RICKY! SCHOLES HARSH ON DE GEA! Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle Fan Cam

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Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle! Ricky says Greenwood was no better while he was on than Martial.
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Kieran Boyne
Kieran Boyne 3 dagar sedan
god ricky is so annoying, refuses to change opinions or accept criticism of his favourites. nominate james and martial for balon dor i guess
Kazi FlowS
Kazi FlowS 3 dagar sedan
Goldbridge said matic was absolutely terrible, Dion Dublin on motd had a segment highlighting matic and how amazing he played.
Bijay Malla
Bijay Malla 4 dagar sedan
Maguire and Lindelof are the greatest purchases United have ever made. United are going to win many trophies with this star pair. LOL.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title. 4 dagar sedan
Sack laurel and hardy at the back
M Gaffar
M Gaffar 4 dagar sedan
Bloody hell u won. Be happy for gods sake. So ungrateful humans you are
Pranay Singh
Pranay Singh 4 dagar sedan
Macguire is horrendous
kelly 4 dagar sedan
Martial never in box never making run not number 9
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold 4 dagar sedan
Honestly Ricky should of been LVG 2nd man, I’d love to see him coach a charity match or something in future
Jack Arnold
Jack Arnold 4 dagar sedan
No one : Ricky : I’m telling ya fleck
Cronus T
Cronus T 4 dagar sedan
Ricky always has a few good points until he goes and says something like matic was motm....
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 4 dagar sedan
Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable'! Man Utd type! Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for £60M. That would be Excellent Business!
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland 5 dagar sedan
We don't want to play like citeh we want to play like man u sides of old simple were man utd
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland 5 dagar sedan
Maguire needs captaincy taken off him and let him concentrate on his defending and give Bruno the armband
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland 5 dagar sedan
Olly handed title t citeh
Luckson bvute
Luckson bvute 5 dagar sedan
Scholes is just an idiot trying to recruit his English Man ,we all know the conspiracy between De Gea
blindpinkthunders 5 dagar sedan
Martial 4 goals in the prem all season.....also...why are we so bad at corners......?? never score from 'em.
QK1824 5 dagar sedan
Fleck and Ricko for a watch along? 👀
Louis Dresen
Louis Dresen 5 dagar sedan
Would love to see a Mark-Flex-Ricky watch-a-long!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards 5 dagar sedan
Martial is not a centre forward, he needs dropping right now. Then sell him.
Yassine Kharbeche
Yassine Kharbeche 5 dagar sedan
Man of the match Rick ? Matic, Martial, Dan James, Mata even if he was on the bench
steven woodall
steven woodall 5 dagar sedan
Listen to what Shearer said on motd about Martial. It seemed a fair comment to me
TONY D 5 dagar sedan
Rick never said anything good about Bruno?
Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz 5 dagar sedan
The strong imprisonment pharmacodynamically whirl because toe probably fold into a outgoing sunday. enchanting, detailed death
Seb B
Seb B 5 dagar sedan
Ricky would make a great politician deflecting difficult questions with "I'll watch it again"
Hez and Family
Hez and Family 5 dagar sedan
I don't know which game Ricky was watching. I don't think some of these fans or fans of the Club. They're more fans of players. Man looking for other players to justify Martial nun non-existence. Man criticizing Rashford but not Martial. 😮
DAVID MENE 5 dagar sedan
We barely had the ball in the first half. how do we expect Martial to score when we barely had the ball n Newcastle was pressing the life out of us in the first half. we need to keep the ball better n create chances for our strikers. football is an easy game is not rocket science!
PaulRoscoe11 5 dagar sedan
Matic was shite don’t talk crap
PaulRoscoe11 5 dagar sedan
Convinced now Ricky is a troll
Daniel Heath
Daniel Heath 5 dagar sedan
These comments 😂😂
thalayakgomo 5 dagar sedan
Ricky is losing it, in what realm is Martial good enough for this club
Tyson Iyavoo
Tyson Iyavoo 5 dagar sedan
Wonder if this fool actually watches the match. Motm Matic bloody fool
Hmm 5 dagar sedan
Matic motm is just utter nonsense
my leg was a balloon shaped liked american football
my leg was a balloon shaped liked american football 5 dagar sedan
Rickyd top bloke cracks me up
Dominique Bannister
Dominique Bannister 5 dagar sedan
Outside of Dan James, Ricky does know what he is talking about. Guy had good knowledge of the game.
DJ ASH B 5 dagar sedan
Good interesting Analysis of Matic and Martial on MOTD2 with Shearer and Dublin
Sheldon Adams
Sheldon Adams 5 dagar sedan
100% pass rate for dan James and almost every single one is sideways or backwards!
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 5 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who hears FLEX not Fleck?!!
Kris ManUtd Devil
Kris ManUtd Devil 5 dagar sedan
I knew he would mention the 100% pass accuracy at half time i said it in the live comments the min i seen it lol ..... stat looks good from surface yes but how many passes did he make bc i didnt think james was in the game much first half tbh, for all we know james made 5 passes but the stat at half time shows it a 100% pass accuracy but ye a typical ricky comment
Ricardo Singh
Ricardo Singh 5 dagar sedan
Delusional fc
matic ticar
matic ticar 5 dagar sedan
So why are you on united stand video and not watching your own team.
Berg 5 dagar sedan
Does Rick think we need to win 4-0 every game ?
TRUTH BOMBS Acktour Finder
TRUTH BOMBS Acktour Finder 5 dagar sedan
Martial has been poor this season but Marshall is worldclass lol
Adain Jarrio
Adain Jarrio 5 dagar sedan
The problem with Martial this game was he didn't play False 9. That's what makes him great. He drops into the midfield, holds the ball and brings other players into the game. The only thing I saw him do was drift to the left. It was terrible.
rapidkid11 5 dagar sedan
tired of Flex's loaded questions tryna force his opinions on people - just as bad as the journalists
Tracey Byrne
Tracey Byrne 5 dagar sedan
Ricky wins again, flex again looking for anything. Dan James 100% pass rate, " they were safe passes " lol.
Layz Layz
Layz Layz 5 dagar sedan
Rick is the united stands answer to Ty
steven clark
steven clark 5 dagar sedan
utd are defo missing mctomney big time ..
TeeJay Ntjana
TeeJay Ntjana 5 dagar sedan
I'd love a Ricky and Flex watch along to be honest with ya 🔥
Tracey Byrne
Tracey Byrne 5 dagar sedan
Marshall won't stay central. Not one person in the box in the first half.
DamianBrowne 5 dagar sedan
How can you moan about Rashford when he gets goals or assists. I’m a big Rashford and Martial fans and was defending Martial at start of season but he needs to do more to get on the ball. Cannot wait for you two to do a watch along the day after a game. Would be hilarious. I do agree we need to be better positionally and better in control of the ball.
DamianBrowne 5 dagar sedan
Pss totally agree flex that we would be back to LVG style again. Football IQ flex 🧠
DamianBrowne 5 dagar sedan
Ps James will never get a worldly Rick. Yes James got 100% at half time but everyone of his was sideways or backwards zzzzz. How many assists did he setup or chances for others did he make as a winger? None!
Kamran Hussain
Kamran Hussain 5 dagar sedan
I agree that Martial isn't getting enough service, but when Rashford was playing at the 9, he was being given a 1/10 for not being involved, so United fans are inconsistent with how they judge Martial and Rashford
The_Sceptical_ One
The_Sceptical_ One 5 dagar sedan
What does Ricky need to watch again... martial won't look no better on a 2nd look lol
Toxic Hater
Toxic Hater 5 dagar sedan
We have been bad for so long now, when we say “old man united” we don’t mean the times when we were good 😢
Michael West
Michael West 5 dagar sedan
Ricky is talking shite again! 🤣🤣
Bam Bam77
Bam Bam77 5 dagar sedan
Matic- MOTM. What's he smoking?
The Honker
The Honker 5 dagar sedan
“Fleck I’m telling you now, Bruno is bang average loses the ball to many times but look at Matic for example pure class”
The Goat
The Goat 5 dagar sedan
He probably sees him at bingo that’s why he likes him.
mark houston
mark houston 5 dagar sedan
The more u watch the more shite Ricky talks.give up
Sam 123
Sam 123 5 dagar sedan
This guy thinks James will one day win the ballon dor 😂
mark houston
mark houston 5 dagar sedan
Ricky goes on about martial playing number 9 but he's never in the box,always on the wing not moving.get Ricky on with Jay to put him straight.
Kris Coopsie
Kris Coopsie 5 dagar sedan
Progressive possession
Devils58 Diack
Devils58 Diack 5 dagar sedan
Matic didn’t have a good game needs to be moved on in the summer the dea gea hate from ex legends is a which hunt
Kyle Bannister
Kyle Bannister 5 dagar sedan
Martial isn't beating any man, isn't scoring, isn't assisting. His only consistent strength is his hold up play and that is hit and miss. How on earth anyone thinks he is utd standard needs there head checking.
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 5 dagar sedan
McSauce over Fred any day of the week. Fred passing, marking and shooting is abysmal. Move him on in the summer
Kris Coopsie
Kris Coopsie 5 dagar sedan
Any no.9 will suffer the way we play
imo 5 dagar sedan
Ole is clueless
Kris Coopsie
Kris Coopsie 5 dagar sedan
We need a midfield,I don’t count Bruno, he’s playing as a forward or out wide mostly,that left us with Fred and matic
sri murali sivadason
sri murali sivadason 5 dagar sedan
Flex and Ricky is a boring combination. Yawn!
Matthew Menzies
Matthew Menzies 5 dagar sedan
Please do a watch along together!
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 5 dagar sedan
I like how you understand the game at times , but listening to you making James a worldly is just absurd
FullClipzzz 5 dagar sedan
100 % agree about Fred taking throws deep in the opposition half, it seems small but things like this shouldn’t happen, Fred standing over feeekicks shouldn’t happen, everyone knows he’s not shooting so why is he stood there? poor management
Ginoy George
Ginoy George 5 dagar sedan
I even felt dan James played really well. Whenever he was in an area where he had lots of space no one passed him the ball. Guys check the game again. He was in lots of space in the first half where everything was going only through the left hand side. Jamal Lewis was tucked in always when we used to play on the left and James had lots of space and was free but no one picked him or switched the play. Our players keep the ball too much on the left and we loose the ball so much there too. Rashford allows the right back to move forward as he is always in the middle. Every game if a pass goes through of if the opponent keeps the ball it will be through our left side where rashford doesn't defend at all. Keeping it wide open for the right back to run into. Shaw has to defend two opponents at once. Rashford just runs into them and does let the pass go through. He is so selfish yes he does score goals but he does let too much passes go through his side .
Uchi Gucci
Uchi Gucci 5 dagar sedan
i dunno why but i feel like dan james will become a man united legend something in me tells me he has a lot to showcase on the pitch
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 5 dagar sedan
Flex, if its McGuire positioning, he should be better in positioning himself. He is tall and the best header of the ball in the team. But in this instance he was not doing a proper job
Byron Bowler
Byron Bowler 5 dagar sedan
for the first time I agree with ricky. especially on the de gea bit and what he was saying in the beginning about needing to play better
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab 5 dagar sedan
Mata, Matic, Martial, James played. Imagine if McTominay would've started how happy Rick would be.
DAPS 5 dagar sedan
How is Ricky still on this channel with his constant agendas?
Paul Hume
Paul Hume 5 dagar sedan
Ricks constant defending of Martial is ridiculous. Look I would love to defend him, he’s a United player, but he’s so lazy. His work off the ball is terrible and when we do get the ball as a number 9 your job is to be in the area looking for space. He’s hardly ever in the box and when he does get in there his movement is so poor he becomes easy to mark for the defenders. Also how can we say Matic had a good game? The midfield got outplayed by Newcastle and only started to take control after 65-70 mins
Mark Gillmor
Mark Gillmor 5 dagar sedan
Glad Flex called it out. What Ricky is describing is EXACTLY how we played under Van Gaal - safe pass after safe pass, moving the opposition from side to side and waiting for the opening. It was shite, I hated it and I have no desire for 100% pass accuracy across the board and it wouldn't have been 5-0. I'm increasingly disagreeing with more and more of Ricky's opinions. Used to be on board with a good few of them to be honest. Still interesting viewing though - never know what he's going to say 😂
Casey Mckenzie
Casey Mckenzie 5 dagar sedan
Nah this Ricky guy is mocking it now how is he commenting on pass completions
Thomas Carney
Thomas Carney 5 dagar sedan
how can ricky make matic man of the match he was crap all the way through the match i think i must be watching different games to ricky
Ayan huss
Ayan huss 5 dagar sedan
I told u last time fleck dan james is our best player in our history
norbert czelusniak
norbert czelusniak 5 dagar sedan
Martial was crap once again , his movement in the box is a joke , he’s not running but walking on the pitch , he looks not interested and lazy like always . Rick and Mark Goldbridge in the mud .
deezy duffers
deezy duffers 5 dagar sedan
Martial plays better with pogba
deezy duffers
deezy duffers 5 dagar sedan
I think his mothers name is MARY
don ole
don ole 5 dagar sedan
Deborah Lawson
Deborah Lawson 5 dagar sedan
yh but martial does not work hard enough
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia 5 dagar sedan
Rick is a student of the game. He should do analysis of games and send it United. There might be an analyst job there for him 👀
Nikos P
Nikos P 5 dagar sedan
Matic surprisingly was MOM.!
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 5 dagar sedan
How our standards have dropped 🙄
Daniel Coleman
Daniel Coleman 5 dagar sedan
Ricky's clueless about football
Emmanuel 5 dagar sedan
Ricky stop the bias towards Martial. He has been awful for us
Matthew 5 dagar sedan
I’m sorry this man is the most deluded man ever
Mario Louw
Mario Louw 5 dagar sedan
Talking over each other - I can never finish a Ricky and Flex interview because of this.
Rajeev K
Rajeev K 5 dagar sedan
You guys are so depressing without realising all teams are playing so much ..... arsenal could have drawn against city
2 Melo
2 Melo 5 dagar sedan
MATIC was awful? What is Flex Smoking...
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski 5 dagar sedan
Cavani has got the same problems as Martial in this team
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski 5 dagar sedan
The coaching is uselless so the players fell that they are on their own
james cox
james cox 5 dagar sedan
Funny how when it comes to criticising Martials bad performances Ricky needs to watch it again first...but when it comes to Bruno, Fred, Rashford etc he can slate them after watching it once 🤔 Ricky needs to drop these agendas before he’s dropped from TUS!
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski 5 dagar sedan
No servise for Martial all game, so he had to take the ball, beat two men and shoot under the bar when the keeper saved
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Κωστας Μπαμιχας 5 dagar sedan
Ricky let it go!!!!
Only Hooman
Only Hooman 5 dagar sedan
Bruno had no support with Matic and Fred behind him. We missed Pogba again.
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