Solskjaer Got It Wrong! Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd drop points at West Brom and Solskjaer has to take the criticism for avoidable mistakes says Goldbridge. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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John Wigmore
John Wigmore 10 dagar sedan
Maguire said Man United are playing without the ref. Welcome to every other team in the league Harry. 11v11 you prat
Kishan Rai
Kishan Rai 10 dagar sedan
Ole is a joke
Cristiano Aviero jnr
Cristiano Aviero jnr 11 dagar sedan
Moving forward I don't think Ole is the man to take as forward. Why not do it when the season is over rather waiting for all to go wrong next season before we sack him We love Ole as a player but as a manager i have my doubt
Wyman Tan
Wyman Tan 11 dagar sedan
Try playing Mata, Eric and give the captain's arm band to Bruno.....
Uyo Ufuoma
Uyo Ufuoma 11 dagar sedan
This is what you all get you wanted Paul out how is life without him ?
Bernhard Reknes
Bernhard Reknes 11 dagar sedan
This channel is going in the wrong direction. No more likes from me.
Cousin Adam Utd4Ever Podcasts
Cousin Adam Utd4Ever Podcasts 12 dagar sedan
This channel is absolute dross of the highest quality!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
ps6 !
ps6 ! 12 dagar sedan
I think it's time to realise that ole is just inept and out of depth. His fault we are at the state we are in
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth 12 dagar sedan
He got it wrong again but let's give him until May just because
Chris Grathwohl
Chris Grathwohl 12 dagar sedan
This is why we aren't title contenders, and for the captain of the club to just give excuse after excuse and it will flood through the squad like a plague. Not good enough and not wanted at this club. Just like he got beat wfan 1v1, three himself to the ground begging for a foul that want there. Sell this mug Maguire.
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 12 dagar sedan
Whats wrong with Rashford left foot ?
Suprio Mukherjee
Suprio Mukherjee 12 dagar sedan
Was Gareth there to see Harry?
Suprio Mukherjee
Suprio Mukherjee 12 dagar sedan
How is Lindelof any better than Dalot? I wud have played Donny from the start and if nothing happened, i wud bring in MATA. And please stop being critical of David for once.
A C 12 dagar sedan
Thanks for this Mark. I was disappointed in the watch along and match reaction tbh. Glad you released this... Mark - love the content but you’d ignored Ole’s poor decision making. Maguire is HIS captain. The CB pairing is HIS decision. The McFred combo is Ole’s call. Slow substitutions are His call. Why work hard when you know Ole will back you regardless. You can only blame the board and owners so much. The board gave him Donny... PS... I’m starting to swing towards not renewing his contract, even if we finish second. We need to judge the circumstances rather than just the league position. Never been Ole out btw.
TheDevilsAdvocate 12 dagar sedan
“What plonker would come up with a conspiracy theory about united” klopp. Klopp is that plonker...
Seb B
Seb B 12 dagar sedan
Souness was right... we were shocking. Play Eric till he breaks (again)!
Cooldre 12 dagar sedan
I agree with Mark about Maguire running up the field with ball on the left side like he is a playmaker, then shirking duties at set pieces to mark big players!
Ivar 12 dagar sedan
we call it a drowoss
Dhan 12 dagar sedan
I’m starting to despise Harry Maguire... He’s not even a Man Utd player
Simon W1
Simon W1 12 dagar sedan
do you or anyone think rashford plays better on the right than he does on the left? and do you or anyone think martial plays good on the left? 🤯 I think Shaw and rashford has been our best partnership this season so why is rashford getting moved every other game!?
Nhan Nguyen Ngoc
Nhan Nguyen Ngoc 12 dagar sedan
Ole: "Of course no one knows this season, it's so unpredictable, life is so unpredictable. Anything can happen." No Ole, We can predict with high confidence that City will win the League
Manni Aujla
Manni Aujla 12 dagar sedan
It's with that same attitude he was happy to sit on a bench for most of his career behind Yorke, Cole, Nistlerooy, Rooney etc..
just me
just me 12 dagar sedan
Can you explain to Ricky please when he makes comparisons to city. City have 2-3 players behind the ball when rodri takes it off the centre backs. When it comes into mactominay or Fred they can't pass forward like rodri- so Bruno ends up coming deep to get it and then you need to see how many players are behind him. It's more like 5-6 and Bruno is on the halfway line still. So WE CAN NOT PASS LIKE MAN CITY IN THE OPPOSITION HALF WHEN WE ARE WE SETUP LIKE THAT
Nhan Nguyen Ngoc
Nhan Nguyen Ngoc 12 dagar sedan
Maguire thinks he is playing for Sheffield United
Rob Shan
Rob Shan 12 dagar sedan
Mu the great manchester football team can't demotion heading team what. What a disgrace. Oll must go. Enough. Fourth don't dream chelsea and arsenal are coming fast
Wale I Am
Wale I Am 12 dagar sedan
Great insight Mark!
Vintage HIFI Guy
Vintage HIFI Guy 12 dagar sedan
It pains me to say it, but United's 'success' this season is in spite of Ole, and not because of him. The majority of points gained have been a result of individual player brilliance in a moment, as opposed to tactical brilliance from the manager. The players are papering over the cracks of Ole's in competence , and Ole is starting to run out of luck, in that regard.
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards 12 dagar sedan
Every Don, Vic and Harry
Josh Colburn
Josh Colburn 12 dagar sedan
Could’ve played bailly and cured 50% of world hunger instead of buying Harry Maguire....
Zanos 12 dagar sedan
3:11 that's what she said
Marie Tedla
Marie Tedla 12 dagar sedan
Can you imagine, the same Man United team is managed by Pep or Koop ?
TONY KUMAR 12 dagar sedan
Don't understand why Ole does not want to give Van De Beek & Eric Baily more game time as they are truly lacking it
Phil Leworthy
Phil Leworthy 12 dagar sedan
Cavani not exactly banging in the goals .......
Morike Mokube
Morike Mokube 12 dagar sedan
We rarely score easy goals (tap ins). The last time we did was AWB against Southampton. We rely on stunners to win games.
Marc K
Marc K 12 dagar sedan
Maguire is Ass bro he's not better than lindelof
Morike Mokube
Morike Mokube 12 dagar sedan
You see those Greenwood crosses, Man City players would have been on the end of those. Yet their best striker, Aguero is not playing. Sterling is no number 9, neither is Gundogan. However, they have the awareness, Rashford and Martial don't have. I will spare Cavani this time because of his all-round work ethic. Even OLE mentioned this. These are tap in chances. 😤
ferrer chee
ferrer chee 12 dagar sedan
Ole Ole at the wheelbarrow!
Moonlight Graeme
Moonlight Graeme 12 dagar sedan
I’ve backed ole and turned a blind eye to a few bad results but I’ve had enough. Ole is tactically inept and his in game management is terrible. He constantly plays players who are out of form and that will be his downfall, we need a manager who can properly challenge for titles.
Phil Leyland
Phil Leyland 12 dagar sedan
It's the same old story, a lot of the United players are nowhere near as good as what a lot of the fans think. We defend poorly as a team and we totally rely on individual moments of skill to win games.
Stuart Mcculloch
Stuart Mcculloch 12 dagar sedan
Sorry to say OS has lost it, we are not going to move on with him as the manager.
User 1013
User 1013 12 dagar sedan
Get Maguire out of this club, his post match interviews are a joke! Just like his defending, he almost cost us the game.
EVERYTHING TUBE 12 dagar sedan
It's great to watch 80milliion pound 💷 defender playing in dog and sausage Sunday league
Mark Nugent
Mark Nugent 12 dagar sedan
Greenwood streets ahead of both Rashford and Martial, bring Diallo in, got to be better than Martial at the moment, alternatively give Dan James a few games, he is better than people think
Unknown B
Unknown B 12 dagar sedan
Just sell the fridge even if it’s just for 10m idk man he’s making us lose too many games. I had enough of him even if we don’t sell him just don’t play him I know we don’t have defenders but at least we don’t play a defender at the left wing.
Mark Nugent
Mark Nugent 12 dagar sedan
Starting to lose faith in Ole when he inexplicably keeps picking Lindelof over Bailly or Tuanzebe
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 12 dagar sedan
Maquire is our Allison
brandon gullyes
brandon gullyes 12 dagar sedan
Aside from football, Maguire seems very unlikeable
Mike Porter
Mike Porter 12 dagar sedan
Four ad-breaks in 12 minutes is too much, guys. Even on SEpost.
I.nathan 10
I.nathan 10 12 dagar sedan
I think Mark got aganed against Maguire
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 12 dagar sedan
When I watch Bruno and Cavani together after matches I get the vibe that they think the rest of the team are muppets and that they just have to make the most of a bad situation.
Jungle Souljah Mixcast
Jungle Souljah Mixcast 12 dagar sedan
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 12 dagar sedan
Our formation is 6-0-4
Yakubose 12 dagar sedan
Spot on regarding Maguire. Poor mentality.
Efi Brilovski
Efi Brilovski 12 dagar sedan
As long as Ole does not have job security, he will be a points Oger, he will be happy to end up with a point then risk and lose.
Dan 12 dagar sedan
What you don't mention mark is that he plays this way concede lots of goals but he still persists with it for some odd reason. Inept ?
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 12 dagar sedan
Poor rashford looks burned out to the ground. Played through injuries, was never given the time to recover and i think it’s after catching up big time with him.
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 12 dagar sedan
You need to man up n say it Mark ..his not good enough yet you never wanna say it
Sunny Toor
Sunny Toor 12 dagar sedan
I hope we get knocked out of Europa asap. I wont be watching it.
Raahil Mehta
Raahil Mehta 12 dagar sedan
mark looking sharp
Davey T
Davey T 12 dagar sedan
Ineptitude is another word.
Johan Ruinson Soy VIII
Johan Ruinson Soy VIII 12 dagar sedan
McGuire's so slow even his dive for the penalty seemed in slow motion. The Titanic sunk quicker.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 12 dagar sedan
5:16 funny thing is that it was a blatant offside call as well. Maguire was well offside.
TheImaginaryBeing 12 dagar sedan
I think ole fails to grasp that by opening up the space in midfield, we are more exposed by playing this 2cdm system and not more protected. Why we needed to be protected like this against wba only ole knows however
Ife Gabriel
Ife Gabriel 12 dagar sedan
If ole can start baily and van de beek then I feel the team would have a good run
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 12 dagar sedan
3:40 to me, Maguire is coming across as a whiny leader who tries to deflects any blame that can be rightfully put on him. He is really exposing himself as not really a responsible player let alone a leader. And United doesn't really have the excuses of injuries or anything because they had everyone at their disposal.
Stu77 T
Stu77 T 12 dagar sedan
Just fed up not good enough team performance was awful maguire no captain he should be dropped
Stu77 T
Stu77 T 12 dagar sedan
Lucky get point
Jefferson Mwamuye
Jefferson Mwamuye 12 dagar sedan
All our rivals got the better of westbrom i dont know what maguire was yupping about ?
gurney 12 dagar sedan
This team can't beat Sheffield Unitd or WEst Brom who are both at the bottom the league. Same dross every week, passing the ball to death and creating nothing. Rashford running into blind alleys, Martial strolling around achieving nothing. WAn Bissaker racing down the wing, stopping then passing back to the half way line. I could go on.
John C
John C 12 dagar sedan
Lindelof is not a defender. Weak in the air, weak on the ground, slow. At least Maguire is strong and good in the air. We need a quick defender who can defend!!
Sarvesh Raote
Sarvesh Raote 12 dagar sedan
Ole is going to be architect of his own downfall. Those two CBs are going to get him sacked. Drop them!
Superhuman 12 dagar sedan
Study of the game showed that they had no adaptability. If the conditions are windy, then stop trying to cross from the side and instead take shots on target. Rashford should have run in to draw the foul. Maguire is not the captain, he has no strategy. Give Bruno the captaincy, he can organise the players better.
William Devantier
William Devantier 12 dagar sedan
Harry Maguire is a coward and a disgrace to the badge and captaincy. As long as he is wearing that armband and playing every game for Manchester United, we will never win another Premier League or Champions League. He is an arrogant and naive player, who instills a horrible mentality into the young lads!
D K 12 dagar sedan
Facts of the matter is if we had two decent CB we would still be top.🤯
D K 12 dagar sedan
I think var is doing a good job don’t no what Harry’s on about sort your defending out.☝️☝️☝️👌
kyle swartz
kyle swartz 12 dagar sedan
Ole is Done..... no beating around the bush
D K 12 dagar sedan
Them two at the back we will drop more points than win.🥶🥶🥶🥶
James Cooper
James Cooper 12 dagar sedan
Man United are literally the Democrats. They blame everything but themselves. They are clueless and just keep trying the same thing expecting different results and when things get really hard, just start talking about racism.
James Cooper
James Cooper 12 dagar sedan
If a builder kept fitting your windows and they never kept out the wind, and you couldn’t see out of them. Yet he keeps picking them? The windows aren’t the problem. The builders are. Ole is the problem
Patrick Schofield
Patrick Schofield 12 dagar sedan
The future is not Olie sadly
Stan Amanze
Stan Amanze 12 dagar sedan
Someone should please sack Ole, he has nothing more to offer
tarn Bainbridge
tarn Bainbridge 12 dagar sedan
Did anyone see Maguires interview? What a disgrace!! Your man utd captain and he comes out with that interview taking zero responsibility for the loss! We draw because we played terribly and west brom should have finished us off in the second half on the break. He's banging on about not getting a penalty even though he was offside!!! We didn't deserve to win at all, anyone can see that. He's the worst captain we have ever had!!!
Peter McLaren
Peter McLaren 12 dagar sedan
and we let pochettino slip through our fingers to keep this fraud ole. madness
Munashe Chihlangu
Munashe Chihlangu 12 dagar sedan
You said west ham kkk
Dirty Diamonds House
Dirty Diamonds House 12 dagar sedan
De Gea is washed up, Martial is terribly inconsistent, Maguire highly over priced & over rated, Lindelof is just not good enough, Fred is too average and truth is though Scott is on a good run of form, is not a player that can win you the league in midfield. Ole is just terrible at his team selection and in game tactics & management. Henderson should start more often, Greenwood must start on the right and Rashford on the left, Maguire should play alongside Baily coz Magdelof clearly doesn't work, Van de Beek should come on earlier and more often and finally Ole needs to improve all round, stop depending on individual brilliance and cut out the mistakes
Colin Taylor-mathisen
Colin Taylor-mathisen 12 dagar sedan
Maguire is the softest centre back I've ever seen. He is so quick to dive and try and win a free kick instead of giving the cf a fight. He is embarrassing and pathetic.
toyz8ntus 12 dagar sedan
Pep: It was the West Brom draw that started our unbelievable run. Ole: 🤔 💡
back2reality 12 dagar sedan
it's not only the players who are making excuses, we also have many delusional fans who have low expectations. one of the most common excuses is we are no longer in the saf error get over it. total morons
Kee Keong Liew
Kee Keong Liew 12 dagar sedan
We are limited by macguire, lindelof, fred , mvtominay and Ole........4th place at best!!!@
Hmm 12 dagar sedan
Maguire need to grow a pair and stop making excuses when he's the one at fault again. He needs to come out and admit it's his fault
James Hewat
James Hewat 12 dagar sedan
I love Winebridge when he gets going!
Aniruddha Jawanjal
Aniruddha Jawanjal 12 dagar sedan
In 2019, problem was to unlock the low block. They say ole has not got creavtive midfielder, no quality striker, Fullbacks are not crossing. After signing Bruno, VandeBeek, Cavani, Telles. In 2021, Our problem is still to unlock the low block
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank 12 dagar sedan
The fact is ole has no invention as a manager. As Manchester United manager you’ve got to be able adapt and adapt to players form and he just doesn’t have the quality to take us to where we need to be. Where we are right now is ole Gunnar solksjaers ceiling as manager.
Chris Kinhart
Chris Kinhart 12 dagar sedan
Put old Harry on the market they might get ten million for him if they lucky ..Bruno captain .back line a disgrace ..forwards not much better ..manager rotating and change every week .what a joke ...sack ole now .no bollacks ..
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield 12 dagar sedan
if a defensive coach isnt brought in were fucked
Ali Umer
Ali Umer 12 dagar sedan
With pogba out it gives us a chance to give donny more games. But ole persists with mctominay and fred. Stupid little things like these are why i am ole out, i have been ole out since last season crystal palace at home when we lost 2-1. If this squad of players are in this position with ole imagine what a better manager would be able to achieve.
shimlis yimam
shimlis yimam 12 dagar sedan
Ole must gooooooo
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna 12 dagar sedan
Bad coaching! This squad is good enough for second. We're not as good as City, but second should be a given - as well as a decent cup run (by now we should have at least made a final). And, we should still be in the Champions League! The reason we're struggling to do this is poor coaching and a lack of leadership on the pitch. For a start, make Bruno captain and start playing Donny. Even with Gollum still in charge we'd see an immediate improvement!
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 12 dagar sedan
Sindo M
Sindo M 12 dagar sedan
Ruben Dias costed 15 mil less transfer fees than top it all he is on 120k and Maguire on, 4 mil of extra wages every year......i feel like crying
Aifasudin Abdalla
Aifasudin Abdalla 12 dagar sedan
Let's push ole to play bailey
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