Solskjaer Wants THREE Signings! Man Utd News

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Man Utd are still undecided on summer transfer targets according to reports. How can Solskjaer improve United with such indecisiveness. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Panashe Bhunu
Panashe Bhunu 5 dagar sedan
We need Halland,Sancho,Varane and Ramos
Pedpost Urgent Care
Pedpost Urgent Care 6 dagar sedan
FWD In: Grealish & Sancho (not priority) Out: Mata, VDB (loan) Midfield In: Marcelo Brozovic, Declan Rice Out: Pogba, Matic Defense In: Kounde (priority) Out: Rojo, Jones Six signings imo
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris 6 dagar sedan
Sir Alex work in progress took four years before it bore fruit and the rest is history Ole s is definitely showing progress no doubt about it...Patience please and you Will be rewarded...👹
Al Capone
Al Capone 7 dagar sedan
What a little sausage he is 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee 7 dagar sedan
Anthony Martial should go to Arsenal and be a legend like Thierry Henry all to thanks to Paul Scholes. Ole next season you are in danger of chop if your ear are too light!!!
soto 7 dagar sedan
Kounde / Rice / Sancho. I wish lol
Rod Elkin
Rod Elkin 7 dagar sedan
Ole only needs three more 100 mil players and five years to complete his project 👍
calum evans
calum evans 7 dagar sedan
I really enjoy your shows but I think today u were wrong we don't need another midfielder, van de beek is sat there on the bench, we have fred, Scott mc, bruno, plus we have the youth midfielders coming through, Manchester United will end up buying a midfielder thinking pogba will leave and he is will stay then that new midfielder will be on the bench like van de beek. Why don't Manchester united put fred and van de beek together as two cdms, van de beek has played there before at ajax and his tackling numbers were high so with Fred it can be like both good tacklers but van de beek could help fred as he is more comfortable on the ball. However Manchester united need a striker because cavani isn't a long term option, a right winger because teams know that all our creation is on the left. Also we need a cb. With covid times Manchester united are not gonna buy all three of these positions it's facts. If we do then fair play but it won't happen!!
jimmy andreou
jimmy andreou 7 dagar sedan
Stop kidding ourselves we know what’s gonna happen. Only signings we get is vdb and diallo and maybe some unknown, and pogba leaves.
XO XO 7 dagar sedan
So they can bench them ? 😂
Joseph M
Joseph M 7 dagar sedan
Manchester United ruins Bruno’s chance to win the ballon dor
FifaFc 7 dagar sedan
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Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside 7 dagar sedan
So mark has finally seen what dan james is, us with knowledge have been onto him a month after watching him
Muhammad Raziq bin Yusri
Muhammad Raziq bin Yusri 7 dagar sedan
We will not sign both haaland and Sancho......the board will force us to choose one might be sancho
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside 7 dagar sedan
Vdb is pogba replacement, he will carry on using fred, mcsause & magic plus use say a garner, this is not my choice I just know Woodward how he works especially now got a excuse with covid, & ole does as he's told
Kurmir Defreitas
Kurmir Defreitas 7 dagar sedan
CDM.. we needs that midfielder to boss the mid, like really REALLY NEED A CDM!!CB as well & Sancho & striker can come after.. CDM & CB is a MUST..!! Also dean Henderson commanded his defense last game so i believe he is coming for de gea spot.. Dave gots to look out 👀 Dean coming for it
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 7 dagar sedan
sell de gea, jones, dalot, matic, mata and cavani
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 7 dagar sedan
Harry Kane, Jack Grealish, Jadon Sancho, Erling Haaland & Declan Rice are too expensive at present due to the times and Ole & the board have to buy smart in the recruitment department, so being sensible would go along way when it concern the Club's development. There's other qualities out there at a reasonable price, so it best to search and invest well for the future. Also Haaland will go to barcalone, Bayern, Chelsea or Man City due to his relationship with his Daddy & Agent!
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 7 dagar sedan
Next Step: To improve the Squad in the Summer Windows. Time to cut out the Mediocrity & Sentiment out the Club, where depth and competition for places is needed. Man Utd Squad needs more refreshing but with Lingard, Jones, Rojo, Mata, Matic, Dalot, Grant, Romero, Joel Pereira, Maguire, Lindelof & a, Fred at the Club shows that we lack the necessary ambition to go to the Next Level, Challenging for the Title & more. Time for them to move on. A keepers Clear Out is needed too due to standards have dropped. We have to consider Fred & DeGea for a possible departure, we must keep Bailly & Andreas Pereira where defending & cover for Bruno is Priority. We also need at least 5-7 more players e.g. GK, 2CB, DM, CM, RW, LW.& ST and at least 10 players need to move on by the summer!
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 7 dagar sedan
Ole has said that David De Gea is the best goalie in the world, so if anyone's going to leave it's got to be Dean Henderson.
Hermes Solomon
Hermes Solomon 7 dagar sedan
Looking forward to watching SAF documentary...Never Give In!!
KeGGs 7 dagar sedan
I think niakhate would be good he’s fast young, tall and good on the ball and he’s been playing really well this season
Chillis N
Chillis N 8 dagar sedan
kounde rice n ramos
Farhan The Gamer
Farhan The Gamer 8 dagar sedan
We should need a cdm because and a cm because pogba is gonna leave this summer and mctominay is a box to box meidfielder
sulabh sharma
sulabh sharma 8 dagar sedan
locatelli will be a great CM for United.. Can Lidelof be turned into a CDM ?
United-We-Stand 8 dagar sedan
Work in progress ?? yes of course it is Fergie took five seasons to produce a PL winning team ! and three seasons to win the FA Cup. Fact haters keep away unless you are saying I am wrong after checking these facts !
Man Lip11
Man Lip11 8 dagar sedan
We are not gonna win a title with Fred or mctominay in the MF, we need creativity apart from Bruno . we should keep pogba and get soumare/rice/ndidi. Centre back: varane/kounate/kounde Rw: sancho Deadwood out: mata,lingard, pereira,matic, jones. If pogba goes get calhanoglu he is free.
Disasterpiece 6
Disasterpiece 6 8 dagar sedan
I agree with the super chat about greenwood, he looked nervous, twitchy, not really in the mood for an interview, maybe cause he ain't scoring, maybe cause the club has gone awol about his off the pitch behaviour, whatever it is we have ravel morrison as the example to not follow, we need to look after the youth at all times, hopefully the club are putting him in tje spotlight to realise what he'd be throwing away 🤔
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks 8 dagar sedan
I think the term working process may be taken the wrong way, every team has room for development
Harry Mathew Severino
Harry Mathew Severino 8 dagar sedan
as much as everyone are rating Kounde as a potential player target for man utd, i do believe that he will improve the club but i just don't think the club should go for him because of many reasons. one is that because of his somewhat shorter stature standing at only 5' 10 that could be a liability in terms of aerial battles. also we need a very commanding cb, someone who is willing to put his body in the line for the team cause maguire defensively is not that good.
David-park11 8 dagar sedan
Wait so people in England don’t smoke weed? Y’all smoke fake weed correct? K2? Lol damn y’all need to leave England and come to America I’ll roll one up for y’all
David-park11 7 dagar sedan
@Mick Moore I figured it was the same every where lol but good old mark.
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 7 dagar sedan
No, Mark is ex 5-o hence the stink eye. You can get good green here if you know where to look.
Bluhtingaling 8 dagar sedan
want Kounde and Sancho.....reality next season Adama and Mings have signed
Bluhtingaling 8 dagar sedan
Diallo looks and plays like a 12 year old...stop hyping the poor lad, he’s so far off playing in the premier league it’s ridiculous
D F 8 dagar sedan
Ole is the future of MUFC.
Thomas M.
Thomas M. 8 dagar sedan
A Fat blunt at 4 am 😂
Christopher Whiteside
Christopher Whiteside 8 dagar sedan
Shout out to the lad smoking a fat blunt 😂
Rogue 8 dagar sedan
I refuse to believe Mark doesn’t know what a fat blunt is
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 8 dagar sedan
Ole's naive enough to believe McFred is all we need.
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 8 dagar sedan
Bushquetes from Barcelona
Edward Reid
Edward Reid 8 dagar sedan
Sell De Gea he’s nowhere near as good as HENDO and he’s the future . How the hell is de gea even at united now
Edward Reid
Edward Reid 8 dagar sedan
Dan James has a future at UTD as a decent bench player . Also I noticed u r one heck of a negative arrogant man , anyone who does a super chat that disagrees with u , u dismiss them rudely .. these are ppl who pay ur wages !! As soon as u leave this channel and leave it to flex and KG the better . Ur very limited on ur football knowledge to say the least
Nate H
Nate H 8 dagar sedan
Dean is our next keeper. Ole knows that. De Gea is still a solid keeper but he’s not worth over 300k a week.
Jsmcr89 8 dagar sedan
We've got Bruno.... That's it the rest aren't good enough
Edward Reid
Edward Reid 8 dagar sedan
We need a proper number 9, Cavani only one year left tops, or promote greenwood to number 9... do not play RASHY at number 9 his finishing is not top notch , as for martial I’d say sell him or bench player at best as he’s def not number 9 material . We need a proper winger . A top CB and a proper CDM . Stay away from Ronaldo it’s just sentiment and no future in it... Haaland is who we need. Donny will replace Pogba and do a better job.
Steve Church
Steve Church 8 dagar sedan
team for sunday if fitness allows- de gea, awb, tuanzebe, bailly, shaw, dvdb mc tominay, bruno, greenwood, cavani, martial. 4231 cavani st, subs, henderson, telles, williams, fred, Diallo. rest maguire, rashford, lindelof.
S L Jones
S L Jones 8 dagar sedan
Lindelofe and maguire are back together for Newcastle it's comfimed. OLEOUT
Pranay Singh
Pranay Singh 8 dagar sedan
Because Ole is not smart enough.
Noah Simmonds
Noah Simmonds 8 dagar sedan
Dont play the europa league
choby02 8 dagar sedan
Ole’s right, we’re a young team improving, going in the right direction. Ole doesn’t even have a RW in his squad which he wanted so we had a solid front three, so to be fair ole’s doing just fine
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 7 dagar sedan
So talk me through his in game management. Also his persistence with mcguire and lindelof
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 8 dagar sedan
Umpamcano is very good
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 8 dagar sedan
Kounde not good enough
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 8 dagar sedan
Kounde not good enough
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 8 dagar sedan
Plz not declain rise
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 8 dagar sedan
Lindelof at CDM?
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 8 dagar sedan
Get rid of some deadwood Jones matic lindlehof Mata
Jack Lynchy
Jack Lynchy 8 dagar sedan
For cf just extend cavanis deal, kounde fo 60 and sancho for 80 is 140, hopefully we can either sell jesse for 20 or use him as part of a rice swap, dalot 8-10, pereira 5, chong 10-15, james 15-20, thats 70 million if the board are competent, but theres no hope, then the pogba cash for his replacement
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 8 dagar sedan
We need to play that attacking style
Shaquille Forde
Shaquille Forde 8 dagar sedan
Hail from Barbados 🇧🇧
Pass me the burner x3
Pass me the burner x3 8 dagar sedan
our board are just stupid af!
PrimePresents 8 dagar sedan
Don't know what one of them is 🤣🤣
Magnus N
Magnus N 8 dagar sedan
I think we have to give Ole the same amount of time as it took us to get to the low point we were at when he took over. We had a slow decline and now we have a slow increase
Taj Amod
Taj Amod 8 dagar sedan
I swear this is like the 5th time this season I'm hearing "solskaer's transfers plan"
Russ Bhagwansingh
Russ Bhagwansingh 8 dagar sedan
Ole thinks he is there for a lifetime
Lam Do
Lam Do 8 dagar sedan
Haaland? No you will get Andre Silva 30 mil. Koundé and Sancho is possible.
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 8 dagar sedan
Ole is also a work in progress. MU blew the return game Euro after a blow out in first game and were knocked out
Wayne Martin Chigeon Young
Wayne Martin Chigeon Young 8 dagar sedan
Konsa, Douglas Luis,Grealish
Fisayo Run
Fisayo Run 8 dagar sedan
Ins: swap Pogba for Varane, Buy Sancho, Buy Soumare, Buy ST or CDM Out: Pereira, Mata, Lingard, Jones, Romero
The Chronic
The Chronic 8 dagar sedan
Don’t know y people even take the “media” serious bunch of clowns and the word media comes from the Greek god of illusion MEDEA
Ritvik Mittal
Ritvik Mittal 8 dagar sedan
2:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thomas Carney
Thomas Carney 8 dagar sedan
how can ricky say james was man of the match last night does he turn yv off when bruno has the ball and saying matic made a big differance when he came on just cant understand rickyif we never signed bruno where would we be nowmid table or worse open your eyes rickybruno is the man
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 7 dagar sedan
Because Ricky has a head full of magic and talks a lot of crap.
Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke 8 dagar sedan
I would hope (though I doubt it) that the sit down to discuss transfers is a case of "ok Ole, we've spoken to him him and him.and we know who we are getting and who we aren't, what else do we need?". At a club the size of United surely someone has be delegated to sort out transfers it isn't that hard. We got Cantona on a phone call and we didn't even make the call.
Robbyfilm 8 dagar sedan
For Ole to demand transfers, he'd have to take his lips off Board and Woodward's backside. Won't happen.
john alessi
john alessi 8 dagar sedan
sell a goalie, Martial, Progba, James, Lingard, Lindelof, Jones, Romero
Richard Littlewood
Richard Littlewood 8 dagar sedan
It’s uneducated to say goalkeepers aren’t doing anything if they’re not making save after save. A god goalkeeper commands his defence and dictates from the back. A good modern goalkeeper also distributes well (something Henderson is clearly better than De Gea at). Henderson’s ball to Rashford last night would have been raved about if it was by Ederson (or in your case by De Gea).
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 8 dagar sedan
Mata matic James martial lindelof all need to go
RomaDude 8 dagar sedan
Mark, I do like DJ and I would still keep him and give him more chances.
john alessi
john alessi 8 dagar sedan
need two Bruno midfielder, one as a box to box
heyne williams
heyne williams 8 dagar sedan
The only reason Maguire is out of the firing line is because he is English
Joseppi J
Joseppi J 8 dagar sedan
Manlike bandokay hopping on United stand
john alessi
john alessi 8 dagar sedan
need two midfielders, cdm and Pogba replacement along with cb, if you can't get Bruno the ball we can't score
Donovan Dunn
Donovan Dunn 8 dagar sedan
Bloody hell, in Aug you were salivating at Badashile now it's Kounde and Badashile is a 3rd or 4th choice??
Gabe more
Gabe more 8 dagar sedan
Cb cdm rw and haaland he has the mentality have to get this sorted ASAP. Which they won't sorry the board is the issue and has always been the issue not getting a director in we are always waiting another year to sort positions by time we get the players in players would have moved on or retired
Isaiah Gere
Isaiah Gere 8 dagar sedan
Dean Henderson is a better goalkeeper because he can actually kick a ball
heyne williams
heyne williams 8 dagar sedan
Ole ‘s CDM is Mcfred.Park the bus philosophy
A K 8 dagar sedan
Einar Johan Skandsen
Einar Johan Skandsen 8 dagar sedan
The five-a-side way United plays against a "low block", where any passes to ensure the ball is kept within the team is a good pass, results in stationary forwards and a minimum of scoring opportunities. The players need to be told to take both passing and dribbling risk. This fixation of keeping the ball in the team with endless "on the foot" passing in all directions (mostly sideways and backwards) is a complete dead end Yes we need a quick, physical and ball playing central defender, but we also need a goalkeeper that doesn't look like a deer in the headlight when coming off the line
Will Chan
Will Chan 8 dagar sedan
PANDA 8 dagar sedan
I honestly think that if we get a good quick centerback we don;t need a CDM. We can stick with McFred, have fred sit back and mctominay play b2b
Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim 8 dagar sedan
Visit my channel
Wes Bamber
Wes Bamber 8 dagar sedan
How can we not need a striker when we only have cavani ???
Shane Heffernan
Shane Heffernan 8 dagar sedan
Get max aarons as a backup for wan bisakka like shaw and telles create competition for eachother. Try get sancho but maine priority should be a CB maguire and lindelof are any way good enough together so bailly is great with maguire but not dependable bcuz of his inury record so id get a good tall fast strong CB for me kounde isnt that guy he is too small for a CB
Steve Lebo
Steve Lebo 8 dagar sedan
I have to trouble with someone learning on the job. What bothers me is that Ole and the coaches make the same mistakes over and over, mistakes that we fans can see, they are glaringly obvious. So at what point do we stop staying learning on the job and say there is a either a stubbornness or naivety in making those mistakes? Neither of which are good for a long term manager of this club
Stevo Maginn
Stevo Maginn 8 dagar sedan
Oh and I forgot viking norman
Miatalif3 8 dagar sedan
How can you compare rashford to dan james they play diffrent football for a start you cant say one is better than the other cause they are so diffrent they play good together i know that
Andi McGaw
Andi McGaw 8 dagar sedan
Mark complaining that the slow press are not on it with Bailly & Maguire but believing a story that OGS is going to start discussions with board in a few weeks. Then he quotes a story saying OGS is looking looking for CB, RW, ST. Pick a story
Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves 8 dagar sedan
9 years of the wheel keeps turnin...wake me up when were not a joke...1 man team=Bruno...
Glenn Mason
Glenn Mason 8 dagar sedan
Lindelof to play the CDM role
Eli 8 dagar sedan
I'd rather have Pau Torres than kounde tbh
Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko 8 dagar sedan
If Ole doesn’t want a CDM then it proves he has no clue what he’s doing
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 7 dagar sedan
No coach has a clue what he is doing.. Only fans know best
Joseph M
Joseph M 7 dagar sedan
@Micah Green 😂😂
Micah Green
Micah Green 8 dagar sedan
The proof for me was when he spent 80 million quid on a rubbish defender and made him captain. Ole is out of his depth.
Andy Gunn
Andy Gunn 8 dagar sedan
Another Striker??? Cavarni - STRIKER Rashford -STRIKER Greenwood - STRIKER Martial - STRIKER... WTF??? WHO'S GOING????
Zain 8 dagar sedan
we need a winger 😭
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