Solskjaer's NEW RW Transfer Target! Man Utd News

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Man Utd are targetting a new winger this transfer window according to reports plus the latest on Kounde and Sancho. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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doire aintu
doire aintu 4 dagar sedan
Can you imagine our front 4 if we bought Haaland and Sancho? Rashford - Haaland - Sancho Bruno
sokin jon
sokin jon 5 dagar sedan
rashford and martial are finishers, that made me laugh , you should describe them like that you should say they get on the end of some passes lmao
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 6 dagar sedan
football The team can play.
doire aintu
doire aintu 4 dagar sedan
Realistic options we might get given the embarrassing nature of our board are , Andre silva up front,Declan rice( bissouma cheaper option) and go all out on kounde,konate
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong 8 dagar sedan
That’s what happens when you have a PE teacher as a manager. Bruno dragged this team to 2nd nothing to do with the manager
Tanka Shrestha
Tanka Shrestha 8 dagar sedan
This guy always start with high pitch voice. Stop listening it on headphones
sokin jon
sokin jon 5 dagar sedan
We are a cash cow for the Buccaneers. As long as there's milk the Glazers will pull at the udders 😑
TheShow 42079
TheShow 42079 9 dagar sedan
Jonny Dickson
Jonny Dickson 9 dagar sedan
Aren't we overrun with average wingers?
Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker 9 dagar sedan
Scrap all of United
Hello, Bye!
Hello, Bye! 9 dagar sedan
don't need sancho when we got diallo. you can trust that
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 6 dagar sedan
football The team can play.
sportsbillyjr 9 dagar sedan
cavani needs service you muppet
Gaming with Bobster
Gaming with Bobster 9 dagar sedan
City have won the league
Paul R
Paul R 9 dagar sedan
We do not have a right winger at the club. Replacing poor performers is one thing, but allowing only 10 positions to be filled is another. The priority is the right wing ffs.
k Se7en
k Se7en 9 dagar sedan
I do believe Mark is setting things up to be Ole out .
David 9 dagar sedan
Man poo in uefa cup, lol
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan 9 dagar sedan
The only one you can blame the board for is sancho because if we paid the fee, he would have come. Haaland and bellingham chose Dortmund over us and that is mostly to do with who our manager is. You can talk all you want but if we had a top manager, there is no way an ENGLISH youngster would go to Germany out of his comfort zone over the biggest club in the country. Ole himself managed haaland and he still got rejected.
Akeeme Kelly
Akeeme Kelly 9 dagar sedan
This guy always make me laugh 😂😂😂😭😭😭 keep it up Mark
S K 9 dagar sedan
I don't see why having some different formations is an issue personally, I feel like we should be drilling different plays and formations not just fitness. We'd have far more success if the team could adapt in game like going from 433 to 4231 vice versa when needed and understand why we are changing.
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] 9 dagar sedan
the point is that ole is not the first manager not to be backed and if ole doesn't want these players he should stop being a yes man but that doesn't also change some of dumb mistakes in game.
Wulf 9 dagar sedan
Realistic options we might get given the embarrassing nature of our board are , Andre silva up front,Declan rice( bissouma cheaper option) and go all out on kounde,konate
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 9 dagar sedan
We are a cash cow for the Buccaneers. As long as there's milk the Glazers will pull at the udders 😑
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans 9 dagar sedan
The reason why United don't create many chances is because Ole's tactics. So fucking restrictive
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 9 dagar sedan
The coaches are really bad, and Rashford, Martial and Greenwood as wingers need to create chances.
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan 9 dagar sedan
Dun even know why we bother with new signings. The team has decent enough players on the bench but can’t get a game cuz the manager is either clueless or too arrogant to use them. We have quality youngsters whose talents are being wasted by this manager. No players will thrive under this coaching setup.
WahWahWehWah 9 dagar sedan
Whos not coming this week?
StevenGamble55 9 dagar sedan
Kounde is tiny. Is he young enough for a growth spurt?
Joshua Ayanwole
Joshua Ayanwole 9 dagar sedan
But OleIn right? We are just vibes, freestyle and moments fc. No tactics, no system no style of play.
Joshua Ayanwole
Joshua Ayanwole 9 dagar sedan
@Toe Cutter bro I just hate how we play football man. It's so bad, I envy Manchester City and Liverpool.
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 9 dagar sedan
I guarantee if you give ole and his coaching staff sancho, grealish, and messi within a couple of months they would all look clueless. Ole and his staff are the problem.
1realmoor 9 dagar sedan
You want to always win no matter what you're playing for why so much hate. Just play hard regardless.
Garrett Goldsmith
Garrett Goldsmith 9 dagar sedan
How can u say we don’t create enough chances when we lead the league in goals?? Also, I’d take dembele over Kingsley coman. My top three would be sancho, dembele, then Kingsley coman. Sancho is the perfect player for this club. Yes we need to prioritize cb but if we sign one and are looking attacker it’s needs to be jadon.
United GBG
United GBG 9 dagar sedan
Love United Hate Glazer 🔰‼️
Jyotirmoy Pan
Jyotirmoy Pan 9 dagar sedan
Sancho and Bellingham are in a team that is currently 6th in the Bundesliga. We are second in the premier league.
Chrisxerri 9 dagar sedan
Can someone explain to me how we are making progress when we're 10 points behind city and can't beat West Brom and Sheffield United? I like ole but our board is killing us.
Chrisxerri 9 dagar sedan
@Alex Yumiseba I can't believe we're second. If Liverpool hadn't had so many injuries they would be above us. But imagine where we'd be if we had a competent board and a dof.
Alex Yumiseba
Alex Yumiseba 9 dagar sedan
We are second in the league, we were in a title race or still are depending on your perspective. We have better players under ole than Jose. But yes the board still can’t back our managers
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 9 dagar sedan
We need a left winger and a right winger. Plus a cdm and a cb
luke mcmillan
luke mcmillan 9 dagar sedan
More transfer bullshit news źzzzzzzz
Hasan Saddieq
Hasan Saddieq 9 dagar sedan
That intro had me laughing for 10 straight minutes 😂😂
Christopher Whiteside
Christopher Whiteside 9 dagar sedan
Maybe the board is at fault but does Mark not maybe think that United aren't a pull anymore and players don't wanna join them?
Derek Keogh
Derek Keogh 9 dagar sedan
Lol had to tune in for todays fairy tales transfer story ...o boy we have become the laughing stock of the globe...imagine being a player linked to a huge move only for to be told the pretend interest is from united ...o ok? United you say? Lol
Truth 9 dagar sedan
We shouldn’t be sticking to one formation. Play dynamic football and interchange formation like city.
The_Sceptical_ One
The_Sceptical_ One 9 dagar sedan
Our fans are becoming as toxic as aftv 🙄
Jason shields
Jason shields 9 dagar sedan
Give diallo a chance
Mark D16
Mark D16 9 dagar sedan
I think it has to be taken into consideration that we have players like, Bruno, Marcus, Mason, Martial and even Fred shooting while Cavani is on the pitch. So we are taken shots but maybe at the wrong time by the wrong players!
Anthony Wisdom
Anthony Wisdom 9 dagar sedan
There is no creation in our midfield. How can there be when we have McFred in midfield. We're a joke off a club adopting tactics like that. It's embarrassing!!
Jonathan 9 dagar sedan
would be easier, just to buy Dortmund.
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 9 dagar sedan
MU just signed two young right wingers Amid cost 30 k. We are also have Greenwood and Rashford who play on the right. Is it that hard to start putting in crosses, this is where working on the training ground comes in. MU need a CB as a priority.
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 9 dagar sedan
Mark sorry to say this but this is what LVG was trying to do build structure before style
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar 9 dagar sedan
If I could sign two players this summer, they would be David Alaba, and Raphina from Leeds. Raphinha would be a much better signing for Man Utd as he is a natural RW as Jadon Sancho is a LW.... we would be hindering Sancho by playing him as a RW. Raphinha is left footed, and extremely talented...he also played with Bruno at sporting, and they tore it up together
Truth 9 dagar sedan
We should buy Neto from Wolves!!! He’s serious attack and intelligent. He creates lots chances.
Saf 9 dagar sedan
rkujay 9 dagar sedan
Does anyone think Bellingham made the wrong decision? ' Ole, will I play?' ' Ummm.' I may be mistaken by I seem to have seen young Jude playing the Champions League yesterday... Glazers and their pitiful board out.
Daniel Mbewe
Daniel Mbewe 9 dagar sedan
Kounde wz trolled by halaad. Not interested in him
Daniel Mbewe
Daniel Mbewe 9 dagar sedan
Goldbridge ND has rantings. You think you know it all
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 9 dagar sedan
Mark talknig about how the goals "weren't Kounde's fault" but I can guarantee you that if any of those goals happened against us he would find a way to blame Magure, Lindelof or both...
Red Timez
Red Timez 8 dagar sedan
@rkujay and slower than willy’s wonderland animatronics
rkujay 9 dagar sedan
Those two are weaker than carnival Kool Aid.
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 9 dagar sedan
if the manager genuinely thinks United have a chance of winning the league with our defence,he's not right in the head lol.United will finish 4th at best,wait and remember what you read here
Raj shah
Raj shah 9 dagar sedan
What top player wants to play for an average manage like ole compared to brilliant managers at big clubs!!
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 9 dagar sedan
Neto is the player United need to buy, he is premier league proven and the best is yet to come from him.
LiamMufc100 9 dagar sedan
We legit should just raid wolves Adama would be a good option alongside Amad for the right wing and Neto is very solid and very young still I agree he would be good to go for
jordan m
jordan m 9 dagar sedan
The irony is David moyes west ham are playing better football then utd..
Mr. Walrus
Mr. Walrus 8 dagar sedan
Thanks Captain Obvious
Sebastian G.
Sebastian G. 9 dagar sedan
Hellu eblybody, welcome to THE UNITED STAND!!
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee 9 dagar sedan
Get pundit Scholes for biased advise on MU, can fly kite Paul!!!!
Tseyi Akonu
Tseyi Akonu 9 dagar sedan
Maguire was a planned signing, and still he is rubbish. Please let's drop this Cavani issue and focus on the positives until the season is over.
Ivan Ibhawoh
Ivan Ibhawoh 9 dagar sedan
Mark finally said the useless absolutely useless line🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ch3kz42 Яма
Ch3kz42 Яма 9 dagar sedan
Mismanegement at United is beyond belief
Mark "instantaneously" Goldbridge
steven woodall
steven woodall 9 dagar sedan
Sorry a couple of decent games by Sancho, i really think he's very overrated ps ive seen his games this season and my opinion hasn't changed
Miatalif3 9 dagar sedan
Jack Linford
Jack Linford 9 dagar sedan
Imagine kounde haaland and sancho
Darrell Brown
Darrell Brown 9 dagar sedan
Forget about a rw you wasters we have Greenwood we need erling braut haaland he’s the best
Divine WyFi
Divine WyFi 9 dagar sedan
Are you joking? Coman will not leave period. Even if he wants to hes that crucial to Bayern.
StarTom 9 dagar sedan
Spoiler: it’s Kingsley Coman
Adam Otto
Adam Otto 9 dagar sedan
Spoiler: its exactly what I looked for in the comments
Shyaka Andrew
Shyaka Andrew 9 dagar sedan
No. Ronald Koeman 😆
steven woodall
steven woodall 9 dagar sedan
Coman is a much better player than Sancho
CHOCCY BARR 9 dagar sedan
CHOCCY BARR 9 dagar sedan
Neeks Sports
Neeks Sports 9 dagar sedan
What's Cavani shots per game started? He's come off the bench a lot so is unlikely to register that many shots per game
Zubair Mahmood
Zubair Mahmood 9 dagar sedan
You bring Ronaldo messi halland and the rest with clueless solskjaer as manager and Woodward and glaziers in charge who bring in manager like solskjaer in it won't make any difference at all sad to say
olpo klm
olpo klm 9 dagar sedan
Real Sociedad will win ,becuase they have many chinese supporter
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 9 dagar sedan
1.3 shots a game? Thought you had the best creative midfielder In world 😂
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 9 dagar sedan
@Nightin Gale pogba Bruno and only 1.3 shots is embarrassing
Nightin Gale
Nightin Gale 9 dagar sedan
Our attacking system is dogshit
S Peled
S Peled 9 dagar sedan
0:36 tells you everything that is wrong - ole .
Laurentiu Roxin
Laurentiu Roxin 9 dagar sedan
Broooo...cavani is god in our team. He is not receiving enough passes! If he would played at City he would score 30 goals /season
Keeley Jones
Keeley Jones 7 dagar sedan
Did u watch the video? He saying cavani good but our brand of football does not accommodate him
Ville Starck
Ville Starck 8 dagar sedan
@Laurentiu Roxin dude he's past it.
Laurentiu Roxin
Laurentiu Roxin 8 dagar sedan
@Ville Starck wrong
Ville Starck
Ville Starck 8 dagar sedan
Not at this stage in his career.
Alex Glass
Alex Glass 9 dagar sedan
I hope we lose today, I’m having semi final ptsd.
Chris Loynes
Chris Loynes 9 dagar sedan
Great show today Mark send it to the Board
Ricardo Moran
Ricardo Moran 9 dagar sedan
Mark! Could you start putting timestamps of the topics during the livestream, that way those of us who don't watch live can jump in straight to the topics we want. No need to hear you gob on and on on hahaha
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 9 dagar sedan
Sandbox Studios INC
Sandbox Studios INC 9 dagar sedan
Mark going "helbrbd blahblahbah", "hello everybody" in the beginning just made my day...hahahaha
Andy Ferguson
Andy Ferguson 9 dagar sedan
Bunch of parasitic Glazing brothers and Mr. Bean, (Woodward). - what a combo. !! 🙄
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes 9 dagar sedan
Haaland, Sancho, Bellingham, dybala etc, these are mirages that Ole has just been showing, for quite sometime, to fool everybody & he is succeeding in it.
Fran Keily
Fran Keily 9 dagar sedan
Rashford is a finisher 😂😂🙈 LMFAO
Alan Mcmichael
Alan Mcmichael 9 dagar sedan
Mark ole is a pt teacher, his coaching staff are all failures so don't be surprised United are a joke. Their football is boring and the fact that United paid 80million for a donkey says it all
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald 9 dagar sedan
Hmm 9 dagar sedan
Mark is a rich prat, he got the secret lab chair and that's my dream chair😤
DBL Playss
DBL Playss 9 dagar sedan
Pogba will go for at least 80-100 million which will pay for sancho
David Bradley
David Bradley 9 dagar sedan
I would prefer to win a cup for the fans than achieve top four for the owners
Paul Yang
Paul Yang 9 dagar sedan
The biggest reason we don’t create chances is Ole and his lack of system and patterns of play but also the fact that we have wingers that aren’t wingers. Rashford greenwood martial are not wingers. Their first instinct is to score. Adama traore would be the smartest player to recruit cause although his stats have dropped this year he creates LOADS of chances for his strikers. That’s his first instinct, to assist. We need that.
Sergio Aguiar
Sergio Aguiar 9 dagar sedan
Mark shouldn't a part of this channel be reserved for people who want to change the world? Only the Glazers win out of our discussion about football.
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 9 dagar sedan
Ole out. Google Manchester United coaching staff and be prepared to cry.
George Rowley
George Rowley 9 dagar sedan
You’d 100% would take haaland and sancho for Bruno you loon
Daniel Paton
Daniel Paton 9 dagar sedan
The revenues continue to be high considering lack of Champons league, they do take most the profit from the club
Carlos Shiera
Carlos Shiera 9 dagar sedan
Damn but not even some positive analysis of anything, I know we are not doing well at the moment but god this was draining
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes 9 dagar sedan
Simply, Just sack Ole & you will see a huge difference for good. If that doesn't happen, then all the young & talented players of MU are wasting their talent & time under ole.
Bleachguy 9 dagar sedan
i felt sorry for martial and cavani the lack of service i think fred and donny with bruno be great no more lindelof and maguire but ole so predictable he wont do that and teams can figure us out and keep bruno quiet i agree its quality of cavani signing
lil kian
lil kian 9 dagar sedan
Don’t waist your breath you will not get Kingsley coman he’s a lw anyway
Febian Lim
Febian Lim 9 dagar sedan
Julen nagelsmann is special coach, maybe the best coach after Guardiola and klopp. If he is available in the summer we should sign him, even if we have to sack ole. Remember man city sacked manuel pellegrini after he won the EPL because Guardiola was available
RTL 9 dagar sedan
Sancho is decent. But there is NOTHING to suggest he is worth £120m. In Germany all clubs play with a high line the complete opposite in England. Dan James would look good there ffs.
Paul K
Paul K 9 dagar sedan
mate I've seen cavani miss sitters after good build up play twice agsinst arsenal
Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh 9 dagar sedan
With Donny out and Mctominay a doubt to start, Having Fred and Matic (two left-footed players in the pivot) will slow us down. we have seen this before they fail to move the ball quickly and especially balance is not there as both of them try to shift it to their left foot before making a pass.
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