar sedan
Flex cooking that Pot. lol
James Modiba
James Modiba 8 dagar sedan
I agree with Ricky when James plays less pressure on the fullbacks
tomtomufc 8 dagar sedan
I only come to Rick's to listen to how mad he sees the game compared to me,but wow hes frustrating,I think I'm gona stop listening to him.
KiWi Dragon
KiWi Dragon 8 dagar sedan
Reading through the comments I'm convinced people only watch his reactions for parody now.
RTL 8 dagar sedan
James was better than Rashford.
graeme boath
graeme boath 8 dagar sedan
Losing it with this channel, all because of Ricky. Take the best player out of the team. He would have mata matic and James play every week. Absolutely deluded. Time to retire the old boys and look after their blood pressure (mata, matic and Ricky!). Deluded.
Mike M
Mike M 8 dagar sedan
I'd check Ricky's Carbon Monoxide sensor. I believe delirium is one of the first symptoms
United redJB
United redJB 8 dagar sedan
James looking good he is improving
Jeevz redvl
Jeevz redvl 8 dagar sedan
But martial, Mata, magic and Daniel James were impeccable..- Ricky. Even if they play or not
Toby Nowell
Toby Nowell 8 dagar sedan
Ricky must have like a Welsh mother or somkk
Shivam Nehra
Shivam Nehra 8 dagar sedan
Mark predicted it that he would give Dan J his motm
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski 8 dagar sedan
Martial is like a Rolls Royce
Ivar 8 dagar sedan
The Wales messi
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