Solskjaer Contract Doubt! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd and Solskjaer are back under pressure again as the criticism rolls in. Is it fair to criticise Solskjaer though and should a new deal be under threat for Ole? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 Chelsea vs Newcastle Watch Here
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Du Wir
Du Wir 7 dagar sedan
But Bruno Fernandes was a really good signing.
64mkb 10 dagar sedan
The problem with Ole is that he only uses a few players. Players on the bench don't get to play enough minutes. What must one do to get some game time?
Cooldre 10 dagar sedan
Herrea was an underrated and is a title winning midfielder!
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 10 dagar sedan
The players are tired and jaded, need a spark or something new. Bring in the academy guys and Amad. Rest Martial and play Rashford on the left
w1nky77 10 dagar sedan
Ole is not a top manager and should not be managing a top club. If he hadn’t played for us there would be no controversy surrounding this sentiment.
Neeks Sports
Neeks Sports 10 dagar sedan
The new crew aren't trusted because they weren't Solskjaer's first choices. Look at his first choices and ask yourself how many times he plays them: AWB, Maguire, Bruno I agree though, it could prove to be his downfall
Plamen Atanasov
Plamen Atanasov 10 dagar sedan
so 2 y of evedence don't count , we need 20 games more ???
Buffy and Angel clips HD
Buffy and Angel clips HD 10 dagar sedan
Let's be honest he's not good enough for United constantly picking the same underperforming bullshit players like martial and lindelof and even Rashford to an extent. This was the best chance at winning the league with city and Liverpool dropping points back in October , and these cowardly players have bottled it big time . Is that Solskjaers fault , no . But he keeps playing the same shite every game , no matter how bad they perform .
Stu77 T
Stu77 T 10 dagar sedan
Give ole another season take from there end may we will know then let’s see 😀think he stay myself board are with him plan to see
THR 10 dagar sedan
Ole out in summer.
Nishen Cris
Nishen Cris 11 dagar sedan
Ole is not a risk taker. He keeps picking the same team. His scared period! If you take the risk we might be on top or at least win the Europa league title!
Alan Fisher
Alan Fisher 11 dagar sedan
The hurt patch histologically ski because lyocell complementarily protect among a purple lumber. misty, previous reading
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 11 dagar sedan
What it is... there is no tactics to control games ..... we win games games because of player mentality and individual brilliance ... we can have the galaticos and still wont be consistennt
General Anal
General Anal 11 dagar sedan
Seb B
Seb B 11 dagar sedan
Stop wasting your energy on Ole Out. Our Board are the one to blame for damaging this club and what it stood for. Who would have said we'd be where we are at the beginning of the season. Yes, I am worried, we're getting dragged into a dog fight but our United culture is returning with the passion ole is bringing back.
kevin curry
kevin curry 10 dagar sedan
passion ???? What passion , ? losing semi final passion ? or getting kicked out of europe by a team liverpool dispatched easily last night passion ?
Yung Trey-p
Yung Trey-p 11 dagar sedan
Mark ole are more breaking the teams confidence bcuz he self lacks the confidence to make the right choices
Zid_Realist 11 dagar sedan
Mark goldbridge u are the biggest actor. Lowering the standards within the fanbase because you're afraid of losing subscribers and getting violated.
John Macqueen
John Macqueen 11 dagar sedan
Ole has done well but we all know he can't take this team any further. Absolute dogshit when it comes to game management.
Clarence NG
Clarence NG 11 dagar sedan
I loved the man as a player but as a coach I think Brendan Rodgers is doing a much better job.
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 11 dagar sedan
Mark says if we win the fa cup and finish second ole should get a 2-3 year contract. Then in his next breath says he knows ole won’t ever win a title. 🤦‍♂️
Joshua Jeffers
Joshua Jeffers 11 dagar sedan
Phil Leyland
Phil Leyland 11 dagar sedan
"Torres did it to Vidic one time"? He pulled Vidic's shorts down virtually every time he played against him.
Dave Oldschool
Dave Oldschool 11 dagar sedan
The Utd of old Ran and looked for open spaces, this Utd walks and stands around doing absolutely nothing Ollie needs to look at Chelsea new manager and what hes doing spot on
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 11 dagar sedan
Ole “ it’s time to go”
L Barrett
L Barrett 11 dagar sedan
Name a prem team that changes startung xi more than Utd.. we're definitely not overplaying the same team..
Phil Leyland
Phil Leyland 11 dagar sedan
What amazes me is, the players that Ole is accused of favouring, are the exact same players who frequently let him down. What troubles me is , he is not learning from his mistakes.
Preemo Heat
Preemo Heat 11 dagar sedan
36:02 Ole impersonation 😅
Zain Haider
Zain Haider 11 dagar sedan
DVB has done nothing since he has joined. I don't think he has done a pass that is longer than 5 meters. And he does seem to have that mentality of looking up and trying a long pass.
Zain Haider
Zain Haider 11 dagar sedan
@Toe Cutter I think he is doing a care taker's job. He has a squad bought by someone else and he is trying to send a team out. He doesn't have a good tactical sense and team performance is based on the form of the players. Not sure if I am a support of OGS or not. I don't think contract discussions should be stopped until the end of the season and based on final placement and trophies.
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 11 dagar sedan
Clueless. I bet you think ole is doing a good job.
Ken Brickley
Ken Brickley 11 dagar sedan
Great managers no when to change things and no when they have made mistakes, Ole seems to know neither. Also Bruno has saved him so many times and that is not sustainable.
Derell Baxter-Romans
Derell Baxter-Romans 11 dagar sedan
i LOVE ole, but the hard truth is that he isnt good enough, we need to use this time to get a director of football and scout the perfect replacement for summer
Ken Brickley
Ken Brickley 11 dagar sedan
This is going nowhere imho. Ole is tactically poor and seems unable to change so needs to go in the summer.
Paul Friel
Paul Friel 11 dagar sedan
Poor management team. Ole not the man for the job. Blame the board yes but a better manager would get more out of that bunch!! Alot of poor signings. Matic, fred, james, martial, maguire, lindeloff all poor, NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR UTD. Rashford outside left with shaw! Bring DVB into CDM role and let Mc Tom push on. Even Bruno's form as dropped in the past few wks, without him no creativity. Top 4 finish and Ole safe again.
7thNote Beatz
7thNote Beatz 11 dagar sedan
Nonsense lingard is not allowed to talk!!! How many chances his had unbelievable that guy
Aj 1
Aj 1 11 dagar sedan
Ole out is now getting boring change topic! Get off his D
kershaw2k11 11 dagar sedan
Lindelof looks like a boy in mans football he’s just being bullied
XOLANI DLOVA 11 dagar sedan
no matter which defender or Mid player we buy he will always pick the ones he likes no matter how bad they play. I dont think ManU can stay like this , we should play players that get the job done not the ones he likes.
Karla Boi
Karla Boi 11 dagar sedan
We will never win a major title with Ole its that simple. We should just respectfully thank him for his hardwork to getting us to where we are after Van gal and mourinho and part ways with Ole no new contract
PC PLANET 11 dagar sedan
Man u fans make me laugh they were top of league a few weeks ago a few bad results and ole is no good . Changing the management is not going to change results how many have you had since fergie left ?
abid rajah
abid rajah 11 dagar sedan
Get Ole out. Sooner the better. He is not good enough and never will be.
United-We-Stand 11 dagar sedan
But Ole has the 3rd best win rate in the history of Man Utd !!
Dutch Shepherd
Dutch Shepherd 11 dagar sedan
I do not think you understand football, we are in 2nd place. Teams with world class coaches with good teams are behind us. Ole is a fantastic coach but the team has to do the job something they do not do in many games. End and black paint everything Ole builds a team and the board of the club must help him..!!
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong 11 dagar sedan
A proper manager would try RB : AWB LCB : Shaw RCB : Bailly LB : Telles But we have a PE teacher so 🤷🏻
Amen Zerabruk
Amen Zerabruk 11 dagar sedan
I’m ole in we’re still 2nd in the leauge but I don’t agree with what he’s saying about lingard I want him to go West Ham and be used because I don’t want him in a Man U shirt agian
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal 11 dagar sedan
I am just waiting ole to go like many people watching some games the way team plays it's absolutely shocking there is nothing about ole no system just relying on players to do something special every game I am just gutted how many ametures mistakes he keep making.
Crimson Tyger
Crimson Tyger 11 dagar sedan
Blimey...can't listen anymore. Now just sensationalist crap like the 'hated' tabloids. Don't worry, I have the answer. We just need to win every game 10-0 and have billions and billions to spend and have God as our manager...rethink...even that won't be enough.
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 11 dagar sedan
“God” would be a better manager than ole. Come to think of it any mythical being would be how about doctor octopus.
Gift_RealG 11 dagar sedan
That Ole impersonation is hilarious
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi 11 dagar sedan
With the way we are playing i dont think we will get top 4 and no trophies again, if that happens no way can ole stay
TheImaginaryBeing 11 dagar sedan
How could a player have the drive to win anything when their manager says that shouldn’t even consider it?
Travor dicksont
Travor dicksont 11 dagar sedan
Mark stop sitting on the fence, why you want Ole out, but not now, wait until end of season, Ole out now, will prepare the new manager for the new season, to scout for players and get a playing style, it is either Ole out or not
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 11 dagar sedan
we have all the flair with no core we are terrible playing through the middle nobody dictates the game in that area we play teams that sit back and its the cbs that dictate things and they are not good enough we are desperate for a cdm and when we play a team that will attack we have nobody who covers the passing lanes like carrick did fred and mctommany do not read the game well their football brain is about 5 seconds behind someone like scholes
DuncYo 11 dagar sedan
If we’d beaten West Brom we wouldn’t be having this conversation?! So fickle week by week!! 👎 can’t believe getting rid of Ole is a subject !!! Disgraceful!!
Daniel Krivtsov
Daniel Krivtsov 11 dagar sedan
Told u United gonna ruin Telles Career.
Weaty15 11 dagar sedan
Have to agree with here Mark. Oles trust lies in the arms of a few and ultimately its going to be his downfall
Momo Raps
Momo Raps 11 dagar sedan
Plastic fanbase
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 11 dagar sedan
Great interjection in the discussion. Let me guess you’re one of the top red elite.
Jaime Jones
Jaime Jones 11 dagar sedan
He simply is not a premier league quality manager. Put him at Leeds or villa and they are probably bottom of the league. Tactically an amateur
Abdullah Asad
Abdullah Asad 11 dagar sedan
Lingard got the most chances possible and he failed horribly absolute dogshit
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 11 dagar sedan
I hope ole will be sacked. It was a great united player, but he is a poor manager. He picks always the same team, never gets chances to donny, never rests bruno, always puts in tuanzebe in the last minutes to make the opponent to score goals. He also transformed rashy from a talented player to Obertan. We need Allegri and a new director to fight again for the league
Alexual 11 dagar sedan
Ole in with a big grin 👍
Carl Ranger
Carl Ranger 11 dagar sedan
We are where we are in spite of Ole, not because of him.
Bill H
Bill H 11 dagar sedan
Thursday nights game should prove interesting from a selection point of view.
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal 11 dagar sedan
Why not Ole use two partnerships ... Maguire and Bailly ... and Lindelof and Tuanzebe ... 🤷🏽‍♂️... interchangeably..
Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFC
Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFC 11 dagar sedan
draws and such it's not mostly on Solskjaer It's the whole squad's job to perform and Refs being to bias and not give us penalties or correct free kicks in cruical moments, the lack of it kills our momentum
Mthokozisi Nyoni
Mthokozisi Nyoni 11 dagar sedan
ole = Arsène Wenger without fa cups
Mthokozisi Nyoni
Mthokozisi Nyoni 11 dagar sedan
@Alexual obviously when Arsène stopped winning the league
Alexual 11 dagar sedan
Did Ole win the Premier league as a manager and I missed it?
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal 11 dagar sedan
If we had won agst Everton and WBA we won't be having this conversation about Ole ... fine margins indeed ... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal 11 dagar sedan
Can't compare Man Utd and City Mark ... we are no where near their squad depth ...
Thurlo Ramirez
Thurlo Ramirez 11 dagar sedan
The Ole and Maguire conversation is pure Gold'bridge😜👌👌🤣🤣
pierrane suh
pierrane suh 11 dagar sedan
OLE needs to give Van de beek a chance, he could be an excellent CDM, if given the chance.
Micah Mclaughlin
Micah Mclaughlin 11 dagar sedan
Ole has hit peak at the club he has to go blud in the summer
United-We-Stand 11 dagar sedan
@Micah Mclaughlin It's your opinion, but that's all it is. whereas my point is a fact, how can a manager be as bad as you seem to think yet have the 3rd highest win rate on record ? it just doesn't add up my friend ! contradictory in other words 🤦‍♂️
Micah Mclaughlin
Micah Mclaughlin 11 dagar sedan
@United-We-Stand we wont win nothing with ole and his favouritism and 3rd highest win rate
United-We-Stand 11 dagar sedan
But Ole has the 3rd best win rate in the clubs history !
pierrane suh
pierrane suh 11 dagar sedan
Ole performs excellently well When he is criticized and put under serious pressure.
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal
Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal 11 dagar sedan
Ole should come out and say he didn't get the signings ... that he wanted ... and clear his name ... now he is taking the blame for our inept board ...
619 Trading
619 Trading 11 dagar sedan
Ole is a great man manager but he has no clue on tactics and knowing the strengths of his team...imagine if we can find a manager that can we would be seriously challenging for the title. I dont agree with Mark in blaming it all on the board... we are losing to relegation that the boards fault? Yes they are bad at least in the last transfer window...but seriously they bought Maguire for 80million...that says everything about the lack of a DoF.
Abs Corleone
Abs Corleone 11 dagar sedan
Stevie wonder could see ole ain’t good enough! But most these guys support blind faith.
Chijioke Ezenwanne
Chijioke Ezenwanne 11 dagar sedan
This Mark is such a crook lmao “I’m not OleOut” man clearly knows Ole isn’t the right man but fear of losing subs if says so won’t allow him to be honest. Always gets bullied anytime he says anything negative abt Ole 😂
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 11 dagar sedan
Yeah I can't see him leading us. He clearly has favorites. Does make changes timeously. He doesn't fill me with confidence
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 11 dagar sedan
100% facts.
Jonas Loïc
Jonas Loïc 11 dagar sedan
Dipankar Debnath
Dipankar Debnath 11 dagar sedan
Jon Waddell
Jon Waddell 11 dagar sedan
What about 5th place. No trophy
Damien Daly
Damien Daly 11 dagar sedan
watch us drop out of top 4
DRGUKIINAUGANDA2016 11 dagar sedan
Even Chelsea is already playing better than us. The idiot Ole just keeps smiling after losing. He thinks he has achieved sitting top of the league for a day. He entirely depends on individual brilliance. Infact the team shows glimpses of what it can achieve with a great coach. Ole was not good enough for Cardif and will never be good enough for Manutd. Infact Ole is proof that Glazzers don't like Manutd. They said if you want to win you sign the best. Ole is far from the best coach. Infact he is not a good coach but average. Mancity, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Liecester and even Southampton all have better coaches than us. It just so happens that we have way better players than some of them. He has not even improved a player at Manutd.
Joshua Kaumba
Joshua Kaumba 11 dagar sedan
I am tired of this progress less cycle
Manoj Panwar
Manoj Panwar 11 dagar sedan
Clapping is done by using both hand. In my opinion ur board is one side of the failure of club and ole's tactics is other.
Peter Duncan
Peter Duncan 11 dagar sedan
Come on Mark Please face up to it Ole and his team CANNOT do this JOB its to big for them look at chelsea go
Will Brown
Will Brown 11 dagar sedan
Here is the best way to describe Ole's United Roller Coaster. It goes up then goes down. This team does not have bounce back ability. If we did we would of beat Arsenal after that lose. Strap in because now it's on the down part again.
Dennis Yeo
Dennis Yeo 11 dagar sedan
Lingard never good enough for Utd. He plays better now bec teams set up differently against West Ham.
Cassian 11 dagar sedan
Standards are on the floor with this fanbase, I can't believe it. We've become the Manchester equivalent of Arsenal. 😭
Abdel Chowdhury
Abdel Chowdhury 10 dagar sedan
I feel we're even worse than that... At least arsenal fans were like that for a manager who won them titles... Not for a manager who goes on a run once a year... We are Mediocre United...
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote 11 dagar sedan
The board just need to buy it needs to be bought simple and we competing against Manchester City and Liverpool
blab dude
blab dude 11 dagar sedan
ole lawyers are back
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 11 dagar sedan
All of our issues started once he got the permanent gig and realized that he now had his dream job and that this was the peak for him, probably. He is terrified of losing the job and plays like a scared manager who would rather not lose than win. He is a perfectly ok manager. He belongs at a top club in Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, etc etc. United the the best. If we are going to happily sell players to buy better ones, why not apply that to managers? There is so much complacency and a lack of accountability at our club.
guALa sZn
guALa sZn 11 dagar sedan
Chelsea stopped the fairy tale BS n got a Proper MANAGER now they look convincing
Jabba the Hut
Jabba the Hut 11 dagar sedan
It's time for a new manager
Runganathan Naidu
Runganathan Naidu 11 dagar sedan
Tuchel has got the engine reignited at Chelsea, which Lampard could not do, 4 on the log. Moyes takes West Ham to third by thrashing Sheffield, and we lose to them. Our coaches are hopeless, Our top players are looking lost and fatigued. Our defences are shambolic. They have not improved our team.
Matt Handford
Matt Handford 11 dagar sedan
It's not necessarily Ole that's signing these players, it's Woodward. Woodward and Glazers out.
Anthony 11 dagar sedan
13:25 - I believe the answers you're looking for is that he uses momentum as a tactic. So when it comes crashing down its SO hard to get us back on track again, we usually need a stroke of luck and then we go on another run
vaughan lockett
vaughan lockett 11 dagar sedan
Teams understand how to play us , our home record was poor for some time. Two deep blocks or high press . You add to this the lethargic and nieve midfield reliant on one player..
Simon W1
Simon W1 11 dagar sedan
OGS had played players out of there best position just to keep the players happy by starting them. he needs to be a leader now a player pleaser. not OSG out but find his backbone
Anthony 11 dagar sedan
Ole hasn't overachieved with this team, that squad was perfectly capable of competing. The biggest problem is and was our centre back pairing and when that changed...what do you know we started picking up points again. But once again it's like Ole doesn't know what he's done to make it work and THAT'S why he will never be good enough
Anthony 11 dagar sedan
Ole will never be good enough to take us to the next level. Maybe he would have if he had helped himself by getting proper experienced coaches for what he wants to achieve but once again he's been extremely naive.
Retro Rube
Retro Rube 11 dagar sedan
Love Ole, but simply put... his chances to take us further... are, well... massively in doubt. All we do is go on runs. I want to see his vision with competent CBs, a top CDM and RW player... but if he’s not careful it will never happen, more over if he messes top 4 up.
Pxa. 11 dagar sedan
He should be backed by the board in terms of signings regardless of what he does. He hasn't been backed adequately, because we see major faults in that team. However, he does have players at his disposal in that squad who can improve us. He doesn't work with what he has, he just persists with what's not working. The football is atrocious too, so he deserves the sack. His coaches aren't doing him any favours either, and need to be gone ASAP.
keri Smith
keri Smith 11 dagar sedan
We all know it's the board but there never going to be in the firing line so it falls on ole.. ID give him till end of season if we Finnish top 4 and win something okay but then he needs to be backed if not then I don't think he can do much more with that team..
Micah Green
Micah Green 11 dagar sedan
A new contract for what ? Woodward should start talking to Nagelsmann and make preparation for Ole's departure. Second place and a trophy ? Mark, you need to wake up from Wonderland.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 11 dagar sedan
Mark this used to be enjoyable, now there are so many prats here that clearly no nothing about United, ruining it for everyone. Hlaf of your videos are addressing these idiots. WHne they get that attention, they come back Stop giving people attention that clearly don't deserve it.
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 11 dagar sedan
Ole has gone as far as he can go but looking at the young signings we've brought in i wouldn't be surprised if Ole is also part of the longterm plan by Woodward and SAF... Ole is not good enough... .
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 11 dagar sedan
6th to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd, and scoring a lot more goals. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the history of United. Give the man some time before stupidly calling for his head.
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