Solskjaer's Transfer Backing! De Gea Leaving? Man Utd News

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Man Utd will back Solskjaer this transfer window and De Gea or Henderson will be leaving this summer according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Simphiwe Twala
Simphiwe Twala 3 dagar sedan
Sell De Gea, a club icon for real but we need to move forward.. Dean proved himself in a worst team and got the 2nd most clean sheets... Imagine if every time it was time to take a chance on a player we be afraid, we would never have replaced Beckham with Ronaldo and so forth... Give Deano a go, De Gea has been great but we are heading into a new future.. And the lad Henderson loves this club and I am sure will do great
Noahxking91 5 dagar sedan
I will be stun if u let De gear go...what has Henderson done he is life...he is just another English overrated player... I would rather buy Oblak than Henderson...
Da Da
Da Da 5 dagar sedan
Sold both Maguire and Lindelof and buy Striker CDM CB
Rising Storm 09
Rising Storm 09 5 dagar sedan
Nobody is going to pay either of there wages and you also need to have one of them want to leave which neither of them want to leave both want to be number one so its time we move on passed this one of them needs to leave and concentrate on defenders all thats happening is were feeding the media exactly what they want because everyone's talking about hendo or ddg and magulof are getting away with it becos the keepers are getting way to much attention
Richard Churchill
Richard Churchill 5 dagar sedan
Get rid of both & get Oblak 🤣😂
Weaty15 5 dagar sedan
That save against west brom was not world class Mark come on...
Weaty15 5 dagar sedan
That being said i do really like ddg so I don't even know where i stand on this
Zaeem Ghauri
Zaeem Ghauri 5 dagar sedan
Yh plz de gea he is bad henderson is good and sell grant for jan oblak and let grant play for a bit cuz he rarely plays
Moneychester United
Moneychester United 5 dagar sedan
Mark it seems we have agreed to a provisional deal with AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma according to Todo Fichajes. Is it true?
COC REX 5 dagar sedan
i was not able to add card to united stand picks contest this a fraud???
Sherwin lixn
Sherwin lixn 5 dagar sedan
This is fucking De Gea we are talking about, I cant believe they are actually even considering to sell him. De Gea is manchester united, you see De Gea, you see manchester.!
HANS HSN 5 dagar sedan
oh great, every team needs world class players to make them good
Hazzz Dot
Hazzz Dot 5 dagar sedan
De Gea gone please
taffelost 5 dagar sedan
If you go to reddit, Facebook or other man utd forums OGS has a lot of support. The United Stand is an echo-chamber. Whatever Goldbridge says his disciples will parrot, but make no mistake about it. The united stand does not represent the opinion of the supporters. Most supporters doesn't even know what The United Stand is even though it's the most important supporter channel on SEpost. We are however living in polarized times. That goes for politics and everything else you can have an opinon about today. Sports isn't excluded. It's the new times living with social media. It brews hate and polarized opinions.
Jarjr222 5 dagar sedan
Henderson was the keeper of the season last season with his defense nowhere near as talented as United’s...
Fitzroy Blackwood
Fitzroy Blackwood 6 dagar sedan
Henderson has not done anything to show that he deserves the number one position over Degea.
Loana Meza
Loana Meza 6 dagar sedan
Well Real Madrid did the same thing with K Navas just because he was latino. ✌️🇨🇷
Andy Huddy
Andy Huddy 6 dagar sedan
Whose this Eric bloke sayin get behind your captain Maguire cos he's a top defender....ha!.. get real mate he's total dross...and as Capt mancs are totally deluded...aswell as a side packed with cheats as per usual with man u sides you've got a manager totally out of his depth...and I mean totally
Toni Toni
Toni Toni 6 dagar sedan
Please look at Martial how bad he is!!! OUT WITH HIM!!! NO PASS CORRECT NO RUN NOTHING!!!!
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 6 dagar sedan
GGMU 🔴🔴🔴🔴
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 6 dagar sedan
This video was all about de gea and Henderson lol
javanie thompson
javanie thompson 6 dagar sedan
Mark these transfer news don't make any sense at the moment
John Roth
John Roth 6 dagar sedan
Enough complaining about degea/english bias. We know it exists. If they moved degea they can bring in a 300k a week player and not have spent anymore on salaries. Relax!
Oscar Svensson
Oscar Svensson 6 dagar sedan
Selling De Gea with a salary of £375k a week? Good luck...
Kslater23 6 dagar sedan
Solksjaer doesn't make top 4, he will be gone. He is one Bruno injury from that happening.
Noore Alam Siddique
Noore Alam Siddique 6 dagar sedan
I think De gea could leave Man utd and join another team
_. M4h3y
_. M4h3y 6 dagar sedan
De gea is in net with the chuckle brothers lindelof and maguire whereas hendo is in net with bailly and maguire obviously hendo is gonna be better he has nothing to save de gea always has to be ready
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 6 dagar sedan
How many great GK has United have that’s Brit in the last 30yrs?? Stupid bias from the media outlets & some of our fans, disgraceful really
Jon Davies
Jon Davies 6 dagar sedan
Luke Shaw is in my opinion one of the best defenders in the UK and as well as improving his fitness and his game on the pitch he has also overcome a serious leg break and a disgraceful amount of abuse! All of these issues in my opinion has made him a stronger better person and player! We all have our opinions but unfortunately certain people have no regard or respect for other peoples and their feelings! GGMU ⚽️🌍🌈🇬🇧💪🏼🔥🍾
Splarton MUFC
Splarton MUFC 6 dagar sedan
If we were thinking of getting rid of De Gea we would have to give Henderson a run of games to the end of the season to see how he gets on. For me if he proves that he commands his area better and his distribution is better then there’s a shout De Gea goes, his sweeper keeper effort is also not up to scratch if we want to play a high line as well
Alec Dukas
Alec Dukas 6 dagar sedan
I hope David watched The United Stand so he realizes how valued he is
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan 6 dagar sedan
De gea hasn’t cost us anything in fact dean Henderson did during Sheffield , so sit down de gea haters !
Alec Dukas
Alec Dukas 6 dagar sedan
I'll be gutted if De Gea leaves us. Comfortably my favorite player of the past 7 years.
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 6 dagar sedan
BTW Mark mings is an upgrade on Mcguire and lindelof. Even as our 5th or 6th choice in the transfer window, he will be an improvement on what we have
Keith Joseph
Keith Joseph 6 dagar sedan
De get to go Henderson is the better keeper an his English
Gypsy Pinto [Student]
Gypsy Pinto [Student] 6 dagar sedan
nah you can't be a yes man, plus ole is not a manager like a pep or klop stop saying if he was backed, if I'm being honest we are the 4th best team in england so this crap must stop
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 6 dagar sedan
This is the English media trying to protect Maguire.
Multibox01 Delivery
Multibox01 Delivery 6 dagar sedan
I think u are correct. Ole is not a selfish person when it comes to United. He is 100 % loyal to making this club a winner again. It takes time, a mature and tactical approch to the issue w backing etc
samgzag11 6 dagar sedan
Don’t forget De Gea wanted and was ready to leave. The only reason he is here is because of his stupidly high wages.
Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon 6 dagar sedan
No the only reason he is still here his because Real Madrid fucked up the paperwork and we would have had Navas any way if he went plus you can not fault de gea a transfer back to his city of birth where his family are
kevy kev
kevy kev 6 dagar sedan
Mark gone do a segment on how good lingards playing for westham.. and would u bring him bk after lone if it continues?
Jack_2023 6 dagar sedan
None of them are going anywhere. No one will buy de gea and pay him 350k and no one will buy Henderson and give him 150k not happening, it’s just an example of how poorly the club is run
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 6 dagar sedan
I hope it’s not empty promises from the board as their normal track record !!!
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 6 dagar sedan
People on here saying send Henderson on loan have a short memory. When Sheffield United wanted a loan extension at the end of last season he started pushing to leave. DeGea is technically the best keeper but Henderson commands the box better. I would sell DeGea and keep Henderson.
alex perez
alex perez 6 dagar sedan
Hendo can go
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield 6 dagar sedan
Tbh de gea should not be on 350k we should of let him go for free another poor decision
Connor Pannell H
Connor Pannell H 6 dagar sedan
Hate me for this but IMO I’d rather have Henderson over de gea
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 6 dagar sedan
BTW Mark mings is an upgrade on Mcguire and lindelof. Even as our 5th or 6th choice in the transfer window, he will be an improvement on what we have
Phil 1211
Phil 1211 6 dagar sedan
Do Rashford, Maguire, Shaw. Tuanzebe, AWB, Greenwood etc. not get criticized?
BEE Bailey
BEE Bailey 6 dagar sedan
Miatalif3 6 dagar sedan
The club will never lose the real fans no matter how bad we did, that would just show the fake glory fans and there is fucking loads of them
Miatalif3 6 dagar sedan
@Michael Kung legend 👏🙏 never matter what hapens forever UNITED!!! ALWAYS RED👹👹👹
Michael Kung
Michael Kung 6 dagar sedan
I support Man Utd during the George Best era, I’m still supporting our team in thick or thin💪
Dave Eccles
Dave Eccles 6 dagar sedan
Stop being so negative mark
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 6 dagar sedan
Mcguire is so bad hes always opening up the goalkeeper debate. With better defenders de geas stats will automatically be better. How people can defend that fridge, I don't know
Moham Media
Moham Media 6 dagar sedan
Even if united finish top 4, Ole dont deserve a contract, they should sack him men. i will never expect united to win any trophy unless they sack OLE.
New Happiness
New Happiness 6 dagar sedan
United are 2nd because of De Gea, sell Henderson n keep De Gea and Romaro
Reece Goatley
Reece Goatley 6 dagar sedan
My understanding of this Deano vs De Gea is we will loan Deano and keep David or just sell David. If we sell Deano that’s just stupid because then we will buy a keeper a few years later when De Gea gets too old.
Galvatron Cartman
Galvatron Cartman 6 dagar sedan
Why can't we loan Henderson out for a couple of seasons How about give West ham lingard, let them have Henderson for a couple of seasons and we get Rice.
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes 6 dagar sedan
Win some unimportant games & loose all important games. That's Ole's progress overall, this season
Madxgamer89 madplayz
Madxgamer89 madplayz 6 dagar sedan
I’m not tryna disrespect the goat but I think it’s time for ddg to be dropped and everyone keeps saying he’s still good but these little mistakes is whts costing us so I think it’s time for dean to start in prem
Rumel Ali
Rumel Ali 6 dagar sedan
Let's be honest after fergie left no manger has had the backing of the board so Olli is no exception. .I hope Olli is here for a long time and let's the youngsters play win lose or draw at least we know he tried as did all the other managers did too but in reality let's hope Olli is the best after fergie. .
Mohamad Mekary
Mohamad Mekary 6 dagar sedan
Hope we get rid of de gea. He is like boneless in the 6 yard box and never come out his comfort zone. Henderson is dominant and full of character. Captain material !!!
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 6 dagar sedan
Hakimi can play RB and RM
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 6 dagar sedan
Dean Henderson is the future
denis omahoney
denis omahoney 6 dagar sedan
More bullshit ..he’s gone if we don’t stay in the top 4 and rightly so ..I’m sick of the excuses we all know the Glazers and Woodward need a good arse kicking ...but Ole keeps fucking around with the squad with his tactics ..
brown west
brown west 6 dagar sedan
Mark Yesterday was questioning the standard because some fans laughed at Liverpool losing and now he is saying a yes man and “work in progress” manager is good enough. Before you criticized other people’s standard have a hard good look at your self
Ayvree 6 dagar sedan
It’s soooo good to hear somebody from the uk talk about England over hyping players
Rod Elkin
Rod Elkin 6 dagar sedan
Don’t think Ole would recognise Woodward he’s only seen his arse
Z 6 dagar sedan
Sell De Gea . Most of the games we need chase back to win the game because he concede the goals . Many would say defenders fault that concede goals because they not hold enough but our own keeper had drop off
Abdullah Majeed
Abdullah Majeed 6 dagar sedan
Get rid of ole he’s not good enough just relys on individual brilliance
Faz Patel
Faz Patel 6 dagar sedan
Ollie the whalley
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 6 dagar sedan
Sell Henderson. The club might want to sell deGea to cut down on wages bill
Unais tP
Unais tP 6 dagar sedan
കേട്ടിട്ടിണ്ട് കേട്ടിട്ടുണ്ട്😌😌
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes 6 dagar sedan
Henderson kept well in the last Match.
Gunslinger Oy
Gunslinger Oy 6 dagar sedan
I don't think it hurts to have the debate. Put forward your best arguments for each side. I think Dave's position would be immensely stronger if he wasn't the best paid player in the squad by a long way and the best paid goalkeeper in the world. Yes, also we love our youth. We always have at United.
Robbyfilm 6 dagar sedan
What Dea saves us in brilliant hollywood twitch saves, he gives up in lack of muscular punch outs and making himself big in the box. I could change it.
Wayne Fernandez
Wayne Fernandez 6 dagar sedan
Getting rid of DeGea will be the biggest mistake Manu will make.
Anoop Aulakh
Anoop Aulakh 6 dagar sedan
If we’re gonna talk about de geas mistakes from two years ago let’s talk about de geas 5 players of the year
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield 5 dagar sedan
@Arnav Rishi what?
Arnav Rishi
Arnav Rishi 6 dagar sedan
@Louis Bonfield Newcastle game mate???
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield 6 dagar sedan
Its true but if a player declines u cant just keep backing them because of past quality
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 6 dagar sedan
"Got backing"...yeah right, Ole says the same thing before EVERY transfer window & ends up with mostly 4th or 5th choice lower tier players & totally missing out on the top class players. I will believe it when I see it.
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes 6 dagar sedan
Along with some players, Ole also should be transferred or loaned to some lower table teams to learn the art of coaching, non manipulation at the press conference after defeats, & sensible buying of new players.
steven woodall
steven woodall 6 dagar sedan
Crazy to sell Henderson he's the future. De gea is in decline
Ciaran Kinsella
Ciaran Kinsella 6 dagar sedan
Loan henderson for another two years. It's like rice and freakish, little said when they were irish now they opted for england talked up all the time
Gunslinger Oy
Gunslinger Oy 6 dagar sedan
To counter because Mark was quite biased. Henderson was the best keeper in the league last season. Does de gea do enough or even anywhere near enough to warrant 350k every flipping week?
mircea grigore lazar
mircea grigore lazar 6 dagar sedan
De Gea has had few shaky games but he is a world class goalkeeper. Henderson is also actually impressive. It is a very hard decision! No club would think about replacing a keeper like degea but its also hard to lose one like henderson. I’m not envying Solskjaer in having to make such a decision. I think they should to keep DeGea but the pressure is huge, and if he messes up after being kept for next season it would a huge scandal, and with no other goalkeeper to fall onto.. it’s hard!
Ozzy Singer
Ozzy Singer 6 dagar sedan
Fact of the matter is I see flaws in Henderson. There is just something about him that I am still far from convinced on. De Gea has to go folks. We have sold a lot of players much better than him. Becks, Ronaldo Van Nistelrooy. We cannot live in the past glories, David looks disinterested. The center back issue is solved whenever Bailly and Maguire play together Lindelof should be second choice only. Martial should be sold. He is an Arsenal or West Ham type player not United, this year e have seen nothing from him AGAIN. Greenwood is our future Rashford Greenwood and Diablo we can rule the PL trust me onnthis, everyone sees this but us. Diallo showed in his cameo that the search for a right wing is over.
Ozzy Singer
Ozzy Singer 6 dagar sedan
Sorry about auto correct Diallo
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 6 dagar sedan
Get a keeper happy to sit and earn wages? We already have that kind of player in Phil Jones.
Chrisxerri 6 dagar sedan
Also luke Shaw is the best defender at this club, by a long way.
ginova11 6 dagar sedan
If this club ships off DeGay for ANOTHER overrated Brit, even after the Harry Mertersacker disaster, then they’re 100% hopeless.
david Stirton
david Stirton 6 dagar sedan
hendo should of been loaned again ,romero sub keeper
Shyaka Andrew
Shyaka Andrew 6 dagar sedan
Wouldn't be suprised if the back up GK was Romero 😆
Typical Starky
Typical Starky 6 dagar sedan
love deano but he gott ago out if we are comparing dave
Arpan Chatterjee
Arpan Chatterjee 6 dagar sedan
De gea is GOAT
Karzan Faiq
Karzan Faiq 6 dagar sedan
to fix our problem 4 ever we must get in all position like : dejea out donnaruma in lindelof out CB left foot DMF : D. Zakaria or D. Rice RWF : K. Mbape C: Halaand
Chrisxerri 6 dagar sedan
If we sell De Gea, then we have to sell maguire, lindelof, mctominey etc. De gea has been one of our best players, yet people are happy to sell him and keep players who've been average at best. What we should do is sell Henderson but with a buyback clause. That would be clever and show that we are our own club not puppets of the British media.
AK7_Natorz 6 dagar sedan
Roy Keane has been giving david de gea hate and stick but mark will never say Roy Keane is being bias
Richard Duff
Richard Duff 6 dagar sedan
De gea needs to go
Kaylan P
Kaylan P 6 dagar sedan
For me with Deano and De gea Henderson has the potential to be one of the best keepers in the world for the next 10 seasons not with De Gea and last season Henderson was the better keeper last season anyway I like De Gea but it would be foolish to sell Henderson now same thing with getting Kounde instead of Ramos
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 6 dagar sedan
De gea lost his form when he sacked his personal coach
Jude Patrick
Jude Patrick 6 dagar sedan
He just got man of the match against West Brom ?
Typical Starky
Typical Starky 6 dagar sedan
I'd cry if degea left
Chico Chico
Chico Chico 6 dagar sedan
I always believed that we should’ve loaned Henderson out again.
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 6 dagar sedan
I f they mentioned another loan to Henderson he would have pushed to leave. He's after the no1 spot and will get it make no mistake. I believe that technically DeGea is better but Henderson commands the box like Schmeichel used to.
Daniel Jolly
Daniel Jolly 6 dagar sedan
Loving the work mark and the rest of the guys on this subject is sell Henderson dave is one of the best and In hes prime get £25-£30million for hendo
Marco 6 dagar sedan
Ole the checkers player wants to make chess moves. Ole may have a sense about how the game is played and might know some of the chess pieces at his disposal but he is a man without ideas nor tactics.If United are to join the elite teams there is really only one important move we first need to make.
Brian O'Gorman
Brian O'Gorman 6 dagar sedan
De Gea peak was between 2014-17. Age has nothing to do with it. Michael Owen peaked at 21, Casillas peaked early 20's. Glaziers will take the the €40m from Henderson sale everyday. I would keep Henderson, best years in front of him. De Gea wages are ridiculous, £375k/ week for GK. Hardest job in football is score goals so forwards should be highest wages normally
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